Doubts about Goetia

The first one. It deals with the Goetia specifically, while the second is a basic treatise on demonolatry magick.


Vassago is lovely and extremely quick to respond. He is my go to when I lose things. And he does indeed have a very large humourous side LMAO. I don’t know know how many times i have found items i had lost and asked him to help me find stuck in places like my kids sock…right after i put the empty thing on her lol.


Yes this is an excellent book in my opinion too, have read a few of S. Connolly books.

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There’s also the 44 seal of king solomon if u dont’ want to use the goetia demons.

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wiseup, Can you explain briefly how to operate with the 44 seals?.

First one is copy he was talking about but both would be very good to have. She has some great work and easy to use workings.

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there’s a book on it. Magickal talisman of king solomon by baal kadmon. Then there is the 72 angels of magick book if u want angels instead of demons.

I don’;t know anything about solomon circle so i can’t help u there. lol. Never had to use solomon circle. The gom books don’t use the circle.



And what about:

The Pentagram engraved upon the front side, the Spirit’s Seal on the back.

And I have the following doubts:

1-In the page 57 of the book of Crowley in the AIR part the author mentioned:

(Make equilibrating Pentagram of Spirit Active).

Does it means that before make the preliminary invocation I should make the Pentagram or is during the invocation?. I imagine me in the circle of Solomon drawing a Pentagram.

2- Should I use the wand during the invocation?.

3-Can I use a printed notebook in the left hand to read the invocations?.

4-And the Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram?.