Enslavement spell


Could you do the spell for me .my supposed to be girl friend plays to many games and is not being faithful i need to get her back focused on me and only me…help if possible


Can you give step by step instruction on how you did this spell working?


@Jaycee310 @Milflover @Shadowdoctor
well… it’s a long story i did the 4 following spell over and over

the contact me spell 3 time a day and everytime he was contacting me without real purpose

the glass water spell every night

the obession jar and the domination jar add the sigil of a demon you want

if i were you i would use rune magic also with gebo written all around their picture and algiz merktav over their boby ( remove protection) and chant gebo over their picture for a very long time/ one hour visualising you being together

the guy i did it for was obsessed and still is, but i blocked him on all my media - i wanted him to love me, but his way of loving was not a good way, he had a lot of family issue and he could not love me the way i wanted to./ next


i wont do it, i am paid a lot for that,
get another girl friend who will respect you and love you for who you are
call the rune gebo for at least 30min for 3days visualising yourself with an amazing girl you are making love to or call Demon Sallos he is efficient


I understand and thanks


OMG I did the call/text me spell and it worked! :smile: omg…


told you! i usually draw the element air and the sigil of lucifer, and it take between 5 min to 2hours max


How much time it took?


for me it took 5 hours.


Hey guys, I’ve done the glass-under-bed obsession spell and am wondering if any of you guys have done it with success

This guy I’m not really emotionally invested in, I mean he’s cute, but mostly I wanted to test the spell and my magic.

So I did it on a Sunday night, which is not recommended, but all they said is that if it’s not done Tues-Fri it’ll just take extra time to get working. It’s early Thursday morning now. Do you guys have any tips or know anything that could be blocking it? There’s no reason for this guy not to message me when we’ve been talking anyway, unless he’s put off that I have a boyfriend xD But yeah.


do not care about the day
push all your energy in the Fcking water and drown them in your emotion!
leave the glass under the bed for about 5 nights and re-do
when you sleep the water take all your emotion and energy and torment the person as if you are in every cell of his body/all the emotion and the water of his body


Okay, I did a lot of focus but not much emotion at the time of the ritual, maybe that’s what I did wrong.



Do you mind if I ask what the petition for the domination jar said?

Great work by the way.


you love me
you want to be with me now
you think of me 24/7
you want to talk to me now
imagining your life without me is impossible
without me you have trouble breathing, and your body ache
i am the reason you live
you want to do all the things i tell you to do
you obey my every needs
so be it


Obsession spells can “repel” the target since it brings a lot of confusing and unwanted emotions to the target.

It’s like: the target becomes so obsessed that he’ll try to avoid you at all costs since they’ll feel completely strange about these emotions. Isn’t common to be so obsessed with someone that you never intended to be. Again, some people can try to go against these feelings, so they’ll try to avoid you at all costs. Until they “loose”.

Maybe that’s your problem.


But that’s in the case where the victim hasn’t had any emotions for the caster initially, right?


Nope. The target can be in love with you but if it does not want to be with you, it’s more likely that he/she will try to avoid you. It’s not about “love” but “feelings”. You’re trying to manipulate their “wantings”, but if he/she wants a completely opposite thing, then what do you think that he/she will try to do?

And depending on the “willpower” of the targeted person, it’ll take a looong time for the spell accomplish the desired result. And more resistance brings more “countereffects” since he/she needs to really be broken up.

That’s why I stopped to do manipulative love spells. The outcome doesn’t worth.


Yes, there is such a phenomenon - the target is in love with you but doesn’t want to be with you.
And he could resist the spell and does the opposite of what the spell is being about.


Well hopefully that’s the case? Although it’d be annoying if true. I’ve redone the spell. If these guys are too stubborn to talk to me I’m going to have to really break them/fuck them up to get what I want.