A Basic System To Obtain 100% Results

This system that I am about to share is more geared towards novice, advanced beginner magicians. However, competent, proficient, and expert magicians, this is worth a read. You can apply and discard in accordance with your own working system. As EA said “All that brings power should be possessed,” which was revealed to me by the admirable @DarkestKnight in my introduction.

Now, I don’t know where exactly this post belongs, because like I said, it is more geared towards new magicians finding their way in this wonderful world of magick. But everybody can use this system and it was actually taught to me by Belial. That is why I am posting this in general. So without further or due, let’s begin.

To get 100% results in magick it is absolutely essential to not be emotionally dependent on the outcome.
If you are waiting for the results to come, they never will. This is why so many people give up on magick.
You can not leave the ritual until you are certain of it’s success.
You new magicians may be asking yourself right now, “how is this humanly possible?” “how can I completely shut off my desire for the thing I need most.” Sure you can exhaust all your intention into the ritual and that is the general advice you will receive and you should absolutely do that but as a beginner once myself I know you might be tapping your fingers on your desk at some point thinking to yourself “did it work?” “did the spirit even come?” “I probably did something wrong”

Belial gave me some simple yet very effective and practical advice regarding this issue. This may not be a mouth opener for some people but I wish I had this advice in my earlier days. This is the system he gave me. I remember it was only a few sentences long. It is a little fuzzy as it was a while ago but I will do my best to present the core teaching and an explanation.

Write down you primary goals. Really take your time with this. Write them down.
Next you need to write down your non primary goals. These goals are not as important and urgent.

You want to perform a series of rituals attacking these primary goals one by one. It is important that you do these rituals one day at a time because when you have 3 primary goals and you do a ritual going all in, completely releasing and simultaneously exhausting your desire for one so that you do not care about the result anymore you still have another 2 you will focused on. One by one you will completely forget about each ritual because you will be so invested in the next one. Do this for both primary and non primary. Write down as many as you can think of and create the life you want.
While you are preparing for the next ritual, in the background you will be completely oblivious to the unstoppable force you have set in motion. When you are preparing for the next ritual you want to spend a whole day thinking how GOOD it will feel when you finally have what you desire. This will ensure complete exhaustion and lack of remembrance. It is very important to spend time researching the spirit that will do this for you. Take your time drawing the sigil, meditate on it, recite the enn. Do not half ass anything. If you are going to do something, do it RIGHT.

When you have done all of the rituals, Think of things you don’t really care about but would be nice anyway and perform evocation everyday to manifest those. Get knowledge from the demons. If you hate what you see in the mirror every morning, go to the gym and do something about it. Whatever you do, let it consume your entire being. Spend a lot of time with friends and family. Creating the life you want and changing your body is an undeniable way to forget about your rituals.

Make your lifestyle this system.

In essence King Belials core teaching was find your primary and non primary desires. After each ritual you focus all of your attention on the next one eliminating the attachment to the previous one.


thanks for the post.
Let’s see if I understand …
The method that you propose to eliminate lust from the result could be summarized as follows:

  1. Make a list of the things that we would like to obtain by magic, ordering them by importance to us.
  2. Do a ritual for each of the things we write down.
  3. Do a daily ritual.
  4. Exhaust desire in ritual.
  5. Immerse yourself in the investigation and preparation of the ritual of the corresponding day, to the extent that we do not think about the previous ones.
  6. Do some activity that helps us take our mind off the rituals already done.
    Please correct me if there is something I did not understand well.

So how does this work if the ritual is a continious thing?

Like for example right now i’m attempting to alter my personality a bit, i suffer from adhd, and im doing nightly meditations to help manage/get over my adhd.

I feel like this isnt something i can just petition a spirit for help with them move on and forget about it?

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Sitting for a response to this. I’m curious, too.

Steps 2 and 3:
As i understand it.

You want to do 1 ritual a day off your list, preferably from most desired to least. And once that day’s ritual is finished you focus all your efforts on the next day’s ritual, thus taking your mind off the desire/lust for the previous ritual to come true. This is why you do most desired first because you have a lot more other things to focus on to help you forget

The account was banned, so I’m afraid your going to keep waiting guys, however it’s fairly common to recommend or see it recommend that you exhaust all the emotions you have and cast for more items than your mind can focus on, so you might find the answers you want in the search- it was a new write up of a common concept.


What would you say about the legitimacy of the method tho? I always gravitate to the idea that anyone that was banned had nothing to contribute. But I was wondering if this had any merit to it

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Honestly I think there is nothing wrong with this approach if you are struggling with lusting for results or doubt getting in your way. I think claiming 100% results is more than a little bit of stretch however. The more complicated it is, and the less skilled you are, naturally the less likely you are to hit anywhere near 100% results with anything. Even those of us who live this crazy life daily don’t hit 100% and that’s just life. Maybe we didn’t see what actually needed done, or we were over confident or whatever there’s lots of reasons for results to not come in, so I don’t think any method, especially as a beginner is going to hit near the 100% mark, I just don’t- and I’ve had damned good results with some techniques ya know?

I personally found when I stopped worry about did this spirit hear me, or did I make contact and I just started assuming I had because I put in significant effort, that I started getting more consistent results so there is that.

Doubt can kill magic but not always. I’m a very logically minded person and I get blown out of the damned water somedays when things manifest- especially when they are things I did a ritual for this, but I didn’t really want it yet, so I half assed it, then I intentionally locked down my social media and haven’t left my apartment so… New Boyfriend finds me none the less and happens to be an almost exact match for me and what I was looking for…

So yeah sometimes doubt doesn’t actually hurt anything, but it can so getting rid of that and especially getting rid of the lust is huge. I honestly don’t do work for others anymore because I couldn’t figure out how to get them out of lusting for results. I’d spend hours talking to them and coaching them and helping them with the mental aspects of letting go of the lust and what they could do to normalize and keep busy so they can stop focusing on a daily basis on the results isn’t here yet… and Yeah I couldn’t figure out how to help those people that are obsessed with the result they so desperately need so I just don’t.


My failures have mostly stemmed from asking for too much too quickly and not deconstructing what I want into attainable parts - usually because I’m blinded by the lust for what I want before I even begin preparing for the ritual.

That leads to what they call an “unreasonable request” in the first place. I’m doomed to failure before I make my first call.

Taking the time and having the patience to think about the conditions needed for the result to manifest instead of the actual result has made all the difference for me. Not exactly glamorous, but it works.

It’s almost like if I want “her,” I CAN’T actually ask for "her " UNLESS the conditions are ripe for “her” to make her way to me.

But, I can ask for an enhanced aura, the ability to be charming when I’m around her, I can curse the messed up relationship she’s currently in, make her friends want me to the extent that they influence her, make myself seem powerful and eloquent at work (if I work with her). I won’t lust for any of that shit. Only her- but I’m not asking for her so it doesn’t matter.

Then… when she makes her way closer to me through the right conditions, I pull the trigger with the direct request.

Yeah, I’ve mucked up enough of these to know. It’s hard though when you want what you want now.