Does anyone know how I could learn to communicate with entities

I am interested in learning to speak with entities. I have experience with scrying and tons of invocations(and some evocations), but I’d like to invoke spirits and talk now


Zen meditation, and purification of your energetic network. Learn what is you and what is not you, know yourself inside and out, what originates from you and what does not. In short, observe the observer.


Couldn’t agree more.

There are no shortcuts and it will take time to see results if you are serious and not into the whole larping business.

I’m fine with that :slight_smile: I have experience with seeing them and I guess I’ll try to astral project and evoke soon to see what would happen

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There is plenty of information about evocation/invocation and -generally- everything in this forum ,so please use the search function first. Your question has been answered.


Hi @noo, as reuqested please make your very next post an intro, info on that here. :+1:

What happened during the invocations and evocations you did so far, if you didn’t communicate? Just asking to try and get a clear picture of where you’re at (but, please, intro before replying :+1:).

Work on your clairs. sight,hearing, etc they can hear you speak regardless it’s you who needs to work on hearing them.

However, you can also go the divination or pendulum route.

I thought through evocation that’s how you communicate with entities anyway? Or am I wrong?

That’s one way.

How I learned was by having a notebook and pencil with me during the ritual. When I reached the point when the spirit was with me (after the preliminary processes like banishing, pathworkings, words of power, calling to the spirit), I would then write down whatever thoughts came to mind.

Typically, there would first be a paragraph or more of sentences that came quickly, which I would write down. With angels this was usually all that would come through, while with demons I would ask a few questions during the evocation, which were usually each answered to some degree or another.

As you begin this practice, it is important that you not worry about whether or not you’re doing it right, or whether what you’re writing down is from the spirit or from your own mind. In time, you will be able to tell which is which, but the most difficult thing in the beginning is getting out of your own way and allowing the messages to come through. Just go with the flow and ignore any doubts or silly feelings.

Nowadays, I tend to converse with the spirits within my mind, sometimes mouthing or quietly saying the words that they speak. This works because I can bring enough concentration and awareness to the ritual so that I am not distracted by random mind-noise. The words, feelings, and images that arise have a certain distinct quality to them, which you will learn to recognize. I recommend that you start with the writing technique first, but this is something that you can try out as you become more comfortable with communication.

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I wrote an intro shortly after posting this thread, also I am able to see them, but problems with me arise(sometimes I freak out a bit).

Yah I kinda understand that, I write invocations by connecting with the entity, so I have a bit of experience there

I’m also in the same situation! I don’t really want to see them (the desire isn’t there) but would love to hear and make use of their wisdom and advice! Results still show up , but after a point you need more than just an ask and receive relationship:)

I’m considering practicing twice a week for hearing and conversing with spirits, and twice a week for astral projection. I have a lot of rituals that I do daily