Drawn to death and healing

I’m drawn to death greatly not so much as for healing but its still up their. I don’t know why. Is this common among people? What does this say about me? I’d like to hear your opinions.

Venice people are obsessed about the concept of DEATH, they R morbid in nature. In some places in In India where ‘Dark Goddesses’ R worshiped , I have seen a weird dark sense of humor and even 15-16 year old kids spend time talking-contemplating Death and Suffering. The kind of deity worshiped in a region heavily influences both culture and genetics over generations.

May be it is your call towards necromancy ( If i were U I would be cautious before venturing ).

Or may be U R going 2 die soon . LOL :rofl: that’s a possibility too.

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I just think you are bring called to be a hedge warlock/witch. It involves knowledge of spirit communication and healing.

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I am very morbid, but I do not think that is the reason why.

That is very common in my area, but, again, I do not think that is the reason.

I live in a very Christianized area, so that’s excluded. It is very hard to not get angry here. :weary: :sob:

I have been very interested in necromancy for a very long time. To the point where I wanted to be a lich.

I hope not.

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Thank you for letting me know. I came across a few hedge witches but never a hedge warlock. Though, I never talked to them. Do you have info or any sources you could guide me to about them?

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Sorry,not really. I just came across them quite a long ago. They guided me through the path, as I am doing with you now, but that’s it. The rest came by reading, practising and learning. Sorry.

Hedge witchery has nothing special to do with death. It just means a witch who does their own thing. A good resource I like for that would be Witcha, it’s very down to Earth and comprehensive on the craft, as seen from a British (Celtic / Anglo-Saxon) perspective.

Necromancy does though - it’s all about using the energy and death and communicating with Ancestors and dead people, and getting the spirits of the dead to do work for you. This forum has a whole category for Necromancy - if you scroll down and click on it there’s people talking about resources and techniques there.

But you will find in many traditions there is a section where they deal with the Ancestors and the dead, it’s just not the main focus like it is in Necromancy, and is more about keeping balance and getting ancestral guidance than ‘using’ the dead.

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@Maulbeere a hedge witch/warlock is able to communicate with dead spirits and it is part of their knowledge.
You are confusin the term with another one which is similar, green witch.

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Ah, that’s alright. Just you mentioning them is a fortune. As well as every other reply i get.

Yeah, I know. I’ve scrolled through most of that category time and again. I found many a useful thing. I have found a way to contact my ancestors that might work. It was posted on the forum quite a while ago. Would you like me to share?

I don’t think I said they couldn’t communicate with spirits. I said it’s not about death in particular, which seemed to be what you were implying when RyanL says he’s drawn to death and a bit to healing, and you said out of ‘I just think you are bring called to be a hedge warlock/witch. It involves knowledge of spirit communication and healing.’
There’s more spirits out there that are not dead, than dead. RylanL is drawn to death energy… so why hedgewitchery?

My point was a lot of types of magic and currents include communicating with the dead and healing.
He could be being drawn to druidry, or voudun, or anything, there’s no way to tell at this point.

(I have no idea what a green witch is, sounds like a herbalist. )

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The hedgewitch is focused on communicating with the spirits of the dead. But they do not use them for magic, unless they practise more types of it.
It could be a calling to a lot of other paths, but I thought that he may benefit from the path of the hedgewitch because I am one myself, that have studied necromancy, because I felt that just communicating with the dead was not enough.
Anyway in the end it doesn’t even matter! Like the song. Labels are just labels. Everyone can learn a bit of this and a bit of that, and it is just fine.

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Oh, I see your difficulty.

This not correct. Where did you even hear that? A hedgewitch is just a witch, there isn’t a specific definition but solitary wiccans, shamans, solitary druids and the like have all been called hedgewitches. There is definitely no focus on the dead per se.

I Id as a hedgewitch, my sister was a hedgewitch. She follows goddess pagan traditions and I’m shamanistic.
Of course we can talk to dead people, it’s not a focus though.

Here, try this:

The blockages inside the skull. The heart wants to release them. Stop identifiying with brains. Go Breath to sort them out.

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I recommend working with death gods if you are being drawn to death. Healing is part of it so perhaps a death god with a connection to healing.

I can think of plenty of gods of death but none that can heal as well.

Many of them actually have aspects of healing, in fact most of them have. People just consentrate on the death part more. nothing wrong with consentrarting on the aspect of death but they have more than that. Morrigan for example does govern death but she does have an undertone of of sexuality and healing. Many more examples exist.

Well I am a hedge witch as well, my mom was, and her mom also was one as well, all of us with pagan roots. I just guess then that everyone has got their own view of it. And that maybe it has to do with the country each one is from.

What about Anubis?

Anubis has a great nursing component for the palliative people, and the dead people, before they were going to be judged by the Maat. Also his daughter Kebechet was quite focused on nursing. But if you want to go to proper healing, not nursing itself, you can call Nephtys (anubis’ mom) or isis. Both have somehow relation to death.

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