Dog acting weird

So it’s 6:30 am here in the uk sky is still dark and I heard the living room door open so I got up to investigate. My dog (chihuahua) is standing a distance away from the door looking at the living room and I’m nudging him to move and go back but he won’t move. He was doing that head movement thingy dogs do when they are trying to investigate something. Any ideas as to what it could be. He never does this.

I would do a general cleanse for the space but also do some investigation and take extra measures making sure your house is well protected from not just entities but also human intruders. Dogs can be quite sensitive to not just noise, but also entities having seen my own Rottweilers in the past acting funny and barking at “nothing”, then I know some chihuahuas that used to start waiting for their humans and barking inside of the home out of excitement when their humans would simply enter the street and be 100 meters away and out of sight, so I do believe they’re even more sensitive.

Also, this might be extreme but once upon a time I heard the door creek and I thought it was just my cat then I ended up being on gunpoint in my own bedroom by some junkie, so these things never sit well with me so I would take all possibilities into consideration and work accordingly when it comes to protection on all levels.


You were warned your extreme number of magick workings under an obsessive mindset could attract things. Things like parasites and lesser entities. And now you wonder why you have paranornal activity in your house?

Trust your dog it’s not freindly.

Banish and cleanse, and get your spiritual hygene in order, there’s a turorial collection for that.

It can get worse from here, prevention is easier than the cure. Fix your head and your energy and regain control.


After I posted this I went sleep and had a dream, and in that dream I was writing a petition out to cast another spell the door started banging and I started being chased by this entity and it was some horrible looking creature. I was running around the house to hide and it kept popping up and objects kept flying around…

Towards the end of the dream I went to write another petition and at this part the door slammed again. So I started talking to the spirit in my dream, and it was communicating with me through the door opening and closing.

I said “should I not cast this spell” the door opened and closed I take it as no”

I said “do you wanna harm me”, the door opened and closed. I took it as a yes.

And I asked it a few other questions and it was almost like I was having a direct conversation with this entity whatever it was.

Really spooky


This little gem just resurfaced that seems relevant here. Especially as it’s a dream, which is UPG, (unverified personal gnosis) you are new to this and were not in control and these things lie their faces off all the time. It’s interesting but kind of pointless trying to talk to them.
So, don’t take any of that as real until it’s verified some other way. Put it in the “that’s interesting” bucket and keep watching.


Parasites can do a lot more than just give you nightmares. Please look at the links provided so you aren’t making a follow up post months down the line asking for help because things have escalated to a very scary place.


Yea, better cleanse the sh out of your home and stop doing any work for now until this has all settled. Entities often communicate through dreams as that is the easiest way to reach people. not saying you have to have yourself lead by an entity, you need to retract and find a way to impose spiritual dominance, right now this doesn’t seem the case as they’re spooking you into lower energy.

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Yes that’s it their trying to spook me!
Shall I do a banishing and lay low with the magic for a while? I’ll read Ayat’s over salt water and spray my home. Also I hear burning dragons blood resin and fumigating the home is really good

That seems to be what everyone has been suggesting for the past few weeks, it was even suggested in the post right above yours.

Cleanse, banish and take a break.

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Some of you may laugh now but I was just thinking… if the target has a lot of protection from ancestors, guardian angels and so on…

Wouldn’t it make sense to cloak a spell and render it undetectable for a greater chance of it impacting the target?

This may be a ridiculous suggestion but is there any way to sneak past a persons defences. Bare in mind I’m not talking about magical protections as in the person practises the occult. I mean by passing external protections such as what I stated (ancestors) so on.

For example, zagan in the goetia can conceal things. That’s one of his abilities. So could he conceal a spell…

Yes, it it can be done. Guardians are not infallible, and can be tricked. However, cloaking the spell doesn’t necessarily mean it will be successful, or that no one can detect it. It all depends on their perceptive abilities.

The biggest thing with cloaking is, it generally works best if no one is actively searching. If someone has guardians or protectors who are actively on guard for incoming energies, being proactive rather than reactive, then more often than not, they will still sense the spell.

You’ve thrown so much at your target that, even if you were to try cloaking your next barrage, if she indeed has guardians, they would most likely be on high alert for anything else you might send their way.

However, i’m beginning to wonder if your target has any guardians at all because it is surprising they haven’t retaliated against you yet with the amount of stuff you’re hurling at her. It seems doubtful a protective detail would remain as passive as they have been, though it’s possible they don’t see anything you’re doing as a threat to warrant striking back :thinking:


I’ve had a few of nightmares of something in my home slamming doors and arguing with me. For example In this dream I was writing a petition to cast another spell on this girl and the door slammed and this entity whatever it was tried to stop me! what could this mean.

Also my dog was acting strangely the other night he didn’t wanna sleep in his room and was standing outside giving of this weird energy as if there was an intruder in there. I nudged him to go he hesitated and kept looking.

I did a cleansing and banishing yesterday and feel a shift so that’s good.

By attacks I’m not sure what you mean besides the nightmares I haven’t had any severe bad luck or anything of the sort besides that time things in my house broke after I summoned sargatanas.

Again I’ve been having really bad nightmares even before I started working with the lesser keys, or magick in general.

Your right in a way because I have done a fair bit of work on this person and I haven’t received any sort of back lack yet. But maybe your right perhaps they don’t perceive it as a threat who knows.

So if her guardians or ancestors are in fact searching for something, how can I subdue them and put them at ease.

This question is a duplicate of this post:

With this in mind I’m merging these topics.

@Jnomadik Please use existing topics for your ongoing saga.

He mentioned she prays and believes that nothing can affect her because she is protected. I suspect this is the same “muslim who prays” target from yet another thread.

He’s obsessed, having nightmares and paranormal activity in his house. I said a long time ago his target has him licked and she still does. It’s getting worse and it will continue to at this rate.

This is a probably a warning, or possibly insight into her protections.

@Jnomadik You have been acting very weird all along, I think you’re at risk of going mad from this obsession, getting really hurt or worse. You’re out of your depth. Your target is better than you.

After three months NOW you start getting images of her protective spirits, they may be losing patience.

I think, you need to stop, regroup, learn magick properly and understand your skills vs what’s going on. You don’t even know what can be done to you, or your dog and the people around you, if you keep this up.


Have you tried pleading your case to her Higher Self?

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Can you link me to this, I didn’t know this was possible. If so I’ll definitely give it a try. :slight_smile:

Yes it’s possible but I would tread lightly doing it. Seeing as how you’re obsessed, it’s possible for you to become obsessed with contacting her higher self when things aren’t moving fast enough. It would be in your best interest to do a forum search and do some good research on this before contacting higher selves all willy nilly.


@Jnomadik Remember that her higher self is there for her not you. They will fuck you up beyond belief if you aren’t trying to better their incarnations’ life. You have mentioned multiple times that your will is stronger and therefore you can just “will” things into existence or “believe” things into existence. Ignoring the fact that you clearly have a very weak will right now, the individuals who actually can just will things into existence and override others’ will are incredibly powerful and you have probably never met one in your entire life.

You are wildly out of your depth my friend. You don’t appear to know very much at all even though you speak as though you are a master. Please humble yourself and recognize how little you know. I know nothing in comparison to how much some here know but even then I know leagues more than you. That isn’t to show off how cool I am. I’m trying to give you a peek into just how out of your depth you are. If you decide what I’m saying sounds plausible then please search the forum for basics of magic. Mulberry has an exquisite couple of topics that consolidate alot of basic posts that will have linked at the end of my reply.

Until you begin to change in some way this will be my last post. I will not Help you circumvent this issue. You need to work on this before anything else in my opinion.

Once you look at these tutorials and put at least some of them into action maybe then you can look at actually performing magic but right now you are at risk of hurting yourself if you do that. I wish you all the success in the world but it starts with you.

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I have, my great nann lol. She passed away 2 months ago. People used to come to her with problems and she literally used to just blow on a candle and that desire would come about. She didn’t even need materials for rituals she was born with that ability.

And i know I don’t just dive head first in to things. It took me two years before I even decided to work with demons and dantalion came through for me in 3 days flat. I know of their power and abilities and I know that war goes on in the spiritual realm that we cannot see, I know it’s very real.

Im not diving head first. Im gonna stay away from magic for a while and work on protections and cleansing myself. But I appreciate your advice.