Enochian Tablet In Evoking Eternity - DO NOT OPEN If You're Not Ready!

Hi guys,

I’d like to re-ignite this thread. I am interested in opening this square. I did have a look at it yesterday for a minute or so. Didn’t feel or sense much.

I would like to perform the conjuration, however, given EA’s warning, would like more awareness before I do so.

For those of you that have performed the ritual and had the entities appear and grant you what you asked for, could you please share more about the specifics you asked for? I ask because I’d like to know what is acceptable to these beings.

Does it have to be purely spiritual in nature? Or can we ask for things like money, abilities that allow us to know the future? Can I ask for the ability to see and know forex movements hours before they actually happen?


EA states in Evoking Eternity that the square is only for the purest of goals so asking for money may not be the best use of it. These are Enochian angels, and they don’t really concern themselves with material desires, from what I understand.

The description in the opening post says the spirits of the square are seniors of Fire and Air which “will destroy all things with fire and brimstone, after which all may be created anew.” It is said to be dangerous for a similar reason that working with demons is said to be dangerous, because it will completely tear down your life and then rebuild it, and most people cannot handle the Chaos that must come before Order.



I think it still might be helpful for my working on creating a Planet by myself.
Which i use as a preperation ground,
i want to build some confidence on that matter,
before going towards working the Soul Forge.

It’s interesting, at least, what visions and sensations that Working brought to me already.

Just for clarification:
I decided to build a planet after having Created and embodied my Godform,
and chose to go this way, to clearly show to myself that the right hand path concept of ascention,
to merge into a planet which already pre-exists upon death, is indeed a falsehood.

And while that Body might serve as an anchor throughout time theoretically it’s primary objective is to be build and transformed several times, so i can study the processes involved in that.

I know i’ll have a hard time confirming my progress to anyone,
since it’s far away to make sure i don’t accidently mess with our current living space.
But also, because i don’t assume anyone to actually look into it and believe.

Again, i use it as a testing ground, and tool, rather then for prestige or to impress anyone.

I do think that this tablet might be helpful in understanding those processes,
my planet goes through during it’s creation phase currently.
(and propably even later on, when tranmigrating it into new stages.)

Currently, the latest stage was a merging of black and white Energy into commulating whirls.
Basically a stage before, or slightly beginning to start binding and transmuting matter,
which is a long shot for that to built into an actual solid object.

According to my original theory on Alchemical processes,
this means it’s transforming from Gas to liquid states currently.




How would you know, im your opinion, when one is ready for this?


Well, i just read some of the testimoney (expierience) which in this Topic was given from Mages who actually done the rite.

And i think the key Phrase here, is:

So i think, the cause, the reason why you open it and ask for the change to be made into existence,
is critical.

It works with holy (RHP) Energy, from what i understand about this.

But don’t misunderstand that:
The RHP Energy can be very efficient in destruction aswell.

So a somewhat reasonable call for using this would be, for example,
stopping a natural catastrophe, as it’s on the way to destroy the Land you’re living on.

Or, Causing a suffering, which has plagued many people, to end.

Those are measurements, which i think would allow for the mass-evokation, which is described to occur from using that rite, to be somewhat reasonable.

Just to put things into perspective,
with that rite you’re commanding at least one complete legion,
to tackle a problem, at once.

That’s also why there’s advice to keep steady in your sense of your own godhood,
while working through that rite.

Because you’re assuming a position, during the rite,
which normally is held by a King or Leader,
and while those are used to have hundreds of Spirits act out their will,
you’re most probably not used to command a Legion.

Hope this answers your question, SeekerofK.




Thank you for your knowledge.

Perhaps i need this ritual. My love and i have both been receiving visions of a natural disaster coming to my area. Washington…ive had this feeling that it is yellowstone. And today we got a random offer for her family to help us move out of state. As if we need to leave here.

Should i perform the ritual? Or should i flee? Your advice is much appreciated

In the dreams there were camels so i believe king paimon is warning me


In that case, the first approach would to talk to King Paimon about it,
if it’s actually ment for you to move, so you have a specific expierience which is only possible to happen if you do move.

Now if that turns out to not be the case,
the Ritual might actually be a very good way,
to tackle the problem,
and get the necessary help to prevent it from happening.
Or, from affecting you.




This is partially off the subject, given your expertise with magic sqaures. Have you ever discovered planetary sqaures for Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto?


Just to share my first initial expierience,
i had myself, when working with that Magick Square yesterday:

I opened it up, gazing it without my glasses (which i rarely do, that makes my gazing ability much stronger then regularely).

When i gazed it, the Square expanded out, becoming bigger, and changing it’s complete Structure.
after a while it collapsed back into itself, and all those letters, which i knew were written in Latin Alphabet,
had transformed into Chinease Alphabet Letters.

I actually talked to a friend about it, which said it completely blows his mind for me to have that happening from scrying it.

So i decided, to intentially NOT activate it further, but connect to it a little bit first.
I read some of the Expierience other Mages had given from working with it.
I opened the song linked up in one of these testamonies,
and left the Square open on the back of my screen.

I had thought about using it to do a mass-healing / Blessing towards my parents and my family,
with it, once i’m ready, but i intentially wanted to take it slow,
and not rush the evokation.

The spirits however, had allready started connecting to me.
So i went to bed, specifically trying not to ask any favor or wish to be furfilled,
but just focused on my planet, and it moving into the next stage.

So i spendt some time focusing on it, and structuring the Energy there,
folding Geometric shapes into themselves, and duplicating them as i folded them into themselves.

The Presence of the Spirits, however, had become very clearly attaching towards my body,
and i felt them connecting to me on Telepathic levels, communicating to me through my chakras and my head.

They told me, i needed healing for my body, and so i layed on my back, instead of my regular sleeping position on the side.
I told them i’m opening myself up to it,
and asked them to go ahead, and do what they want to do on me.

I drifted into sleep, which was very lucid, and filled with visions.

Upon waking up, i seen some kind of Superman (from the comics), scenario,
except this wasn’t superman, but just using that template to commune some meaning to my understanding.
And it kind of talked about the affects of being aligned with a new and different sun then the one originally natrual to the body upon birth.

I actively tried to take it slow,
and the spirits came and connected to me non the less!

It is, in fact, true that this seal, starts activating just by looking at it.

I seen little light particles comíng forth from it,
as i’m normally seeing when gazing sun-light while being on Gamma Wave Brain Frequency.

So, the Seal itself, holds Energies,
which are definately aligned with the Divine.





And i think this would be a book source to investigate:


Interestingly enough,
Those original Squares are really not easy to find on regular sources.

The Web Page from Joy of Satan came up,
someone having asked the exact same question over there.

I don’t investigate that page, because i don’t want to aligne with them myself.
However, you’re welcome to take a look over there,
how much they can contribute towards your reseurch.

While i thought Uranus would be rather easy to find,
i was astonished to see that’s not true.

I recommend you try to contact Uncle Bearheart for that one.
He Propably haves one.


Thank you for your response, mate!

The mass healing of the family is a great idea. I was thinking of something similar, including the removal of black magick and other blocks and limitations that I feel has been holding me and my family back for a long time.

I too briefly gazed at the square. Didn’t evoke it. Besides my third eye pulsating, I didn’t sense much else. As I write, my third eye continues to pulsate.

I too sense and feel divine energies within it.


I am a big Fan of magic squares. Interested in the enochian Towers. It is amazing.


Thank you EA for that wonderful square, I’ve put it on my alter, i gazed upon it i feel excellent.:metal:


I have done a little energy work with it. I have the sensation of healing.


Sorry if I sound like an idiot but you just print the square and use as is or add anything to it since I noticed a lot of empty sections. In it’s current state when I focus on it on my phone with an empty head it doesn’t charge like a sigil but my body strobes gold and I get a blinding white aura around me blinding the room I’m in. My hands get a hot and wet/minty feel and I feel energy in them and something presses into me right in the center of my collar bone area and slowly spins.

I haven’t tried actually using it or opening it just “feeling” it if that makes sense.

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You open the square like a seal, and use the conjuration EA provided at the top of this thread to conjure the angels.


This is damn powerful. I am preparing to work with this tablet early next month. Today, I printed out the square and put it face down on my table. I could feel the energy instantly. It was extremely strong. It took a few hours to subside.

I got a idea ive tried it that square you print out, when you go to bed put it under your bed on the floor i do it alot.

What did you experience as a result of placing the print under your bed?

Sorry if i haven’t gotten to you yet, yes under your bed is a great idea for enpowering your dreams, also under your bed it will remain flat, not like under pillow end up creased.

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