Duke Sallos

Hey guys i want to invocate sallos, like in the “easiest” way, can you guys give tips on how should i do it? And What do i need to so


the easiest way would be looking up the sigil of sallos (you can probably google that) and then ‘open the sigil’ by connecting to it, you know, choose to make contact with the demon. you could look up the enn and chant that.
you could write a petition to sallos with the sigil hand copied on it!
there are very many ways here on how to connect with a demon.

I would agree a sigil is easiest and safest.

An invocation means bringing the entities energy into your body: you become the entity and think like it does… and I would suggest being very clear on how to avoid parasites and imposters to try that.

We have multiple methods we collected together here for making first contact:

Take a look