Dynamo the magician

I agree completely. I also found that aligning the chakras helped a lottt. But I suppose that helps with just about anything.
And thank you very much!

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I think @AdamThoth mentioned a demon or spirit that specialized in these psychic powers, but I can’t remember. :man_shrugging:

I found this guy like a year ago he seems to teach mostly elemental kinesis
like air & water.


Ooo I’ve seen that video! I didn’t keep digging though so I didnt know he teaches it. I’d definitely be interested in learning.

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Oh haha, Awesome, have you ever seen this one? If you haven’t play close attention to the water, this is one of his students.

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Man that’s insane. I saw that. I’m determined. I want to see if I can figure it out.

Yeah Zozo AKA Pazuzu teaches it.

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Is that the same demon from the Exorcist movie.

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The very same google him he’s loves fame and the limelight, one of the few demons I know that behaves that way.

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Haha that made me giggle a little bit.


See I knew you would tell more about Zozo :slight_smile: . Now I’m beginning to understand.

Well @rin did expect another explanation here.

Word goes that Dynamo was very sick a while and that he couldn’t do magic. He traveled far in the woods and came back as a magician.

Some say utter bull. Some say it was a deal.

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Well what do you say?

A deal with a Daemon, God.

hearsay lots of stage magicians know how to do these these tricks,
but there are real people who can do some amazing things, but their not doing shows in vegas.

But to be honest, he is still sick and doesn’t know if he can perform any longer. So if the myths are true than he has a bad deal. I think he is really good and that some jealous people link him to Demon/Jinn Magic. But on the other land. Maybe he’d learned some tricks.


Hahah! Your comment made me laugh, it seems that the gals surrounding the gentleman in the video are starved for food so probably paid them a few dollars to praise him so they could eat and they are doing a great job of it.

If anyone actually had these powers they would not be publicising them for the fear of being lifted off by the Men in Black.You are 100% right that way.

But lets look at it this way.Using technology to create illusion is somewhat of a type of sorcery.So we should appreciate the guys efforts a bit (like a tiny tiny but).If we look at Mr Koetting’s description in his youtube video of the 9 kings of Hell, we see him talking about the ability of the magician to deceive and shapeshift as a primary survival skill.The ability to throw a sand storm and disappear in the mist and fog that might follow (even if proverbially).

In our daily bid for survival we mages have to deceive, manipulate and shapeshift to get results even though in a much covert manner.


That’s exactly why I recommend all mages learn sleight of hand and misdirection as well as mentalism not only can you make a living with it but it could even save your life one day.

Yep x its raw survival.How else are we going to live? I mean look at all these Sheeple wasting time on organised religion and the whims of Mono Gods.Will they ever stop judging us?

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Check out Grandmaster Wolf’s channel on YouTube. Its impressive. He does some very interesting close up energy work. Cuts his palm and seals the wound in seconds. Close up video.