Emoji curses: what can I do to strengthen my strategy?

I recently cursed someone with emojis and I was told by my friend that the curses were like jabs :facepunch:t6:. What can I do to make these curses stronger?

My curses usually incorporate ; :boar: , :skull_and_crossbones: , :nauseated_face:, :mask:, :hocho: , :drop_of_blood:, along with others. Here’s an example :point_down:t6:

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I have no idea what you are doing, but I assure you I am dead-beat interested.


Gotta say this is creative but on its own I don’t think it would be that effective without chants etc to bolster it but I’m staying tuned lol

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can you explain, this sounds ridiculous


Where’s the actual energy behind it ?


Okay kiddo so. Two things that I think you should note down about magic and what it takes to get results, and it will save you a helluva lot of hassle so that we don’t have to keep doing this, but I’m well aware you will do you and ignore the important things, so I won’t get offended when you don’t.

These two things are ENERGY and INTENT.

So this emoji thing is a cool tik tok/facebook witch thing that no one ever reports real results on, but here’s thing. (it’s been floating on facebook for years before tik tok existed)

You got the intent right there, those emojis do a good job of acting like runes or whatever you want them to be as for as cursing symbols, but…

BUT there’s no fcking energy behind it. Imop by itself, it has no more ability to affect a target than sending them a text that says I hate you.

Good luck, if your smart, those two things right there, are all you need to know to curse with emojis and maybe do something other than look stupid.

Fcking A @John_Wick you couldn’t have waited to I get mine out could ya. :stuck_out_tongue:


I use the emojis as archetypical energy embodying what the emoji depicts


Enough said. :roll_eyes: :joy_cat:
No wonder it’s “all mouth and no trousers”.

Read more Jung, then. Watch less substance-free entertainment.


Contrary to what you think I didn’t find this in TikTok and I suggest you stop being rude as well. If you thought it was ridiculous you never should have clicked on the thread @Lady_Eva

I don’t want to be a pos but this just wouldn’t do anything , an emoji is just a representation on a screen , you need to use your own mental faculties , currents, intentions and spirits to cast a spell


They represent concepts which can also be used as energy.

For a curse to manifest in the material world it needs energy to move from one density of reality to another so do you feel any energy from the emojis themselves

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the concept is that people will be laughing at you

this whole thing is an oxymoron

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Okay before everyone jumps on mocking, remember this: people find this forum who are NOT registered members, so this is the chance to actually educate them, and make a real difference.

So a helpful answer like this which addresses some fundamentals of how magick seems to work may actually reduce the amount of stupidity in the world.


Yes! That’s why I use them.

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you’re calling ME stupid?


I click all the threads, this is just funny - it’s not personal to you that it’s dumb, and you are being given very clear advice on exactly why. To paraphrase back at you: If you didn’t want that advice you shouldn’t have posted, right?

TL;DR for the short tempered: put you own energy and intention in it. or these aren’t curses, they’re clip art.

Probably not :slight_smile:

Emojis have a weight of intention behind them from the collective consciousness that are not archetypal and not under your control.

Charge them first to help with that. Like sigils.


The curse wasn’t strong! As I stated. That’s why I asked what can I do to improve and strengthen my strategy.

Start reading some books and start with some simple spells , but you did word it to where you said it was a clear success