Doubts about Goetia


I have doubts about Goetia. Can the circle of Solomon be brought down to 6 feet in diameter?. Is 3x3x3 feet the triangle measurements?. What is the natural order to invocate the demons?, I mean which one is the best to start.


There are Kings, Princes, Counts, Marquises, Dukes and one Powerful Knight. Normally you start with the Kings to channel it


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Not everyone has that much space to work with so your questions a good one. Some work with the Goetia with no circle, triangles whatsoever…Can’t tell u who the first to work with should be. What do u want?

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Really by all means i wouldn’t evoke, summon any by the solomon way. He was not very nice nor they are not gnna like it that much from what i have read about doing it that way is really a sign of disrespect. Solomon controlled them, they are not here to be controlled and told what to do. Not saying thats what you have in mind, but if you simply ask one a question or ask them to help you out in a situation they will kindly do it. If you build a relationship with one or many there really is no price they will want to help you out on your lifes journey. If you have something in mind and you dont have a relationship with any one or many you choose from you guys will come to an agreement. Its not much different then asking a human, i think and feel and this is totally my opinion is that they are much better to work with and love then any human on earth. If you get close to them its a love that you will never find with anyone human but thats my opinion. Happy hunting, and have a fruitful journey. :first_quarter_moon_with_face::spider::last_quarter_moon_with_face:


Go ahead and make the circle smaller. Just make sure you can fit yourself in it.

You could technically wear a belt as a circle…or even just wear a ring. It’s a focus point anyway .

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Hi JIzz, thanks for reply.

Which book or text tell about work with demons without using the Solomon way?.

Hi JamoR72, I am interested to use the Solomon way but I have no space enough at home. For that reason I asked about made a smaller circle but with the 3 proportion.

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You can. As for books, I’d recommend the Grimmiorum Verum

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JamoR72 , Which books specify about the Solomon circles?.

Also I have the following questions about Goetia:

What do you need (tools and garments)?.

Can you recommend me a on-line shop to acquire the items?.

What is the position of the circle and triangle (cardinal points)?.

Which book contains the invocations?.

What is the best “demon” to start to invocate?.

Please, take your time, no hurry.

Do not know of a book specifically about the circle. Just that Grimmorun Verum goes over the Goetic system…I don’t use any of those tools to work with the spirits. Best demon depends on what your looking for. The demon I first sought to work with was Lucifer…NONE of it was done using the methods of Solomon, although I was aware of the system. Are u looking to work with each of the 72 to aide ur work, or is there a real world desire?

It takes many years but I would like to gain knowledge of the 72 demons. This is why I chose Goetia or maybe Goetia chose me.

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@desolation_path You do not need a circle or a triangle. Though they do help as power foci. I do not personally use a circle. Nor would I recommend using God names or Angelic names to summon and bind the entities. I use a triangle but only as a point of focus. Three candles in a triangle, arrayed on my altar. Some lit incense, and the seal of the spirit drawn on parchment. A polite call to the spirit with a clear and focused mind is all you really need. The important mindset to embody is to know, IF YOU CALL, THE SPIRIT WILL ANSWER.

As far as spirits to start with, I don’t think anyone but you can make that decision. HOWEVER, The abilities of seership are paramount when dealing with spirits, and if you want to truly excel in the field of spirit work you will need to develop your spiritual senses. If you are intent on the goetia as your starting path, I would recommend VASSAGO, or SEERE as both of those spirits excel in helping their caller to develop seership, astral senses and the ability to astral project. And they are very good humored and easy to work with, and suffer newbies quite well.


Ah, so then it seems like u may wanna work with all of them.

What u would need are chants, conjurations, sigils, and the words for evoking each spirit…Some people get results just asking them or calling, but i haven’t found that to work. Candle is useful. Draw the triangle and circle with chalk, or something simple…chalk or charcoal. Most dont use a triangle or circle, but there are times when u may need them…I wouldn’t dismiss them, i dont recommend shelling out unecessary amounts of money for “Stuff”.

How to build the ritual structure is knowledge necessary as well…Some can just meditate and call the spirit…I can’t so I gotta do the theatrics…

@desolation_path Pick up a coy of the Demonolator’s Goetia by S. Connolly.

Demonolatry is a religious pracitce, and it does away with the circle and triangle of traditional Solomonic magick. It seems to be what you are looking for.


Well choose the demon, demoness, you wanna work with that site tells you most of the facts that you need, from there color, incense, candle color, ext. I always use one black, one red, one white candle then the candle color that represents them when i start a relationship with someone new. You need there Sigil, some people charge them i dont i use my blood on them right away. But thats me i do alot of research on a new elder before evoke them. You need there enn chant wich you can find on youtube. I also have a scrying mirror but its not necessary. Then i have an altar at wich i get the color of a bandanna that is of there own. I put out an offering wich is usually of a sweet fruit. Alot of people use wine or whiskey. Im a lil diffrent then most i do things in my own way and it works great. Just do some research before you choose one. They are truly amazing to work with and will do wonders in your life. Have fun and be careful stay with the Goetia Satan has control over them the other pantheons he does not. :first_quarter_moon_with_face::spider::last_quarter_moon_with_face:

Is that?:

Or that book?:

Many thanks to all!, you answered my doubts.

Anyway I have an attraction to work with the Solomon but adapted to my space at home. This is because the Ars Goetia is first mentioned in the Lemegeton, and I am interested to find the original source or purest of all.

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