Effective spell to be happy and get over ex?

This will help with my love spell and because it’s to the point where I’m crying at work I’m so sick of this I need something extreme I can’t keep living like this, almost 5 months of torture


Thank you for your comment but having what to focus on?

i do not have anything to share with you because im new too but you are a wonderful person and dont let the broken people break you


Hey, Tiny

I really understand from your posts that you’re in pain.

So, if you really want to get over your ex (and I think it is your best option), I may be able to help you to do just that.

This isn’t a spell, by the way, but there is one entity, Opfaal, the angel of deliverance, who can help you. You just need to chant his name while gazing at his sigil to open it. Now, open a sigil takes time and practice, but it is a good option because Opfaal is INSANELY good at what he does. I just started to work with him this week and felt the effect just a few hours after I called him.

My situation didn’t change overnight, but a few days later I can say things are getting better… where everything else (I mean EVERYTHING) failed.

So, that should work.

Oh, and a word of advice: not all Spirits (Angels, Demons) work for every person, so you should know that too.

Best wishes.


angel of love by zanna bliase help me. It can help you too.

You can try some of the things in my thread. Would you open to try a few spells out for me to see the results? I don’t really practice love magic. The one time I did it was to get back at a guy for the kicks.

There is a few useful things in this thread too.

Okay so do I just evoke him and not say anything or do I have to request what I want? How do I know when it’s open? He’s an angel not a demon? Also do I do anything after? Like he won’t follow me right?

I don’t have to be in a trance state though?

As I described, it is called invocation (invocation: internal; evokation: external. Evokation happens outside you).

You can think about your issue and what do you want him to help you with. Focus on the intention behind your petition. For me, talking as if I’m talking to my best friend works.

You know it is open when it flash and the lines start to disappear in the paper, or when it looks 3d, as if floating above the paper, or any other type of clear visual distortion. Don’t worry, the mental state you need to be it’s not very different than what you get when you loose yourself in a book or a movie. Just relax your body as much as you can, try to calm down your thoughts and gaze at the sigil.

And yes, Kingdom of Flames, the grimoire where he is described, says he is an Angel. I don’t think he is following me, but I know he is around because when I feel my issues coming back I just repeat his name several times and the pressure goes off. Then again, I asked for something that will take a little time, so then there is that. Anyway, I always banish after opening a sigil.

Trust him. Or not. Doesn’t matter, he is REALLY good at dealing with people’s burdens, so you will feel a difference. Search the forum, I’m entirely sure someone posted an image with his sigil and description.

And keep us updated.

PS: Opening a sigil takes practice, in my experience, so don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work the first time.


How do you banish a spirit?

There are many ways to do so.

Since I started with chaos magic, once I dismiss whoever I’m trying to contact, I took a deep breath and imagine energy around my body, then I blow and imagine that energy forming a expanding force field that goes out of my house and four mechanical, winged warriors coming out from the ground to guard. Then, I took another breath and imagine the force field retracting to my body.

If you don’t like mine, there are other methods posted in the forum.

Now you’re asking the right questions, baby.

But, also take into Account, 5 months is not a long time in the healing process. But you’re living it, and you’re going through it.

You’ll be fine.


Wtf I have a similar situation right now

See my response above homie.

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I’m going to reply to revive this and put this on my list to do as… it hurts so much to let go of someone

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Well someone just posted a spell for this very purpose saved the image

I feel we have all been here and the key to remember is WHILE WE ARE BUSY THINKING ABOUT THEM, THEY ARE BUSY NOT THINKING ABOUT US

Try The Archangel Anael