Dreams, help me understand them

Okay so hi everybody I’m new here and i’m so sad i never found this site sooner.

So i will tell you a recurring dream i had when i was younger and i hope anyone of you could tell me maybe what it meant or who it was.

(Backstory we live in a house thats a monument its over 100 years old, so as a child i saw a lot of shadows and beings etc)

When i was around the age of 8 (5-10) i got a recurring dream of being somewhere dark and i would either be chained up or not. There was always this man but i could never see his face i cant remember if it was black or light but he had snakes with him (im 19 now btw). And i cant remember what he said either but he was wearing a suit. He would look over me and smile i think. Then i would appear in a maze? I never got out i think but believe me i had that dream around 10 times and i wanna know who it was and/or if it was a demon possessing me?.

Another dream i had was with my little brother (when he was little he had dreams which foresaw the future not far but like a day later) in the dream we were in a really bright room like REALLY bright and then after a few sec an old woman starts screamig and coming at us and then we wake up.

Now im wondering if anyone knows what kind of dream this is and or if you had the same one.
Pls serious only because i have been wondering ever since.

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Ik im sorry i already told u it was a mistake i only tried to put it in a different category. Im not duplicating again dont worry

Oh I know, I was just adding the cross reference for convenience :slight_smile:

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OH thank u!!! So sweet

Heyyy can i ask u something? But can u dm me idk how to do that on this website its confusing smh

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Oh okay thank u. HAHA i figured that was the case

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