Removal of somebody elses blood from my system

A while ago a partner of mine and myself shared blood. At the time I did not realize the consequences of this, but I’ve now come to believe that it had in a sense, bound us together. I am of the opinion that her essence is a toxin within me. It is an act that I regretted having performed so casually, and I wonder if anybody here with experience in Blood Magick can offer advice on how to purge myself of her energy and whatever link has been created.

There’s a method of transfiguring taught by Sandra Ingerman in her books, you may be familiar with Masuru Emoto’s work changing the crystalline structure of water through intention and through vibrating words?

She works using transfirguration into the Divine, and also with words and intent.

I believe in this case you can either:

  • transfigure into your own godform/Higher Self for the purposes of realigning all blood and tissues to being 100% “you”

  • transfigure into the form of a spirit you know and trust, asking them to purify and repel all energies of this person within you

  • make a healing bath with sea salt and some cleansing herbs, like sage (the kind you buy in the shops for food is fine) and maybe a herb that matches your astrological Sun sign, if it’s different to hers - intone your own name over the water to bless it as a vessel for your energies, and then bathe in it for at least 9 minutes, to help the water in the bath, which is itself a crystal, kind of re-harmonise your own body. This is best done on a New Moon.

The ACTUAL blood will no longer be there, only the energetic changes (if any) that it made, so it’s those you need to work on.

(There is a case to be made to just forget about it, banish with laughter, and maybe someone for whom that’s their style can make a good case for that, I’m one of the belt-and-braces type and I also think handling closure of a thing through ritual beats having to try and push it away over and over again.)

You could also try any of the ideas in these:


I figured the actual blood would have been destroyed by my body :stuck_out_tongue: But yes the energies, I feel they are affecting me significantly. Thank you for your very informative answer. This is something that’s been weighing on my mind for a while now.

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Hekate is good at that type of stuff too so look into her :slight_smile: