Dog for a magician

Hi everyone i know its a bit off topic but i want to adopt a dog as a companion for myself bcz im really lonely my question is which breed do you recommand im thinking about adopting a German Shepherd or Border Collie

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I’d suggest something cheaper to feed unless you’re rich. Collie. A small one.

Im a middle class but dog food is actually cheaper in here than other places i done my research and im pretty sure i can feed them

I that case, meet the dogs in person and go with the one you see the potential for getting on best with.

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Oh, I thought this was going to be related to spiritual stuff or something lol. Best way to find a companion is to go to a shelter and see which dog :dog2: catches your eye. Meet them, and you’ll know if that’s the dog you want to accept into your family.

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Thanks im going to work in sheltet in summer to learn how to interacte with dogs then i will adopt one

I agree that a dog should be chosen based on an opportunity because breeds require special care and nutrition, which can be quite expensive in the long run. However, if you can have a quality pet, then you should meet in person with breeders of breeds you like to find that dog that will make an emotional connection with you.

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