Does Yahweh Steal Souls?

Yea I completely understand.
For me it’s like I want to take a highlighter and post it notes and just mark up everything.
My thoughts. Concerns. One colour are things I agree with another is things I don’t.
And see how it all comes together afterwards.
Cause something is pulling me to the book, like someone wants me to find out something that’s in there.
I will try and have a clear head and just allow it to speak to me in a sense.

I’m not really religious anymore, not with Yahweh anyways but I do think there are some valuable things in there and something that I need to learn from it.
And def need to look at in in a older more historic perspective, the meaning behind the text so to speak.
When I read books such as this or the key of Solomon. I treat it as a textbook almost. I write my own notes and descriptions. It’s a very meditative thing for me to do (writing notes) so I’ll try and maintain that.

Currently I’m just scratching the surface, but I do plan to go deep and learn as much as I can. My biggest message from my guides is to meditate and to read. I’ve just been procrastinating too hard

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It sounds like you are in the exact position I am, lol. Can I PM you? I have already done some work on this front and am just realizing the depth is infinite.

Yea sure! Message me whenever :slight_smile:

Will do. :grinning:

Yahweh shouldn’t be an issue anymore…

And this?

I’m more confused now

Do we really have a choice? I’m here for be free, to become a “God”
If my soul doesnt belong me even without know it, it’s a big problem
And sell our free will goes against the meaning of left hand path

Your soul always belongs to you, the concept of selling your soul is actually a very real conscious thing you can choose to do, it’s pretty much literal and figurative as it’s pretty much selling yourself really.

It’s honestly nothing to worry about since you can simply choose not to do it, does it happen? yes, do you have a choice in the matter? yes. If a person knows they’ll never do it then it’s a subject that doesn’t matter to them. If a person who at some point feels they’d do it to a entity they trust.


Try reading this short book: The Kybalion PDF, archived link (we don’t trade PDFs on here as a general rule but this one is okay, the text is out of copyright and the edition was given for download from the site that created it).

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I’m very grateful with your answers
That’s very useful and infomative
I didnt undertand it the first time :neutral_face: thank you

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I don’t think it’s always conscious, people sign contracts and do things they are not ready for, or do not agree with.

When I was in second grade my mom put me and my sister in after school church club. She actually hated church as a child and always talks about how awful it is.
She did it because she couldn’t afford a baby sitter, or maybe she thought we would be good and comply.

Anyways, the uh pastor or whatever basically asked the whole group who had given their soul to Jesus for salvation, me my sister and one other kids were the only ones who did not.
She then asked us if we wanted to save our souls today and be accepted by Jesus for salvation. Be bathed in his eternal love etc etc.

I actually was against the idea, I suppose I had a choice, but with all those beaty eyes looking at me and being told it was the right thing to do I buckled.
Lmao. I remember she showed us some book with colors and she asked me what it meant relating to go…I basically said “Jesus likes colors I guess”.

Then she asked to do the prayer and asked why I wanted to go to heaven.
I said: “Well I don’t wanna get in trouble”.
Apparently that was the wrong reason… :thinking:

The memory didn’t come back until I got into this path. I was so paranoid about accidentally giving away or corrupting my soul without permission.

One time when I evoked Azazel I was shown a huge scheme. I saw how everything that had happened, had to happen to lead to that point.
I remember looking at Azazel in a sort of oversoul way.
To human me it was the past when I set up earth (we experience time linear most of the time but in that moment it was all fluid), during the evocation it was simultaneous.
Like I saw how all my choices before I was alive and each led to the moment of realization.

Azazel and me joke, thank God for church! :rofl:
I’m sure we would have connected if I was not Christian but I get it now. I saw the flaws of what I had been fed and chose to broke away.
What makes me an adversary is the choice.

What makes them sheep (in my opinion) is partially their choice. They are more concerned with following the masses and not questioning.
At the same time I understand how it can happen.

Ultimately soul pacts should be thought out, and I do not agree with dedication of a soul to anyone but oneself. Self deification.

Not sure about Yahweh but yes it does happen and I’ve seen it close up.

One night about two years ago I was on my bed but not asleep, and Shaitan came into my room. He manifested himself as a black mass dressed as a business man sitting on a suitcase drinking a glass of wine in his right hand with his left hand stretched out towards the window which he was facing and just sitting on the inside of. He had one foot on the soul of a woman that he was sexually assaulting ie forcing her to give him a blowjob. He arrived with a number of other entities / spirits / demons etc and it was them that were doing the talking.
They went on to explain that Shaitan was particularly fond of child sacrifice (murder) and that he liked sitting by the windows as it enabled him to catch the souls of babies that had just been sacrificed / murdered and then eat them. They also told me he was the one that had eaten the soul of my son who had died after being alive for only 5 minutes.
This pissed me off a lot so I got off my bed said “fuck you ct" took off my shirt and walked into him. He then started turning white and slowly diminishing in size, as this was happening a number of souls started coming out of his body. (I’ve seen hundeds of souls in my lifetime its just one of the things I see), they are full human being in size, or lets say the size you are when you die and almost transparent but fully human form. The souls mostly coming out of Shaitan were child size. Once he had completely turned white and then the white had disappeared the souls stayed with me for about 2 hours. They spoke in a variety of languages including spanish, german and english, after that they left of their own accord to where I do not know.
The following night Shaitan returned returned, set up position next to the window again and once more I got really angry. This time I said "fuck you and die c
t” walked over to him, tried punching him, my hand went through the black mass that was him and then I walked through him, once more he started turning completely white and seemingly dissolving, I’ve never seen him again since.
When listening to a demonologist about this incident she had told me that Archangel Michael had told her whilst travelling in the astral realm that this is indeed what some devils do, they literally put the souls inside their bodies and feed off them till nothing remains. Apparently the point of showing up dressed as a business man with a suitcase (according to Archangel Michael) is a way of convincing someone to sell their soul / give their soul to him / them. No such offer was made to me and although I have no knowledge of whether Yahweh behaves or ever has done in the same way, yes this does happen. Be careful all.

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Lucifuge rofacle

Reading the ceremonial magick by waite
Or the grand Grimoire dark lodge version

It is clearly shown how to make a pact with lucifuge

Feels good reading that
Really feels like theatrical when tormenting using terrible words of clavicle

This thing is really disturbing
Cant they be tormented with terrible names of god?


Shaitan is also known as satan