Does anyone hate this world?

Doesn’t make sense to me. You think this planet is all misery and pain and the spirit world is just butterflies with no worries?
I had a reason to come back and I don’t regret it.


Never said that, but in spirit world you are not obligated to use the bathroom.

Yes you do, humans worry about living to see another day, some humans worry about how theyre going to support their family, etc…So do a handful of other entities…and I’ll tell you right now, you’re most likely in no way, shape, or form one of the entities whose living in the lap of luxury like beings like Lucifer, the Goetia, etc.


How does that work if they are in a place where they can conjure objects?

I mean people are able to conjure objects in this reality, but it would be much easier in the astral plane.

I remember you saying that spirits regenerate.

Because theyre not in a place where you can just randomly conjure items, the world the entities come from isnt a mental-esque plane where they can manifest anything and everything. The “spirit” world is nothing but their physical plane that we just call the spirit world because it’s intangible to us.

Astral/mental plane isn’t the home of entities. The place where beings like Lucifer come from is his physical plane so there are still forms of laws of physics, may be less cut and dry as our own but this is what I mean by you not knowing the spiritual world, just knowing a fantasy idea of it. You thought if you were to not come back that you’d live a chill life? lol my dude, you’d probably live a horrible life if you go there with some blind sense of fantasy.


Are you serious?

You’re getting that wrong. You think being in the spirit world is like “Oh I need something, abrakadabra here it is!”

I was going to say the same like @anon48079295 but he explained it better.

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I dont recall ever saying spirits regenerate, entities reincarnate by choice or due to dying, they’re not above harm, they have to heal just as everyone else has to when damaged. “Spirits” are still physical people in the sense on their plane they are still subject to harm.

Probably better than my life here.

Maybe I was thinking of something else. But I plan to live in astral not always etheric

I honestly doubt it, here you’re safer than going to a place where a random being can literally eat you alive, or seal you somewhere, or you basically being this homeless, plain entity who is at the bottom of the food chain.


Living with a bunch of thoughtforms wont change anything, there’s parasite thoughtforms, there’s thoughtforms who believe themselves kings and queens of the astral, you’d still face issues, it’s best to discard this silly mentality that you’re going to always be in some place better than where you are now. Atleast now youre a bit more fortunate than some.


What about mental plane?

You’re trying to chase happiness or success. You’re searching for it, as if you can find it in some other place. But you never will. You need to create it.


That’s what the astral is, a place where the density is little to no basis so thoughts, fears, desires, and so forth manifest. You keep trying to run away from something, while you can create pocket realms to reside in, they’re not foolproof.


I am already going to get that soon without leaving my body and without controlling my body.

I can create astral shields to protect pocket realm

That works, but shields can still be broken by one more skilled than you.

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What if I evoke beings to help me create?