Enochian Angels vs. Classic Angels

Lmao im fucking dying here now EVERY interaction I’ve Ever had just replayed with a old jewish guy voice. :joy: too much funny…


You mean the book of lies? I don’t trust it for anything, even angels.

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Just save yourself the trouble. When Edward Kelley was trying to figure out pronunciations of the names on the Enochian Tablet and Keys, he accidentally called upon some, and when they learned he called them by mistake, they broke his arm as retribution.

Also, to work with Enochian in any real capacity, you basically have to break a part of your mind to be able to do it. Enochian, while powerful, is batshit as fuck.


That’s fine, you sure you don’t know a list?

I got friends who do that for me. They are compiling a list though…

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Oh ok that’s cool, would you mind sharing their recent progress? I’m willing to trade one of my magickal services for free.

The list is all weird and fucked up things though… I’ll send it to you via PM…

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Whahaaha :laughing: :smiling_imp:
This could be said to anyone willing to work with the old ones long term :yum:

I have some links to materials i can pm you when i get off work.


I’d love to see it.

Trust me @nikki, Hell, The void, The Gatekeepers and all the devils are MUCH more powerful, willing, loving, passionate, helping than any angel. Also did you know Yahweh is a literal parasite that consumes universes?

Also if they stand united, which they are, their collective power is enough to disintegrate Yahweh.

Nothing at all but come down from the pearly gates of heaven and suck on your power like bees on the pollen of a flower to take it to daddy Yahweh and prince Jesus.
Ever since i returned to my beloved demonic family, i have started gaining some skills and mental capacities that daddy allah/yhvh/goddy god, god… would only tell me, like you say, you can do it yourself.
Hah… fu"k off god. I’m concocting a conspiracy to destroy you now. Thanks for visiting, please don’t come again.:wink:
Stay with us the demonic brethren… we know how to take care of one another.:grin:

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Some enochian angels will mess you up worse than a demon. They are impartial and tend not to like being bothered. Be very careful and do LOTS of research.


Let’s get something straight here. Every Angel uses the Enochian language. And you can practice Enochian magic. So there are no Enochian Angels vs. Classic Angels.


Okay, that is just a big steaming pile of crap.

Angels are older than religion, and older than Yahweh. They do not “work” for him any more than every demon “works” for Satan. It’s just dogma concocted by a certain tribal religion. Angels will only pay lip service to “God” if the magician expects them to.

They are just as old as demons and just as powerful. End of story.

I work with both demons and angels (as do others on this forum) and they have absolutely no problems with each other, and, in fact, they will recommend each other for certain tasks.

Some people will work exclusively with demons. Some will work exclusively with angels. Some will work with both. Our paths are our own and each has it’s strengths and weaknesses.


The i guess i digress… Need to do some soul searching now…:sweat:

Edit: Also thanx for the clarification! I did felt like something was wrong in my head…:sweat_smile:

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I’m interested in working with Enochian Magick, do you have any suggestions on where I should start? Thanks.


I will send you a PM


Thanks again.

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Yeah mate same here!

Qeen Lilith: “Awww. We love you too!:heart::smiling_imp: Gimme a call every now and then will ya?”
King Cerberus: “Be strong mage! there is a mighty war coming that humanity is not going to be ready for!”
Master Samael: “Humph, sentiments…:smirk: Ya gotta love em… Yeah, keep doing what you are doing sorcerer! You are on the right path!”

I’m kinda fused with my demonic family so i can’t hold myself but channel them when they have a message… (Did a recent expansion of my pact that resulted in fusing my consciousness with my true family: Armageddon's Journey Back Home (Journal) - #17 by anon72351403)
Ever since i accepted them in my mind i feel like they are fixing the damage that white magic did to me in an almost miraculous way. The willpower and confidence that i have now i never had in this whole life!

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I am only in my first month of black magic and i’m already feeling like Lucifer and Cerberus are guiding me in my spiritual growth like no angel or Yahweh ever did.
Clauneck and Mammon are helping me build my financial life in a way i never thought of myself being capable of doing. I feel these genius marketing ideas popping in my brain like crazy!

Wait did you said that you saw the parasite god imprisoned? YAS!!! One step closer to victory!


That just makes me wanna work with them even more.