Does Belial always test who evoke him?

Interesting hey. I spend a not insignificant amount of time consorting with demons and never really think about their origins. Kinda like how I drive my car every day but have never thought about the history of combustion engines :eyes:


That’s a good way of putting it really lmao, it wasn’t much a thing for me until I started dipping into my own origins to where it led me into origins of certain entities which ultimately led to my own lol, which wasn’t mandatory just at the time I took the long way of understanding instead of a direct approach lol.

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You’re definitely right but i just got worried i might be getting myself into aomething im not ready for yet
But eitherway i really need his help and im willing to do anything to get this solved so I’ll clear my mind and only go with the expectation that this will be solved like you said
Thank you

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I did read something similar to this on another forum post yeah he seems to be very insistent on blood, which i dont mind giving although im very terrified of blood in general or drawing blood but I’ll figure out a way to do it if he asks for ir
Thanks for telling me your experience

I think that seems to be the case since most people who got harshly tested were in a way asking to become stronger or more versed in magic so it’d only be natural for him to test them

I will be honest, not being spiritual can definitely hold a person back in terms of achieving certain things. If he doesn’t believe in a way that it could manifest for him, then it just isn’t going to happen. (and yeah, sometimes even stupid beliefs like “science” will work for this, as long as the person believes things like “science can discover new stuff.”

I’ve had a few tests from Belial, mostly when I just started working with him to see if he would even show up.

Update for whoever cares

I evoked King Belial just a few hours ago it surprisingly felt very calming and i wasnt worried or scared at all unlike what i thought

Im not very good at communicating or visualizing still but i could see 2 glowing eyes looking at me from the corner of my eye while gazing at the sigil
But i didnt get any strong thoughts or way of communicating during the evoking

I gave him my petition with respect and talked to him for a couple of minutes then thanked him and told him he may leave when he likes
I didnt give offerings (should i have?) But promised offerings when my request comes true

I can very faintly still feel his presence in the same place i saw the eyes in but thats about it

i also used this
Seal of Manifestation
To help me feel less worried about imposters/parasites

Will update if anything- happens my request still has atleast a month or two before i could see its results


In the book ¨Demons of Magick¨ the author recommended that reader should not. Make a promise of given a offering when the demon fulfills the request, rather the reader should give a offer because he/she is able to do so. The intention should be placed on providing a gift instead of a reward. Furthermore initially the offering should be imagined when he/she is in contact with the demon. Once the demon has fulfilled the request, the gift can be given to the demon.

Oh i never knew that i should read more then

I read something similar on the forum and assumed that i have to promise my offering after my request comes true but i have to let them know first just to be clear

Should i redo my petition then? Or what can i do

I dont see a reason why you need to redo your petition. Also it is not stickily necessary to give a offering in the first place. My previous comment was towards your statement about giving a offering as a reward.

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You did a great job :+1:
I mean, the fact that you managed to overcome your doubts and fears is already a great achievement itself.

I wouldn’t be so worried about the small details of the ritual. It’s okay to modify any ritual to your liking. You don’t have to redo it. If you are not sure that Belial has accepted, you can pull a card or use any other method of divination.

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Thanks a lot i feel good about it too

Yeah i might try that just to make sure
I normally ask for a specific sign or dreams but i didnt feel like it was a good idea while i was doing the evocation… maybe next time id have mustered more courage lol

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Belial tested me…big time. In the moment and a little afterwards I was cursing him and regretted getting into the LHP lifestyle in general, I thought summoning demons was a mistake and my life was forsure toast.
A few months later and I called Belial to mend the situation he caused as well as help me pass a few drugs test after some rebellious teenager things.
He delivered and I got away scott free, the only thing left was the mental scar and anguish he had out me through as a result of making such a huge demand on my first encounter with the gatekeeper.

Something about Belial is terrifying yet charming, he made me a better person, ruined my life only to show me how much better I could become. He forced me to abandon my addictions and overall turned me into a badass, I’ve reached levels of discipline I never knew imaginable and my magick became so much more powerful.

I’m doing meta-link with him for further growth and manifestation.

Even if you’re scared I recommend you call him.


I wanted to share I had a very positive experience with evoking King Belial this morning. Contrary to some people’s experience of him I find him to be quite reasonable. I called him, presented him with gifts and welcomed him to my temple. We talked about the purpose of my calling and he agreed to assist me. In exchange I’m doing a painting as a tribute piece to him. Starting a strict meditation regimen each day. And keeping my partying and recreationals to weekend hours only. Very fair and reasonable.

This is a powerful spirit who can really change your life. I highly recommend working with him.


One of my first posts here was about Belial to be honest. At that time I was quite low in my life and when I asked him for help he came right away after the ritual. Like I used my phone as a black mirror and the literal second I was done with the ritual the phone rang. Of course he delivered what i asked for as well!

It was only recently that I started to call upon him on weekly/daily basis. I never got the feeling that he would try to intimidate me, to test me or to hurt me in any way. If anything he’s been very kind and sweet. Like when I call upon him and chant his enn I feel like thousand cold hands touch my body and I know he’s with me. It feels very sweet of him to do that to be honest.
When I feel too exhausted to perform a summoning he lets me go and doesn’t push it either. When I do have the energy to go through with it he gives shows me how to perform rituals I need to get what I want. Overall my experience with him has been very positive and I hope he will deliver me what I asked for this year. In turn I promised to tell others of what he did for me and buy a necklace with his sigil and carry it on daily basis.

However, I must say that I wonder about something. After my first summoning I went through rather hellish years of my life, despite him helping me remove but one obstacle. My life took a better turn like 3 years ago when I asked Bune for help but before that happened I stress, depression and suicidal thoughts were part of my daily life. Things did improve, even though it felt like I merely changed one suffering for another. Perhaps Belial never left after my first summoning and this was his trial?

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He sounds less strict than what i imagined

In my experience after i petitoned him i was very good for a day or two then i went to the worst depression ive felt this year for a couple of days… and honestly i feel like that low i felt pushed me to stop lusting for the results of other petitions i have with other demons which may have been slowing down my progress

So all in all i think it’s a tough love kind of situation… he pushes you to your lowest so you’d reach your goal faster

As for my petition with him i wont be able to see its results for a month or two from now

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He did not test me and he helped with my court case.

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Yes he does indeed “test” those who choose to work with him. I would have to say that King Belial is not for a beginner. None of the kings are. Belial in my exp will know immediately what your weaknesses are, and he may very well play on that weakness, whether it is fear, or anything else. He is very picky about his altar set up, wants it just so, offerings, same. Like someone said, showing the kings humility and respect can help you tremendously with them. I will also add, that if Belial agrees to assist you, you must follow what he says to do to a T. My first invocation with him was quite unpleasant, but this has changed with time. None of them trust humans, and belial in particular is very big on keeping ones word. Otherwise, as far as results go, he’s one of the best. Good luck.


Well I just got tested…

I made an agreement with king Belial to paint him an awesome picture.

This was a paint by numbers I ordered to commemorate his grand status.

When it arrived it was not a paint by numbers per se it’s a dot by numbers. There are thousands of little multicolored dots that I have to attach to this adhesive matrix to form the actual picture.

I don’t know how to do this shit…

But…looks like I’m gonna learn fast.

This is definitely a curve ball and I think it’s designed to build Will power and test my resolve. This is his M.O. totally.

Well nothing like getting out of your comfort zone and doing something new.

Just thought I’d add this update.


Lol, yes it certainly is his m.o., but it’s smart to get out of your comfort zone

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