Does anyone here work with Astarte?

If you do can you PM me? I’m genuinely confused about one thing that was popping up to me as I was working with her, and having an another looking at the situation it would be very helpful😙

@Harith is the only one I know that has worked extensively with her as there was another but they are gone.

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Could you pm me? I’ve been with a dilemma for a long time now

Another looking at the situation when it involves her is always a good idea.

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That isn’t accurate at all regarding her, I have no clue where you got that information from. The only ties she has to the Infernal are her associations with Astaroth which I would consider to be a small fragment of her being if at all.

What thing are you confused about @Ahad? I can’t message you so the only way I can help is through this thread. c:


I question that. The Greek pantheon isn’t all that well represented, at least on here. Maybe you’re thinking Asteroth? Also, wtf is a “Dark adept™”? :joy_cat:

I’m with Harith on this one.
Astarte is a Greek deity, the Hellenistic version of Ishtar, goddess of love and war.
In the Greek pantheon I Hades (aka Pluto) is the god of the underworld, also called Hades, and it’s very dark there.
The “Lake of Fire” appears in Egyptian mythology and was taken up by Christians, to devolve into the Judeo-Islamic-Christian (JCI) construct called “hell”. Not really related.

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@RitualArmour, @Harith his PMs are open if you feel like PMing.

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Asherah greek counterpart was thought to be Rhea not Astarte, and Asherah was the consort of Anu in prominent lore which is in that lore Ishtar’s father not lover.

That is just not correct. Dude, look it up.

As I said, she is a goddess of love and war, not the underworld, not death, and there was already another god (Hades) with a wife (Persephone) that provided this role in her pantheon, so why would she be inserted into that?

If you can provide a link that explains this I’ll consider your position, otherwise it sounds like you’re just ignoring history.

Further info, is that Astarte goes back to Ishtar, who goes back to Sumerian Inanna.
Now Inanna’s sister was Ereshkigal, who’s title-name means 'Queen of the Underworld"

They fought, and Inanna was captured and had help to escape the underworld, far from ruling it.
I work with Ereshkigal, and confusing her with her sister is just weird.
Nergal was the North Sumerian version and more related to Hades as a male underworld deity.


As someone who worked closely with Ereshkigal, I agree. Those two are like polar opposites.


Well, what makes this all the more ironic is that one of Ishtar/Astarte’s epithets is “Queen of Heaven”.

Like people have stated here, she descended into the underworld in hopes of bringing back her beloved, but her sister decided to trick her which left her trapped in the underworld.

However, Anu was aware of what happened and sent spirits to help her ascend back to heaven which ended up being a success (she was unable to do so on her own because while descending to each gate she had to strip herself of things that gave her power).

Astarte as well as Ishtar presided over fertility, sex, love, war, as well as heaven (due to her strong associations with Venus). She also was considered to be a protector of prostitutes.

Ishtar descending to Irkalla is significant in her mythology, but in these myths she was a prisoner and didn’t play a significant role in the functionality of the realm itself.


Yeah, that’s true, as during her pathwork you literally goes to Ereshkigal’s realm to see the funeral of her husband. And you quite literally get burned by her gaze, and have to strip yourself of all your magikal items during the travel through the gates. It’s quite a intense thing to say the least

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Ereshkigal.This name has has been calling me of late

Check the profile and avatar. Mine literally says I’m female, and my avatar is female, it’s not rocket science.