Drawings of dreams and meditations

So in my practice, I have found that during meditation i have very visual clairvoyances, I sketch them down as soon as i can, as i honestly live in my own world of art, magick, and relationships with those around me. Since ive taken up a more serious approach to my magick, ive been doing planetary rituals and understanding the 21 major arcana as a 3fold path to the mastery of my own soul starting as myself and taking a self initiatory steps as (0) the fool. I have found that planetary magick does work very well, but so do various gods for assistance and insight. Anyway I think Iā€™m rambling, but i wanted to share this pictorial journey with you guys that are interested, I draw these after meditations, dreams, rituals, and scryings. I am not asking for interpretations (thats for me to figure out haha) but for those who see them to enjoy the working process of another.


Oh gosh , that symbol on the seventh picture looks like a sigil I made a while back, that was associated with death cursing. This is pretty weird.

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Interesting, it kinda just appeared in what id call astral smoke pillar with many of them on there. I think it was a night when i had focused on a Saturn ritual. Id have to double check. I wrote my notes quickly in cursive.

Follow up answer to @Mystic-Void i was working with making contact with lunar energies. Although earlier in the day i had been reading through some conspiracy stuff about sacrificial death cults.

Ohhhhh interesting :smiley:
No wonder it manifested to both of us.
Synchronicity :relieved:

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A black lion roars three times, commanding respect but hes not threatening, more so welcoming one into his pride. Hes on the holy mountain, high above, yet approachable. His head rotates 3 times, making sure his voice is heard by all to learn his teachings

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