End the discussion

I’ve been reading these pages for weeks. Is there actually a spirit who can bring you a specific person or does everyone just need to let it go?

There are a lot of success stories with bringing spesific person, in the forum.


You do the working first, and then you don’t doubt the magick. Letting it go is a way to not “lust for results”. If you let it go without doing the working nothing will happen.


Thanks yall I appreciate it and I’ve been working at it I’ve been seeing someone new and others just can’t keep her off my mind asmodeus helped me get a few new lovers, made my libido crazy I last hours and they keep coming back for more, and he agreed to help me get her back as well as gifting me a familiar through automatic writing with a more advanced practitioner.

Yah it sounds like you’ve done the work, now you have to let it bake.

If you think the energy is too casual and not romantic or long term enough, you could try Amon to stimulate romantic feelings but these are temporary and will wear off if there’s no genuine connection.
Dantalion can influence feelings, but again the feelings have to be there to start will to make them grow.
Zepar can bring passionate romance, if there is true love involved.

We’ve been collecting just the Love and Sex tutorials in one thread here: