E.A. Koetting— Did The Darkness Chose You? Or, did, You, Chose The Darkness?

Hello. I find you, quite lovely and intriguing. I do Know, you’d find Me, particularly interesting, also, if I were given the chance.
I’m the girl, who Satan chose. But, because He Chose, Me, He gave me a choice, too. Although, like Eve, I bit the Apple. I am the invisible girl, in the Masquerade. Just, a collection of romantic diaries, hopes, dreams, and Evil aspirations.
A part of me, Astrally, visits a very dark forest, and Screams with Rage and Wrath. There— the Crows and birds, fly away. My screams cling to those tree tops. And, it’s then— that the forest, Should be, Scared of Me.

I’d like to be your friend.
Oh, and Eshu… Won’t leave me alone these days. He’s Laughing. Watching. And, waiting… At The Crossroads… For me to make My next move, in the card game of Hellos and Goodbyes.

(My Question is the Title.)
I’ve never seen any of your Videos. I’m sure they are lovely. I have only read, some of your work. If you have read this far, thank you.

Best regards,


Satan or Lucifer?

Satan, Chose Me. Lucifer, has visited in dreams.

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how was Satan’s energy?

Warm. Protective. Possessive.


He never really responds to questions asked on here to him lol, it’ll be a surprise if he does tbh.


Let’s hope he does!!! LOL :rofl::smiling_imp::blue_heart:

I am almost considering buying one of those, like, Ritual, packages. Just so I can talk to him, and ask him to be friends.

But, its so expensive. I’d have to save up!!! So… here’s to hoping!!! Lol.

Welcome @MarAndTheSnake, Please take yourself to this link and do a proper introduction before posting anything else, or open a new topic to do so :slight_smile: It is a requirement of our forum to have a proper introduction before proceeding :slight_smile:

This is correct, he rarely stops by now a days and is a very busy man. He does have package where you can meet him for an entire weekend however, so if you really would like to you might consider saving up for that, or even a general consultation over skype. :woman_shrugging:

I hope you’ll stick around, do an introduction and allow us to get to know you, but please keep the following in mind, as we tend to be rather skeptical around here, due to the large number people claiming of gods and chosen ones that join our forum, with only the intentions of trolling or larping or telling us stories for fun :slight_smile:


Hello and welcome to the forum. Make sure yoh do as @Keteriya asked since it is the rules of the forum for all members to do so.

I just want to give you a heads up the beings we work with tend to choose many and you will come
Across many chosen by Satan here. Please don’t get discouraged when you do.

There are also many wives of Lucifer, Azazel, Belial and angels in here as well. These beings are polyamorous and many many have harems. I just wanted to give you an heads up before anything could hurt you and harm your path. There isn’t just one chosen one but many each having his or her own path. Enjoy the forum dear!


Right! Thank you!! Yaaa, all I had said, was, that, I was Chosen. Though… I did not say what I was Chosen for. It’s something… I’m learning new things about, with every passing day. I do not claim to be any which way, or not.

Although— like a long forgotten love letter, tucked away, For sake-keeping, I am to Satan. He came to me when I was 12… And, he gave me a choice… I did not know, Upon Accepting Eternally, that I would change so significantly, so fast. The next morning, I awoke, with no recollection of such conversation. Nor, did I recall even getting into bed. Eventually, Satan, blessed me with the memory back… When I became older, after years and years had passed… I’ll always remember to never forget— that very precious, first moment, with my Master, Satan. :blue_heart:


This is super super wise. Us ladies have our secrets after all.

If yoh ever need anything or help with anything I am here to help. There are some amazing people on this forum that have help me every step of the way on my path. For them I am thankful for.


Why thank you!! I like to believe that I am Wise Beyond My Years. Always, sort of, have been. :blue_heart:

Thank you so much! Likewise, goes for you. I adore making new friends, and aiding people, Spiritually. :blue_heart:

There’s so much Magick… everywhere… Life is so beautiful. Full of Mystery kissing Fate, and Fate… Kissing Time. :blue_heart:

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