Emotional abuse? Magick not working

So my story is that i have a emotionally abusive mother that likes to attack me spiritually and psychically. Im 19 years old and i do live in her house. i try my best to respect her and her house rules and maintain respect for myself at the same time. My problem is i will be chilling out in my room with my phone playing, she than likes to barge into my room to scream in my face and snatch my belongings. She comes into my room to scream at me for no apparent reason almost every day. I will admit i do rituals ALONE in my room when shes asleep. Other than that she has no reason to scream at me. The other day she snatched my phone from my hands and threw it outside because i was playing music. My problem is no matter what banishing i do or magickal ritual i do, i cannot seem to dominate her or get her off of my back. It feels as if she is psychically attacking me. I get really bad headaches when she screams at me and it makes me flip out. I dont know how to get her to chill. Im at my breaking point and if she doesnt chill out on me, i want to force her to chill. Does anyone know which demon to call to help me combat this problem? Any help?

you’re 19, find a job and leave the house.

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I have a job, just no where else to stay.

I have depression and i cant get out of bed. I have no relationship’s with anyone, no friends, i am an adult, but i just need some advice on how i can balance my life out with magick. Because its what keeps me alive.

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You’re just gonna have to push yourself bro , Work as much as you can , if you live in your parents house you will be at the mercy of their trauma and projections and toxicity


doing negative magick on someone living in the same household as yourself is the equivalent of shitting in your own bed. get up and out of the house, if your not willing to do that for yourself then im guessing you like the abuse.


Your just gonna have to map out the reality you want with journaling or dreamboard and take action towards it until you suceeed

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What’s the reason your depressed ?usually it’s because energy is not flowing correctly , I mean your repressing an aspect of yourself or don’t believe you can obtain something you desire

Can lilith help me achieve my goals?

I have alot of blockages. I feel repressed because i want to achieve so much with magick and i need ALOT of energy to get me up and going. So i tend to close in on myself.

You have plenty of options. You could create a servitor, and have it change your mother’s feelings towards you, transmuting the negative energy she is putting out into positive, for exmaple.

The angel Mahasiah, according to Damon Brand’s book 72 Angels of Magick, can bring peace to a home.

Hahaiah can “make enemies into friends.”

Hariel has the power to “bring peace to your home.”

Veshariah has the power to “protect against the unfair.”

Kevekiah can “bring peace to a family.”

Rehoel has the power to “obtain the love of a parent.”

As has already been mentioned, using baneful magick on your mother while you live under her roof is inadvisable as it would affect you as well. The options I have given can help ease the situation while you work on getting out from under her thumb.


I feel like i cant take up for myself the way i really want to.

Your going to have to take a lot of action too you know and even just basic manifestation techniques can help . If you know what yore doing an entity can help

What’s a dream board?

Thankyou for your advice

Images of stuff you want to your reality to be , financially , lifestyle etc

Why does it take so much energy for me to use my visualization or imagination?

It shouldn’t , try eating healthier and working out ,

Ill start working out for sure. Im getting too lazy.

I get the not being able to move out thing. It’s hard moving out the first time.

If you’re having trouble gathering energy, maybe instead of trying banishments or evocations,start with simpler things? Like chakra energizing and health, or just calming meditation, or like darkestknight said maybe do some energy work/simple servitor creation? You could also create an astral temple for rituals or medidation if you havent already.

Here’s links that i’ve found helpful and keep refering back to.

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