Does anyone hate this world?

Is it just too much to stand?

Is it your last life here and you’re just trying to
Get out?

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Less hatred for the world, more hatred for the people here


I’ve been working with Anti-Cosmic entities myself, to liberate the people from this dead shell of a world.


I like the world, I like the people in it, but this is my last life, I have no intention of coming back, mainly because I have other things to do, but I’m in no hurry to get out or anything.


Couldn’t have said it better myself. Some people can be dicks.


Personally I do not hate this world or this life in general or am bored by… There are so many things I would love to learn, to explore and to understand. Also there are many interesting, strong, wonderful ppl. I do not hate humanity; single individuals, sure, because they are capable to do - and in fact they do - disgusting things and I dont want them in my life. But I have definitely not eaten enough from the Tree of Knowledge, still hungry and curious, yes. :nerd_face:


I don’t hate the world as such …people I dislike their behaviour at times…but for me I was told this was my last life time, I am on the path I need to be on right now and that maintains my focus…and knowing I don’t have to do it again…

So I will ride this rollercoaster of life make the most of it by gaining as much knowledge as possible…


I don’t necessarily hate it. Do I feel there are things wrong with it? Oh hell yeah! But life goes on. At the end of this life I’m going to be given a choice to go ‘round the zodiac wheel again but… from what I’ve seen from this world in this particular reality, I’m probably not going to. At least not here.


I’d like to stay here as long as possible. I’m just too curious about how some things will turn out in history. I wanna be able to say “Ha! I knew it, I told you 100 years ago!”


Well this world is beautiful but the problem is that there are a lot of nasty evil and perverse people who have made this place a nasty hole I cough on humanity

I like this world, but I’m not in the normal cycle. I’m born more randomly, to live life and small missions (which are normally implanted ideas of what I want to do but if I go off track something let’s me know).

Pretty much the way I feel too.

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Well I know it’s not my last rodeo on this world. I have the impression that it’s only my second or third and before that I was not on earth. There are still lots of interesting things to see and learn. It’s awful sometimes but I think dealing with it teaches you a lot.

My “last” life was my last, this is an extra. I hate this place, but that’s exactly why I’m here - there’s a chance to change it for the better and I’ll be mighty pissed off with myself if I wimp out now.


Now that’s something I like to hear. I hear too many complaints about the world or the people in it, but no willingness to make a change. Of course you won’t change human nature, and I’m not talking about creating a utopia. But sitting in front of the computer, whining about the state of the world and doing nothing about it just doesn’t get into my head.
Be the change you want to see. Even if that only means to do your best in your own private life.


We have the spirit world after death. Who cares about this planet? I wish people would stop incarnating here altogether.

No offense but to be fair you don’t really know anything about the “spirit world” the same issues that happen here happen there. You just might have this overly fantasy idea of what the spirit world is like. It’s no different from here besides there being more access to energy. There’s still suffering, happiness, anger, fear, forms of caste systems and so forth.


Why? If you don’t care, just don’t come back to the world and let everyone else do what they want.


Yes, but you don’t have to worry about most of the things humans have to worry about

I do care about them. that is why I think they shouldn’t come back