Earthquakes my country suffers

About two months ago, I dreamed that there was a very big earthquake.I was living at my deceased grandfather’s house and we hid with my grandfather and grandmother, running towards the kitchen,Water came out of the windows and the house collapsed, this dream was a dream that I could not forget for a long time and I was very stressed, I can say that it was the scariest dream I have ever seen, it was quite real and shocking, At that time, I broke up with my fiancee and we had a big fight, so I interpreted this dream to my relationship.Since I work with demon energies, it seems normal to have such complex dreams. On the night of February 6, earthquakes with a magnitude of 7.8 occurred in Syria and my country Turkey.Nearly ten cities were destroyed, The death toll has exceeded thirty thousand, I am very sorry for my country and for Syria, such an earthquake has never been seen before, I am angry with myself. Because i could not seen that dream was a warning, I decided to continue in the celestial world when the demons went to the state of perpetual deception,Importantly I would like to add that my energy has changed and my prophecies are fully coming out thanks to gabriel , I need your advice spiritually, we are all in fear, we do not want to experience the same things in a city like Istanbul, If I get such a prophecy with dreams, I don’t want to miss it again, what are your recommendations?


I don’t think you can blame yourself, prophecy is often obscure like that: it’s best interpreted after you already know what it was. You subconscious gave you the right impressions, but there wasn’t the info to let you know “this is here and soon”.

I’m glad you’re ok though.

But now you have this experience, that’s good learning in that you now know what that means for you if it happens again. If you keep a journal of these dreams you can also start to read back through and look for patters and more tings that came true. The more familiar you are with the pattern, the more you know what was prophecy and what was normal dreams.


I guess there is no reason to blame yourself here.

I am very sorry for my country. Even in Turkey, I am afraid to be found anymore, and even though I feel sorry for my country, I want to escape from here.

Also, this earthquake affected me personally. I was meditating around the time of the earthquake (i.e. the Night of February 6th), and during the meditation I felt a shaking. At first I thought it might be an earthquake, but I said it was psychological and passed it off. When the meditation was over, I learned that there was an earthquake in my area and I had a little panic attack.

After that day, in every meditation I do, I feel that my place is shaken psychologically, and frankly, it makes my meditation difficult.


İt is not something we can forget so easily…

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Definitely. It will be an unforgettable date.

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Definitely not your fault. Turkey is massively earthquake prone. I’m a New Zealander. We are also massively earthquake prone and have them very regularly. So I (and many other kiwis) do find earthquakes in our thoughts and dreams relatively often. Its part of our landscape and our lives. I don’t believe that we are causing them, or that we are prophesising them.
Not saying that your dream wasn’t prophetic, it may have been. But consider also the geographical seismic context and your awareness of it.

Given the horrific quake, you will likely have more dreams of earthquakes. That is only natural. But I advise against presuming that such dreams are necessarily prophetic.

Note also that whenever there is a large quake, aftershocks are inevitable, so please consider this context when pondering dreams you may have in the near future.

I am glad that you made it through okay.


Thank you so much, any advice for prophetic dreams?

sorry I don’t have a magickal answer for you but as someone growing up in the earthquake area and your neighbour from Iran I feel your pain , I wish the people all the best and quick recovery and healing , there are no words to sooth the pain they are going through right now :frowning:


number of corpses in error I performed rituals to protect people from death using kruvest manipulated people to donate more to charity called dude do something yourself instead of begging for help from afar.

I participated in the wreckage studies with 6 days and 4 hours of sleep. Even though I am back in my city, I still do rituals for those people and the big Istanbul earthquake etc. This is bullshit, it won’t happen, it’s all advertising. After the Elazig and Izmir earthquake, the news that there will be an earthquake in Istanbul spread, don’t believe this crap news.

get your ass up and go and help the people in that city.


When you look at it from a realistic point of view, even if your dreams tell you the truth, no one will listen to you, what will you say to those people, there will be an earthquake, you will leave this place. , void, they won’t accept and drive you crazy. this is not the first.

The Eastern Anatolia region is already a settlement built on active faults, earthquakes will continue to occur there and no power will be able to pull people out of those debris with special magic power.

but if you went to that area instead of sitting at home and watching the news, maybe you could help a few people get rid of it.

I would tell my closest family and friends, but hold yourself clear and don’t get upset if they don’t listen.

This was a good point:

Magickally before the event, you and as many people as you can gather run a ritual, call it prayer meeting if you need to to get them participating, and work to send calming energy to the area. See it as problem free. This has been done and crime rates have been dropped by it, and it works for earthquakes too.

Avoid fear which puts energy into what you don’t want happening.

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Fear is what governing our country at the moment.

Mod reminder: we want to avoid sliding into politics and just keep it to magick. :+1: Naming no names.

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