Enochian Angels vs. Classic Angels

Is there a difference between Enochian and non-Enochian angels? Are they the same thing, in different systems?
I’m wondering because I’m debating on wether or not I want to summon non-fallen angels.


I’ve never had any problems with angels, though I’ve never worked with Enochian angels.

So, the only thing I can advise you for sure, is that non-Enochian angels are awesome - Shem angels, archangels, the angels of alchemy - these I worked with, and are good, in my personal experience.

Pretty easy to summon, and quite helpful.


From what little i can recall, been forever since i went digging in that system. The only difference in the scale of power used and the choirs involved.

If what i am remembering about the system is right(again been forever since i went over the matieral so i may be off). Most of it utilizes the enochian language as the incantations and conjurations. Which in a way would be the angleic counter part to the demonic incantations some receive as a result of working with certains demons.


Enochian shit is super powerful.


Yeah I have heard many practitioners say the same thing…


Where can I find enochian angels?

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Ok. Maybe this should be in a thread all itself but I don’t care. It is on topic so I will ask it here. Why the hell would you want to work with angels? I have dealt with them and I have only gotten bullshittery of the most full of crap kind from them. “I can not help you” or vague ass snarky responses that are really not helpful. I got do it yourself, you can do it and a friggen pep talk, when I was really needing help. Will you help me? No. Do it yourself. What kind of answer is THAT??? My attitude was, I can watch Joel Osteen if I want a pep talk!! This fool is trying to KILL me! Keep your god damned pep talk and help!! And that was when I was not really trained as I am now, still in Christianity and was under a very real threat from the demonic realm and not the 3d human one. So. Tell me, please. What have they done for you and why should I ask them for anything? What can they do for me that my Infernal Realm can or WILL not do?


If you dont mind me asking how deep into the mind set were you at that time? Cause your subconscious my be acting as a proverbial cock block when working with angels.

I had a few weeks last year i was working the archangel Michael on learning ways to defend myself and had zero issues.


I don’t know. Like I said I was still in christianity and getting attacked on a constant from the demonic… They were pissed at me. What can I say… Anyway I had 2 angels come to me ON THEIR OWN. I did not summon them or anything. I was just fighting the best I could as always. So when I saw and heard them I asked my daughter, umm… Hey… Umm… Do you see anything over there in that type of direction…over there? (points in the general direction of the sky) She said Yeah. I see 2 angels… I asked her to describe them and yup. She saw what I did only better. I could hear them better but she could hear them too. She heard the same ting I did. No, You can do it!! We can’t help you! Just keep your chin up and you will be fine! It was at that point I knew I had messed up. (bubble over hear) I was fighting the WRONG side. So I fixed it and have been happy ever since. Relatively speaking.


:thinking: 2 options come to mind either you were dealing with dickhead angels or like i said subconscious getting in the way telling them butt out, effectively turning into a power cock block.

This is a thing for me and the idea of having spirits do the work for me. If i dont have any kind of working relationship with them my subconscious will activly work against them because i have always handled my own business.

Where as in comparison I open all kind of learning flood gates and synchronicities when i go to any spirit that has come into my life with “Teach me to do what you can do.”


I get you. I have always been an independent bitch. But my daughter heard the same thing. She said they were beautiful. And when they did not help she like I was very let down and lost for a minute. But it only takes a second for me to regain my footing and take care of my business. Thank you for your insight.


The thing is you CAN do it (not getting snarky) you have the power, you really don’t need anyone’s help. Honestly from the responses I’ve gotten, I don’t think it’s about sides and even then, it’s not my fight.


That is about what I got. Not my monkey, not my show. BUT the “holy book” SAYS they will protect and uplift and never leave you etc. It is full of lies. So why should I call on them NOW? What can they do for me?? That is all I am asking. Why would they help now when they would not help a “woman of God” who is fighting constantly and doing everything in her power to follow the word and do right by “the book” and be “pleasing in his sight” as you are told to do… i did not get help then and I sure as hell will not ask it now. So that is why I asked why would people who are here ask the angels for help and what do they do for them?

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Eh I use all the “holy books” as a means extract and connect useful dot’s and concepts for magic most cases and preparatory immersion in the case of the avesta texts.

It gives you another perspective to work from in terms of learning how to do types of magic.
Learning to attack a given situation from as many angles as magically possible.


Ok. Thank you for your explanation. Understanding and angles are important and I guess if you have to go to angels to get it well, there you go. Call 1-800-callgod today! hehehehe!


If your out side the system them may be nice and try and lure you back. Just get the goods and go if you need be.

Lmao its more like “Oyyyyyy Michel how does this ring of fire shit fucking work?! Mine keeps collasping :expressionless:” And “hmm let see if we can part the damn traffic so i can get the hell home!” :smiling_imp: which i have had work :laughing:

At the time i was doing a 2 month dive into the old testament and was trying to see what concepts from it i could apply in my magic. The angles of perspective in which you can view a subject allow for alot of gold mining in some texts.


I would have to disagree with this. Never have been a reglious believer, hell last time i was at a church i traumatized the damn priest.

But I have had enough Positive and life empowering experiences with things most western reglious views would call “evil” or “of the devil” ect to shift my idea’s on the concepts of good and evil so far out the box i seem alien to the “normal” people when they wanna debate me on it.

I have values and those are what matter to me. Those just happen include the capacity to unleash loops of unrelenting cosmic horrors on people if are an active danger to those close to me or myself. :slight_smile:


OMG I am rolling!!! I heard the Jewish accent there loud and clear!!! I thought I was the commedian here!! hehehehe! Too funny!

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