Enslavement spell


First question: Why did you redone the spell? This is the first thing that people should stop to do. Give magick propper time to work! If you feel the need to do it again, you can do it after a long period of time.

Second: Well, I can’t say that is the case, but if it is, again you have to give magick time to work. People will loosen up eventually. But if you want it so bad, do whatever you think right. I’m not here to judge anyone. But plan your spells, don’t lose yourself in the middle of the way. Do it, believe in what you’ve done and then do another magick for another thing. Eventualy it’ll work.


Oh I redid this spell because someone told me I should. It was supposed to create quick communication but that didn’t happen, and it turned out I should’ve funneled emotion into the water and not just intent. We’ll see how it goes this time around.


since we’re talking black magick here,
i’ll leave out my personal concerns about what you do for a moment.

Pattern interuption is based on shock and awe.
In order to get a meeting successful,
you want to spike coincidence.

sisters of fate, from greek pantheon come to my mind here.

They can wove circumstances into an alignement.

The mundane way of going about it is to meet him on his ground,
by traveling towards him and spending some time there,
which should be boosted with a destiny spell (sigiled compass),
to make sure you meet.

since you’re subjugating him into obsession,
be aware that emotions and mind patterns in him will change.

So having a conversation with him where he suddenly jumps from topic to topic is something you should rather get used to.

Broken mind side effects,
that you yourself imposed on him.
So don’t go running to the demons asking to fix him back up.

The moment they do, the spell which made him submissive to you would break,
leaving him either disgusted of you, or angry.
Resentment and outlashes of violence are a likely result of his spell wearing off / being canceled.

But i guess you’re aware of that work being a one way street,
since you managed to pull it off so far.

  • On a personal note, i found it astounding how many people use war tools into love magick to get what they want, neglecting it’s side effects.
    Don’t get me wrong, i had a case where i went down a similar road, using war magick on a love case.
    Didn’t work out that well, but i was aware of what i’m doing and where i’m supposed to limit myself.
    Good luck, hun.

Definately potent.




That depends on the spell. With certain spells, the only relief the target will achieve is being with the caster.


this is the situation i’m going through with my ex and it’s really frustrating and scary. i did the obsession jar about 2 weeks ago and he started talking to me more often but that’s about it. even though i had technically 3 readings that basically said the same thing (that he loves me and there’s a chance for reconciliation) the way things are looking right now it doesn’t seem probable :cry:


Doll, you have a boyfriend. You are still putting time, energy, work and more into him while doing all this work for someone else who is also in a relationship that you admittedly don’t even really like. I can’t see it being completely successful as long as you are still with him. I could be wrong since I am new to Goetic working, but I know with the working I am used to doing that you are going to continue to have issues.

And in the mundane, he very well could be put off that you have a boyfriend. Why not look at your life or your boyfriend’s and practice your magick on something that isn’t quite what you desire?


I’m gonna keep trying to get this to work. For my own power, and cause it was what I wanted before when I was being lied about it. My reasons are personal.




I suggest you make a doll baby, put in anything belonging to the person, baptise the doll and work on it.
More effective.


i had him and dumped him, he is still attached, it will fade
and i understood the love spell mechanisme, and i won’t ever put a love spell on anyone anymore- been there done that
either i just flirt and use my own magnetisme, or i use the spell on myself to attract someone i don’t know that suits me


What spell did you use? I’m looking for a spell that works and works quickly.


It’s not about, it’s about emotions itself.

Of course, the intent of an obsession spell is that the target become literally obsessed. So, that way, the target can’t get relief until it comes to the caster. Mostly every obsession spell has this intention. But again, isn’t about the spell, it’s about emotions and when the target notice that he is completely obsessed about the caster, he’ll try to avoid it at all costs, most of the times.

If the target is strong-willed, it’ll take time to the spell make him loosen up and give up. Spells generally takes place fast but they need time to properly work and that time varies of people from people. Until there you have to deal with the side effects of it because you’re breaking his mind, his will, his spirit and turning him more and more obsessed with you. And that’s all against his will.

So that’s why obsession spell has this effects. People will try everything to deny whatever they not want. And that depends on how strong-willed the target is. Sometimes he’ll lose fast and will give up really fast. Sometimes, it’ll take months until the target gives up.


Thank you for sharing this, powerful stuff. This is a great thread. I am thinking of trying the obsession spell on my boyfriend as I would like to level the playing field a bit (feel I think of him more than he does of me). Any suggestions on what to try - the cotton ball spell - or too likely to mess with him?


Does anyone know of a break up spell when you do not have the name or picture or anything of your target’s partner? I’ve always known at least their name in the past.:smirk:


I tried the first, contact me spell. Works very very nicely - target called in less than 2 hours from casting.


i would draw runes on his picture and chant them with the intension of making him obsessed physically/ sexually/mentally
gebo- thurisaz - kenaz- naudiz all aroudnd him on the picture ( with a red shapie) and on him algiz reversed (in black) so he does not have any protection to your request


I don’t know why anyone would want to use a Enslavement spell, reminds me of the troll god religion all Catholics and Christians are slaves to there scarecrow cross God of Abraham.


everyone has their reason to do so, it’s a learning process, and when you are done learning you don’t do it anymore


You know what that “Scarecrow” did? Lectures. A lot of times…

You don’t have to know why or accept anything. Your moral stuff is for you to resolve.


You know now why the world is in the mess it is in now. The world will some day rid the world of that profanity Christian & Catholic religion which riddled with world like termites, and decay.