Does reading Tarot drain you of energy through a black tunnel over your head?

It is my understanding that tarot readings creates energy links that can suck you dry of your energy. Many of those readers aren’t aware they are doing it. A black tunnel of light can be created over great distances.

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Why is that? Have you experienced this yourself? Where does this black tunnel go and why,how does it get created?

I’ve been using Tarot for 30 years, and as an energy worker I haven’t noticed any kind of drain on reading, no black tunnul.

I get tired reading the Quariea Deck, which is not Tarot, but the reason for this is because it’s causing spiritual development as I use it, I’m learning a lot and have much to think about for myself as well as who I’m reading for. Doing inner work and having magick channel through you can be tiring, yes. As you get stronger that stops being a problem.

Actually this is off topic so I’ll move this to it’s own thread and it’s very interesting.


Well it is like his, a link is created between the two people involved in the reading. When a person is just talking to another, it is like a contract to share some of our attention and energy. If the person is toxic or ‘‘compromised’’ , it will affect the person who is given the reading. Especially if the person is in a vulnerable state and dependant on the answer he/she is waiting. if the reader has an unclean astral energy or aura, the tarot in itself creates a mantra and i.e. a tunnel where the energy can be transfered. Yes I have witnessed this at times. It is like a amulet or pendulum, if a spirit is attached to it, it can fake a result or manipulate the reader and the other party involved. The tunnel I was reffering to is a black link of energy that goes between both navels of both persons. Drains can also be super covert or silent and hard to detect. The tunnel gets stronger if the person who had the reading is putting all it’s faith in it. Some bohemian stories speaks about that and they kept saying that tarots can be used as a weapon. Of course, multiple factors exists here. I said it is in the realm of possibilities, not always the case. Sensitive people and empaths are more at risks. Also, some cards are designed having the intention of doing harm, so that is why we can’t explain if a certain deck we feel we don’t wanna use anymore. all is energy in the universe, including cards, drawings etc. even intentions during the reader.

That is ALWAYS the risk of seeking out spiritual counsel. The “counsellor” in question (no matter if its a tarot reading or energetic scanning or a channeling of spirits, ancestors, etc) is given the sovereignty of interpretation for the questions at hand. If the seeker is in a vulnerable state they are automatically more at risk to blindly trust this interpretation and to be affected from the reading or service if the counsellor is up to no good or has a shitty way to deal with the trust that is forwarded to them.

As a card reader with a deep disdain for the sometimes necessary establishing of energetical links I can assure you that “draining” is NOT a standard procedure and that every reader is best advised to delete the established links asap, if they don’t want the qualities of their readings to be affected. A medical professional is sterilizing their tools and their hands after every contact to a patient as well, they do not wish to let a patients “residue” comprimise their own health and their work.


I would say this is where “know thyself” comes into play in a big way. This isn’t the fault of the cards, it’s the result of the way you do the work.

You do want to be able to keep clear who is who. As an empath that’s a thing I’ve had to learn the hard way and I still mess up when in person sometimes.

You have to know where you end and what you will allow in your field, and set up your spiritual hygiene to make sure either this doesn’t affect you, or if there’s an issue you have the tools to fix it.

Qigong healing is similar, you must love the person to do the best job, as using unconditional love is how healing energy flows the best. That means every person you heal will always be loved by you on some level for the rest of your life. That can open you up to crap, and qigong practitioners know this so part of the toolset is performing the work in a way that doesn’t mix unwanted energy into your qi body. (Short explanation: don’t breathe them in).

So, I would say, if this is an issue for you, you should be able to fix it with an adjustment on how to set your energy when you do the reading. I would focus more on the energy of love than protection. Higher vibrations null out the shitty stuff and take you into understanding and harmonisation rather than resisting and taking on imbalance.


We are all overlapping in our fields, all part of the collective unconscious. You can reach out to know others and trying is a good developmental exercise. But I agree, love them and then let them go their own way. You were there for a service, not for life, so it’s not rejecting them it’s respecting their autonomy too: the links can go both ways, it just depends who needs energy more. And there’s no reason for you to take on their energy to that extend. Boundaries are good too, keep the connection on topic, as it were :slight_smile:

  • I would focus more on the energy of love than protection

I agree 100%.

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I get tired sometimes from reading for many people, but it’s not like the energy is siphoned off of me, or into a black hole or anything like you describe, it’s like running a race and my legs are sore after kinda tired.

It’s more like I’m expending the energy. I don’t just read the tarot, I connect with the essence of the question from the individual to actually get energetic impressions and insight as well.

Sometimes there is a spirit involved because the Individual is asking about their relationship or some similar spirit related question.

I don’t actually connect myself to any of it, I access the connections of the question and the person and read how they flow together with the cards drawn and I don’t really know how to put that better into words.

Then I interpret all of that information from feelings and symbols into words, that’s the hardest part imop but it alone doesn’t make me tired. In fact it’s usually only when I’m doing readings for multiple people that I feel tired or like I expended energy.

I’d be real concerned if it seemed like something was siphoning off me while reading, and I’d take action to stop that, it doesn’t sound healthy or normal to me. I can’t recall anyone every making mention that it seemed like their energy was being sucked into a hole above them while reading.

It does make sense that something might notice you while your reading though and try to take advantage of it, so spiritual hygiene is where I would start with eliminating it.


If your tired maybe it is because there was some kind of ‘‘Drain’’ (or legs tired) often enough we think it’s this reason or that, but in actuality, when our energy sinks, (rather than to elevate) some kind of parasitic energy or presence was involved. Can’t say if it is your case but if it were, a simple energy revamp/cleanse is easy to do and takes 5 minutes. Often enough, awareness is key. energy is very fast to do it’s work, sometimes it happens even before any sessions started. I have lived events like that all my life. Hope this helps.


No, I have not had any such energy drain. I might ask if you are saying protection over the reading and enforcing boundaries?

Certain readings, such as seekers asking about contracts, can be especially problematic. As a general rule, while I will do the reading as requested, I generally warn against readings of that nature.

As Above, So Below

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Any kind of boundaries and protection requires practice, we must remember that every being in the universe as some level of psychic power and brain capacities that can seek also same objectives and protection or attack. Practice & Mistakes are mandatory.

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I find its more the transmutation of stored energy being converted and used during the readings by your spiritual senses. So i usually will have a sugary drink nearby for a top up lol. Also if your doing multiple readings it always good to eat afterwards. Its the same post ritual as the energy has been converted into spiritual energy to fuel the ritual working.

Very true, and I would not disagree with mistakes being part of that learning process. Yet, it is an increasing concern to me, of how very many readers do not set protections or maintain boundaries.

It is important to remember, when you fail to close a door, or protect yourself, lower energies will-not if-walk through.

Be careful out there.


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Yep, but for me, too many hostile people here so I leave this forum for good. Gbye all.

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