Dream with King Paimon?

Hello all!
Some context:
As some may know, i’m very much a novice at pratical work and spirit encounters.
I have been working on forming a relationship with King Paimon as I feel a strong pull towards him, and most days I invoke him but I have only done it a couple of times. Yesterday, while reading on this forum, I realised I may have made a few small mistakes during the ritual, so I got some offerings and invoked him and apologised for my errors and thanked him for his patience. I went on to say how I want to do good by him and by myself and I am interested and eager to form a friendship or a working relationship with the King, and immediately after thay my head started buzzing. Normally i don’t really get anything but this was quite a noticable feeling, and felt quite positive. I invited him into my dreams if that method of communication was easier for him, and then I closed the invocation and went to bed.

The dream was relatively uneventful, until I sat down at a table with a young girl roughly my age (18/19). We were doing math based drawings (hate maths, love drawing) and we were just chatting- about what i cant remember. I do know that this girl was incredibly modest but incredibly intelligent and wise (just the vibe I got from her) and I felt in awe of her and almost like her student.
I suppose to me that kind of felt like King Paimon, but I honestly dont know if it was in my head or if it was him because I expected him to come as a man on a camel dressed in robes not really a university girl doing classwork with me.
One thing I do remember was Ganesh being brought up (The girl was indian from what I recall) but that’s the only snippet I remember, however the night before I saw Ganesh mentioned a few times on the threads.

What are your thoughts? I would really appreciate any replies :slight_smile:


First, congrats for your experience!


Mistakes during the ritual don’t really matter, as long as you get the job done. You use the ritual to put your energy easier to something. If you could freely do that, you wouldn’t even need a ritual. But I get your point.

As for your dream, I believe it was King Paimon. Also, spirits often come to our dreams, if we have a hard time to talk to them during a ritual. So, have that in mind. Also, spirits come in any form, he could come as a man on a camel, or as an old man, or in many other forms, or even formless, if you’re able to read his energy. So, I wouldn’t mind that if I were you. But you should keep some kind of journal, so that you can be able to take notes of your dreams and the things happening during your rituals.
By doing so, you’ll be able to remember more and have the chance to improve even faster!


Thank you for your indepth reply!

I’m laughing to myself now because my dreams are very weird and he was doing university grade arts and crafts with me, lol.

And yeah, ill start a dream journal tonight then and see how that goes!


I agree with Manosman that King Paimon appeared in your dream as the girl. Very nice!


He has an amazing and calm vibe which I absolutely adore!


He is absolutely wonderful! I look forward to eternity with Him as a conscious being. (As a person becomes self-aware and moves into ascent, the soul remains constant throughout and isn’t absorbed into what I call the general spiritual pool ((where the soul loses it’s uniqueness and personality)).
I realize those words aren’t mine, they were just dictated to me by King Paimon. And now I feel totally chill as I always do when He comes through.


That’s some amazing stuff, wow!
How do you guys work on forming a closer relationship with him? I work on invoking or at least giving offerings everday when I can, but how can I tell if i’m being taken well? Sorry if this is a bit of a silly question.


I began dealing with King Paimon in June 2018 very tentatively because of course from all the Hollywood hype about the demonic, I was (I admit it) really nervous my first evocation. He made His presence known to me on the first evocation (a door that’s hard to open came open on it’s own). He appreciates the finest of what you can afford to offer him, like a good wine, good food, good chocolate (Dove or Godiva) baklava is something I feel He’d like. King Paimon is extremely mental with His communication, so He’s going to know what you’re thinking about in meditation. He will speak to you through your thoughts or show you images.
Don’t promise things that you’ll give something each day because due to being busy or ill you might not be able to do it each day–you just have to make sure that you fulfull anything you promise, be of your word because He is of His word. He enjoys offerings but at this point just take things slowly with Him and just talk with him either with your voice out loud or in your mind. Music is everything with King Paimon and creativity–you could create something artistic for Him…dedicate something you’ve created to Him.


Thank you for the reply!!!
I didn’t promise, i made sure I didn’t promise because I knew I had to take into account days like that, but I did just say that I will make an effort to at least try to! Good point you made though, it is something I need to watch out for in future invocations.
Funny you mentioned Baklava… it has been bugging me for the past couple of days because i REALLY want to make some for him. I love cooking and it’s really been an idea that ive been plagued with lol.
Also I have dedicated a beautiful blue candle to him that I have carved his sigil into, and it is only used for him.
The thing about knowing what I think threw me off… i have intrusive thoughts and things aren’t always approtiate so i do talk out loud when i can to stifle said thoughts.
Thank you for your reply, I know I rambled a bit but I got excited and I do enjoy communicating with people on here, you guys are very knowledgeable and lovely.


@NeutronShift thanks for the feedback. Best wishes to you. That sounds great with the candle, I bet it’s beautiful!

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Paimon is my best friend, and I like to keep our relationship friendly and personal. (Rather than it being formal and business like) One thing to note when wanting a closer relationship with him is to have the respect of being equals. He wants nothing more than for you to stick to your word and show that you are committed to his teachings and knowledge. Once you start treating him as someone to work and grow with, you can start forming a personal relationship. For now, keep it formal and respectful. He’ll let you know when you’re ready. :slight_smile:


Yeah, that’s the path i’m trying to take so I suppose its a matter of time, patience and commitment now. Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

I only made this account to become apart of this community I thought I was alone in, everything you’ve said is remarkable, you truly do seem like a reliable source.

Sometimes I think I have indirect communications. For example, I could be in the middle of a decision that could turn out like a “Butterly Effect” and a voice different from my consciousness, I always like to assume it could be the possibility of King Paimon or another entity, but I am never positive. I do tolerate, enjoy and constantly preach behavioral,cultural and over all occult related behavior. I actually wrote a book about my own views on demonology and always thought about it as a gift of some sort to Lucifer, very detailed book and I was proud of it. But now with everything going on in life and all the changes ive been going through, I really feel as if right now is the right time to make a commitment to King Paimon.

I enjoy arts with a true passion when im in my space
I am not musical but more on the poetic side/plot.

The help I hope to receive is how to summon King Paimon and the ideal way of approach

My thoughts are to be respectful, but not on a level of desperarion
To request and be truthful, but not to ask for things out of the ordinary or beyond my head

Really just as much as it takes (on a level I can handle to my fullest) to build a bond of trust

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Welcome @Fxnzi. Please make an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience in magick you have. It is a rule of this forum.

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Thanks! I’m glad that you find my knowledge helpful.

Just talk to him for starters. Listen to what he has to say and if you choose so, let him guide you towards the path that you want to be on.

I have an easy summoning method posted on the forum. Feel free to check that out. You can also find lots of info about King Paimon here.

Just let time and effort get you somewhere, where you can feel comfortable with this.

Thanks, do you have a link to the forum? Havent learnt the ropes of the website

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Here you go: Easy Spirit Summoning Technique