New issue with holding/directing energy

Hi guys.
I am having a new issue with holding and directing energy. I’m meditating and evoking daily. Doing magick almost daily.

I’m not able to elicit an extreme emotional response to draw upon most times.

I have been using planetary energies lately but it just seems to dissipate once I get it inside me, or I can’t build it up strong enough to shoot it out as I used to.

I’ve been searching a bit on the forum for a solution to my new issue. The best information I found was i believe by @C.Kendall who gave directions on raising and storing energy in one’s bones. I am looking for a daily solution though.

I have never had this issue before! Maybe everything is fine but it feels weird.


Is this an issue with a specific planetary energy or all energies in general?

I haven’t tried everything but I have noticed it with Jupiter, the sun, the earth, the black cube which connects to my root… can’t remember what else.

The feeling is that I can’t make any energy balls. Perhaps I am just a direct and instant conduit as I haven’t performed any rituals alone/without evocation first…

But to not be able to feel the mass of the total energy raised is disheartening.

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If it just for certain energies it may just be your subtle bodies acclimating to them. Similar experiences of the sensations little to energy flow happen with for me when they are ones i havent worked with. For example with the energies raise through the work in black magic of ahriman when i started i would feel a shift in atmosphere and that was it.

Now about 6 months later, i can feel some the subtle differences between the various forces and the divs involved.


A good way to adjust to the new energies at a faster rate is take 10-30 minutes a few days a week raising and then grounding the force worked with either in a Crystal or just in the ground. This way you can get used to it circulating through your body and increase your perceptions of it as you work with it.


I would suggest that you try and invoke the element fire, because the element fire is connected to the kunda force.

Invoking fire and pushing that energy and power into the base of the spine to feed your kunda serpent, I believe would benefit you greatly.

Many people begin to have problems with storing or even using energy that’s because your subtle bodies go into what I call shutdown mode, to prepare yourself to rise your kundalini.

I would suggest while trying for a few days, constantly invoking the fire element and rising your kundalini to make way, for energy to enter your energetic tubes of the energy body.

I would also suggest using a method which I made a while back, which is a elemental bath ritual, it will relax your physical body and will empower and exercise your spiritual vitality.


Thanks for sharing that! I was actually drawn to take a bath this morning… but I just watched netflix and ate keto pizza for breakfast in the bath. Not the same lol.

I do practice Kundalini yoga but not daily. I stopped when Baelzebub said he doesn’t like the mantras so I need to find some new ones or just chant his name.

I will take your advice and keep with the Kundalini.

@Dinmiatus I have worked with the planetary elements for a long time but I think everything must be different now that I evoke daily and give blood. I am not the same person and I am not working alone any longer.

Thank you very much for the advice, both of you. I will definitely apply it immediately.

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I am LOVING planetary magick. Its legit had an accuracy rate of 100 so far.

The planetary magick from what I have learned and performed is to be invoked, and to aid in the operation. Then do the operation.

One thing I have noticed when people have trouble with something, and it has happened to me, is they are simply trying to hard. It may SEEM counter productive, but try to concentrate on something else for a week, forget about it, and when it feels right the following week or 2 later, do it again. Remember thr BASICS, and keep in mind when you realized as a newb that you cannot force meditation, it is a try/not, push/pull try that makes it work. I think youre thinking too much, and by letting go and not stressing about it, when you return to it, it will be a good energy connection and channel, and it sometimes comes back stronger… we all need rest to build the muscle. Thats where the real growth happens


Or is this a NEW skill that you are working on? Sorry I neglected to ask that.

It’s not a new skill. Nothing is new except the problem and the evoking of Baelzebub. I have worked with planetary elements sporadically for years, without issue, but I am always trying to hone in my techniques on any magick working.

These days I am working on opening my 3rd eye to see Baelzebub, evoke, and meditate daily.

When I pull energy into myself for magick, it’s been feeling like it just disappears or something. So I tried sending it out directly and I’m not feeling that its building up in my object.

Maybe I should take that rest thing seriously.

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The Runes that are associated with a particular planet can help as well. And invoking / evoking the planet that corresponds to it’s particular day.

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How did this turn out?

I’ve been taking a few breaks as suggested and also invoking my demon teacher right into me while we work and imagining he is black energy that fills up my whole body through my head. I also stopped attempting to build up energy, I felt led to just be a direct channel.

I am told my workings are successful but that it wouldn’t hurt to be more emotional so I’m working on mixing focus with emotion.

I still want to try the bath and see how that feels :slight_smile:

When I call planetary energy into me i can feel it the second I think about it. It feels like the planet is right over my head and I feel this huge amount of energy enter my head but I have to /am supposed to channel it out immediately into my desire.

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If you want to try an interesting experiment. A good combinations for expanding on raw power is jupiter(expansion) and the moon(astral) another interesting one is the sun(illuminate) and the moon(astral). Moon and mercury is a good one for astral communications.

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oo sounds great. Today I tried to combine Saturn with another planet but Saturn didn’t want to.

I’ll try those combinations and let you know how it goes.

I tend to see it as one plalets energys intwining or mixing together as if it was colored water. I do this symbolically by either making a sigil that involves the names of the planets and some of their archtypes. You i intwine the symbols in some way to make a new planetary sigil.

Are you using their mantras? I can tell you exacrly how to call upon them with a mantra and visualization that has brought me nothing but a 100% magick accuracy rate

No, I never knew planets had mantras. I’ll see if I’m “allowed” to say them.

If you dont mind my asking, why are you asking permission??

I have a demon teacher and we have an agreement so I respect my teacher’s direction. I practice magick every other day and he teaches me new techniques daily or gives me bits of advice :slight_smile:

Edit: my teacher is a demon, not a person