Does Use Of Pornography Harm One's Magick?

Extreme sleep deprivation also damages the brain and can even kill you, yet it is used to induce insanely potent spiritual experiences and is used in magick. For pornography, even if you feel a negative emotion, those negative feelings can also be used in magick. Everything can be a tool for the magician.
But the brain is incomprehensibly complex and everyone has a different reaction to different things. For some, indulging in pornography can increase their feeling of Life Force. For me, I find at times it numbs the feeling of Life, but at other times it increases the feeling of Life exponentially.

And on the topic of ‘addiction’, if you feel addicted to pornography and you try to break that, then the vast energy you generate through your resistance can have powerful applications in magick as well.
For some, watching pornography is resistance, and is rebellion. That alone can be powerful.

But everything also depends on what form the pornography is in. I know some use Playboy magazines as offerings to certain Love, Lust, and Beauty deities, which can be a good offering depending on what it means to you.


A mage once reported Asmodeus as telling him adult entertainment is just fine as long as it doesn’t interfere w/ one’s life, etc. Many mages (incl. mages here, on BALG) have actually left the Catholic Church (or some other Church—any religion) because of precisely the restrictions and penalties imposed on sexuality, adult entertainment esp. They now want the freedom to indulge in it as they please, and as you’ve mentioned, it is sometimes a rebellious act for them.

Adult entertainment is not such a new scene; it actually started long ago, as far back as Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome and Ancient India, w/ public sculptural or painted displays of lovemaking, orgies, nude Gods and Goddesses and so on. It then, w/ the video and printed media, took it’s actual form in the twentieth century, but modern pornography started as early as the sixteenth century. Therefore, adult material consumers of today are only replicating an age-old behaviour ingrained in their DNA.

Here is a very detailed and informative paper:

Just a few excerpts:

“It did not take long for stag films/blue movies (primitive pornographic films) to emerge. According to The Mirror (2007), a French film titled Le Coucher De La Marie (1896) was the first pornographic film; it displayed a couple having sex and a female striptease. Stag films were a major leap forward for modern pornography; audiences could voyeuristically watch real people engaging in real sex acts as if they were physically present at the scene.”

“Stag films were smuggled into towns by travelling salesmen for bachelor parties, military events, college fraternities and other exclusively male “smoker” events. It was also common to find them in brothels where they were employed for arousal purposes to generate business. After World War II, large numbers of people made their own stag films using 8mm film.”

“Pornography is now the most popular Internet destination for American men aged eighteen to thirty four. It is 50 percent more popular than music sites or eBay and four times more popular than travel services such as hotel and airline reservations (Lehman, 2006).”

As you can see, this vice is nothing new, and our ancestors were not always so virtuous! And it appears adult entertainment is now more popular than ever thanks to platforms such as OnlyFans, JustFor.Fans, Chaturbate, CamSoda and so on that allow just about anybody to broadcast their exploits to the world wide web instantly!

Ever since this COVID-19 situation, more and more youngsters (they’re all over Twitter) have been joining those platforms to make money (since many were let go of a job, forced to stay home, etc.). And curiously, in spite of all social distancing rules, production of such movies (home or studio, w/ two or more partners) does not seem to have stalled. Some celebrities have now joined the trend, and rapper Tyga has amassed over $7.9 million last year on OnlyFans (he films w/ many women on a boat, in a pool, etc.).

How moral or immoral all that is, to me, depends on consent and responsibility (such STD screening, HIV-prevention Truvada pills and birth control). As for the effect on one’s magick? It can be used as a tool in lust workings. I know mages who indulge in such entertainment, and their magick is not impaired. It would only be a problem if it interfered w/ the magician’s focus during their daily practice and rituals, took too much of their energy and attention.

Having said all that, I am aware of the dark side of the adult industry… And yeah, such entertainment is not intended for minors. But you’ll notice how some songs/music videos viewed by minors are getting more and more hardcore in content. :thinking: