Egyptian deities

I met a witch online who works with Isis and I asked her if she had to open her third eye to see them and hear them and she said no.I was a bit confused cause I don’t know much about those deities.
Is that so?

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Aset* and the 3rd eye is never closed nor is it inherently what is needed to hear or see them. Also Aset isn’t Nordic she’s Egyptian.


Then why do people train that specific area to talk with spirits?

Because they’re told to by online guides, enough repetition and people start to think it’s necessary.

In addition to what @anon48079295 already said I’d like to add this. The chakra is already there and open however many have not learned to tap into- or use their latent abilities. That’s what exercises are there for; to help develop what’s already there through various ways. This is usually done through shifts in awareness or adding energy in that area, to make it as well as all other chakras active on the way there.

FYI we all have some natural sense of you will which is stronger than the other ones. That particular sense is usually the one that is used for spiritual contact of some degree, until enough proficiency has been gained to “fly”.


the what?

I’ll explain what I mean, please excuse my english. We all have an astral sense which is stronger than the others. For example some people are more intuitive, some have strong clairaudience, some clairvoyance. My point though is this; with the help of exercises you learn how to shift your awareness to access a sense which previously likely where unknown to you, or you didn’t know how to tap into that. Or it is used to break blockages that clogs or stops you for using your chakras and spiritual senses.


…Society tells us to shut it down. By making you loose your belief in it. Which means we have to learn how to use it just like walking and talking


that’s true

I changed the title to match the entity being asked about.

Is that so, what? Is that so she didn’t had to “open” her third eye? We can’t know her natural gifts, perhaps she always could hear and see spirits. Or she’s larping. We can’t know from just one line what the person in question is.

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I will second this. I don’t do chakra work and I can perceive the astral just fine.


I am in a similiar position. I did minor chakra work but was able to perceive the astral long before that. The use of chakras is just a tool that could help an individual, but is not the only way.


She said she just draws the sigils and gives offerings!

and wishes and it is fulfilled

Oopsie!My bad!

So she has no communication? Then yeah It can happen with any entity. When you call them most of the times they hear. But that’s one way communication. They hear you but you don’t hear them. I bet eventually her wishes will stop being fulfilled.

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I mean once I started opening myself up to Freya, communication with my Spirits came naturally. I think you’ve got to meet them halfway. So yeah its possible.

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