Help identifying demon? Dream

Okay so hi everybody I’m new here and i’m so sad i never found this site sooner.

So i will tell you a recurring dream i had when i was younger and i hope anyone of you could tell me maybe what it meant or who it was.

(Backstory we live in a house thats a monument its over 100 years old, so as a child i saw a lot of shadows and beings etc)

When i was around the age of 8 (5-10) i got a recurring dream of being somewhere dark and i would either be chained up or not. There was always this man but i could never see his face i cant remember if it was black or light but he had snakes with him (im 19 now btw). And i cant remember what he said either but he was wearing a suit. He would look over me and smile i think. Then i would appear in a maze? I never got out i think but believe me i had that dream around 10 times and i wanna know who it was and/or if it was a demon possessing me?.

Another dream i had was with my little brother (when he was little he had dreams which foresaw the future not far but like a day later) in the dream we were in a really bright room like REALLY bright and then after a few sec an old woman starts screamig and coming at us and then we wake up.

Now im wondering if anyone knows what kind of dream this is and or if you had the same one.
Pls serious only because i have been wondering ever since.

Hey, man, welcome to the forum. Just a friendly heads up, there is a rule against spamming the forum, and creating duplicate threads about the same subject and posting it in different categories could be considered to be breaking that rule. This is your second thread about your dream, copied word for word from your first so please keep that in mind.

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Oh im sorry i didnt know how to change the forum😅 wont happen again

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No worries, man. This place can be hard to navigate sometimes :slight_smile:


Dreams are usually the subconscious discussing life with itself, helping you decide how you feel.
I don’t have enough info to say but maybe the psychics here will get something?

Daemons appearing to me in dreams tend to just stand there, or talk to me. If you’re very scared of them, that itself can cause you to see them as aggressive when really they’re just trying to get your attention.

So, colour me boring, but the first sound like a straight-up description of the dis-empowering experience of school to me. This anonymous authority over you has you chained for reasons unknown to you to navigate a maze (learning) and you don’t know how to get out of it.
The old lady, I don’t know, did your grandma or someone at the grocery store scare you?

But see how you feel, your intuition is the most important source of info about who you think dream figures are. The next fun thing to do is start meditating to go back into the dream and try to communicate with the image/entity. Robert Moss’ lucid dreaming books teach you some cool techniques for that.

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I have no idea who the old lady is and if it is from school why would the man have snakes? Im not scared of snakes or anything. BUT THANKS!!

Snakes represent transformation and healing.
It does occur to me, the measure of whether learning is effective, is that behaviour is changed afterwards. Maybe he was your mind explaining through universal archetypes all that people told you about why you had to go to school? Which isn’t to say he wasn’t a daemon that likes to teach, like Lucifer … or something completely different, who knows? Doesn’t sound bad though, more like, you were being given a complicated path or challenge.

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Okay thanks!!

When did you for the 1st time experience something

It’s hard to say, as I don’t recall the ages I was for half my childhood memories. There were always shadows and mists and presences around. Some you just see the effects, like things going missing only to show up right where you already looked. Some were comforting, some were scary.

One of the earliest I still remember was probably only because it was scary. My sister and I shared a bedroom, and once, when we were 6 and 4, this happened… I woke up because of he feeling of being watched by a large bestial presence in the corner of the room.

I was just watching it - It seemed big and shaggy and threatening. Okay, but it didn’t move, and it didn’t feel… personal, you know? But I was also picking up loneliness. I didn’t know that then - I was a solitary child and that alone feeling was normal to me, I was just trying to see more, but, it means I was relating to this energy more than seeing it as ‘other’. Yeah, I was a weird-ass kid anyway, but part of this was, I was already by then the black sheep of the family, I really didn’t need to give anyone more sticks to beat me with, and saw lots of stuff I didn’t talk about for that reason - don’t remember what, just that that was my reason for being scared but calm. “Seen it before, talking about it is way worse.” It was probably the first time I actually tried to work on my clairvoyance, which is still shit.

Then my sister ‘saw’ it and went crazy. It was super interesting, because I didn’t say anything, and then she confirmed it was there- she was in paroxysms of tears and screaming, so my mum came and banished it - just with intention and pure fury, as is her style. Pretty sure she couldn’t feel anything, the number of questions she was asking - I did back up my sister at this point to say I saw it too.

This was a room that when we bought the house, had claw marks on the inside of the door - nothing crazy though, small enough that they were painted over ok, but maybe enough angst to store some energy in the walls for the right resonance to play back. Not a haunting per se, but leftover energy from a dog shut in alone for a long period one day.

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Omg thank u for sharing the story🖤