Did a big-boy ritual for massive changes in life! (Story + Ritual included)

Hey everyone, been a while and I really hate that I do not socialize more on this website! I have been super busy (and stressed/miserable) with my life for the past 6-7 months. Though, lately, things have been swinging crazily like a Pendulum from successes at my current job (such as removing a final warning) to getting one put right back on me. These issues seem to plague me the more, and more I tried to move towards a position which I personally aspired to.

Regretfully, I do not use magic like I need to in my life. Burnout from a FT customer-facing job can do that to you. HOWEVER, I have been working with Belial an insane amount this year, and I think in most cases he (along with Lucifer, and others I assume) are ripping Band-Aids off to motivate me to leave. This year alone I have had a knife held to my throat, and some other typically nasty shit that you can experience in retail.

I have made it a habit now to do cleansing/protection rituals at least once a month. I always had to cleanse my actual department and sneak in some protection spray that I doused the mother fucker with. The experiences I have daily with people are almost overwhelmingly volatile (as the region I live in, is not so great.)

Now onto the important shit: the magic I did today. Because I am trying my fucking hardest to move to a remote IT position which I am more than qualified for, I decided to do something a little different today.

In a bowl, I mixed together crushed Cinnamon, Sea Salt, Alfalfa, Calendula, Job’s Tears, Dragon’s Blood Resin, Deer’s Tongue, Cinquefoil, Devil’s Claw, and a medley of Witchy Oils related to Uncrossing, Road Opening, Blockbuster, Prosperity, Wish Granting, etc,. I added a good bit of true gold leaf to this, as well as corresponding oils to Belial, Mammon, Paimon, and Clauneck. Several drops of my blood were used to anoint the Talisman for Belial, as well as the printed copy of my (very dope ass) CV, which was set underneath the herb/anointed candle.

One Rune Candle (set in blue) was a little further to the north away from my main space.

The point of these herbs/oils was equal parts Road Opening/Prosperity Generating, as well as Uncrossing and Protection. I am certain the demons I called upon are going to stir the pot and this transition will be difficult, so I will work with Orobas to ensure it is steady.

I cleansed and anointed three candles, Two Gold and one White and set them around me in a triangle while facing North (11am my time.)

I invoked Firstly Belial with his Enn. Now, depending on who you talk to, what he Governs/Helps with is going to vary, but I generally have worked with Belial to understand the barriers in my life, ask for his assistance in destroying them. I called for his attention to my temple and invited him in, and I could immediately feel a sort of buzzing around my temples, at my feet, and I felt electrified,. I requested his blessing and his assistance to destroy all barriers between me and the new career/path that I am forging. I saw his sigil as I closed my eyes, and it was incredibly bright, as if it were like red hot metal.

Next, I invoked King Paimon. I had not planned to include him, as I normally do not bother him with financial matters, but the entire time I prepared my herbal mix I kept hearing his name, and I knew he had something to say. I invoked him, and normally I do not hear much or feel much from him until hours later (when I sleep, I see a flurry of images like flames.) But THIS time I felt a gravity in the room, and a sensation in my stomach like I knew someone was there: I do not hear or see things clearly, but I get the gut feeling, like you suddenly knew, or remembered something.

And it was a very intense lecture, from King Paimon, about how to conduct my-self, and go about my life post-ritual. His words were very stern and, as usual, creative: he never minces words, but he has always been there with me as I’ve made music, written, did my photography, etc,. I believe that King Paimon has confidence in me, at least, that is the feeling he gave me.

Next, Lord Clauneck. Now I almost NEVER work with him, but I decided today his Career Advice and “ability to bring treasure from afar” would be apropos given my goal is for remote IT. He cannot just HAND you a job, but I invoked him for no more than a minute or two, and though he took slightly longer to appear, he came to me. I asked for his blessing and wisdom upon my job search, and to ensure that I find not just any remote IT job, but one that truly brings me the wealth that I am seeking. I am not asking for $70k, but for the cornerstones to build my future. I could sense his agreement and felt his blessing over me, like a heaviness around my head/temples, and at my feet.

Finally, King Mammon. He has been a powerful force that helped me grow my Etsy Shop from some paltry, shitty store to something that brings me in at least $1k a month. It is not much, but, he has helped me also prepare how to make it into something bigger. Because he can govern and bring about huge life changes, I know it is going to be intense, whatever occurs. He took the longest to appear (as so many people call to him constantly) but he was there with me. I used the Dukante Sigil (though his altar piece has the OG.) I felt that same, vague sensation that he was in agreement and supportive of the decisions I was making, and that using my printed CV as a sort of talisman was a wise move as well.

I closed the ritual with thanks, and still have my candles burning behind me as I write this. All in all, it was a roughly 45 minute long ritual. I considered working with Belphegor (as that makes sense) but I am going to do that on the new moon instead. I have yet to prepare my new-moon ritual, but I will undoubtedly ask for Belphegor and Lucifer’s attention that night.

Anyways, infernal blessings to you all, and may all your doings bring your wishes into fruition!


I have a “pre made” road opener oil (= I haven’t placed as much care and 0 intent myself into this) and its already a small power tool in itself. Reading how much care you put into choosing the ingredients sounds like this will be more than just a little helpful :+1:t2:

I had great success with Orobas for a third party regarding the same issue, the transition was indeed smooth and without further bumps in the road for the person :slight_smile:

Let us know how it works out in the long run, I sense some encouraging posts in the future for other readers :slight_smile:


I sincerely believe and this is virtual, and though I will be doing it a second time I have to look at the short and long term plans!

I will probably do an honoring ritual on the 9th which I think would be most appropriate considering how much I’m wanting to accomplish should how much help I need from them! And you worked with Orobas as well? When did you decide was the correct time to work with him?


I think that my decision to work with him for the third party was mainly due to my experience with other spirits who weren’t exactly “unproblematic” (= shit got stirred up good), when I asked them for their help for my own mundane goals. The person I did this working for wasn’t in the shape to take just another trial and tribulation round and I decided that Orobas (and his -in my experience- rather relaxed, mellow and optimistic nature) would be the perfect match for this persons need for a seamless and steady transition to greener pastures :slight_smile:


Hmmm!! That sounds very advantageous, I may just do that exact thing for the new moon tomorrow!

Perhaps working with him, Lucifer, and Belphegore will ensure this lofty goal is accomplished smoothly, wisely, and (hopefully) prospersly!


I wish you the most of success. One pleasant side effect of working with Orobas could be a hightened perception towards his communication with you. If he ever sparks your interest for divination of any kind during your current workings or after its successful ending: take it as an invitation to learn from him :+1:t2:


I wanted to let you know, that this ritual was beyond successful. I was actually fired from the horrific job I worked while doing this (and investing a tremendous amount of time with Belial.) It led to me finding a job now that had made me more happy than I have EVER felt in my life.

Thanks for your support 7 months ago, I didn’t forget :wink:


I am happy to hear that!
I was already wondering :smiley: Well done!

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