Do you think we change with each Evocation?

I was considering myself a year ago towards who I am now. In the past year I have grown spiritually and become much stronger emotionally and grown on so many other levels.

I personally come away from each evocation of Lucifer or other ancients with more courage and fire. I no longer fear like I did and people seem to know I am different now.

Would you say you experience the same or similar?


Everything is in constant flux and change. What we perceive as static isn’t so, imho.

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Working with the ancients has improved my life no end. I only wish I had started earlier.


They definitely rub off on you that’s for sure.


Most definitely. More stronger, lot’s of fire, passion. Certainty that I have power, and that everything will work
I’m my favor. It’s not faith anymore. Faith is hoping and waiting for someone to have compassion by begging. Evocation has definitely changed my life, and each time I practice


Yes, exactly. Each time I evoke Lucifer, I leave with a ferocity which can last for days. Strength and fearlessness. I used to have social anxiety but that has burnt away and I really have changed for the better.
I feel little them is left in me each time or at least some of their wisdom. It is hard to explain


Oh wow.

what if someone already has quite a bit of this? I’ve been making communication with him. Think I might be reading this wrong. Maybe he leaves you with what you need after evo and this isn’t his default energy signature as im seeing?


Stomach chakra. All good, I needed to gain some backbone and this is what I am trying to describe. I find when I do evoke Lucifer, the energy doesn’t put me to sleep like others. I find it waves through me like electricity and I get the energy in my Stomach area.
I don’t get the tired thing with evocation. I get energy


@anon88243269 sorry to ask you here, but I am still new to the forum and I can’t mp.

I was curious about Lucifer evocations and what kind of things he asks you back in exchange of all his support.

I am recently being called by him, but I have not experience whatsoever with him.

And yes, magic has changed me somehow.

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Great! I am happy to help.
I offer up my weaknesses and ask him for his Father aspect to support me in my ascension and to remove my fear, negative emotions , etc.

I sometimes evoke him just to offer him roses, wine, blood, flowers and praise.

I evoke him at other times if I am having problems with things such as people and petition him and make offerings in an agreement.

I also use his sigil in Baneful magic and use him or / and others then.

He likes self improvement, stopping of harmful habits, education and art in his name.

He is good for beginners too, very patient.


It’s called having guts for a good reason.


yes. Do you get any of this? most others I read about get tired or fall asleep and I get a huge Buzz


I feel like I could destroy a large city afterward so yeah.


Yes! I liken it to feeling like a Lion wanting to rip apart stuff. I am glad it is not only me. I worry about possession sometimes it is that strong but it goes. The energy stays in the room for about 12 hours too.


Yeah not just with spirits but with raw forces. If you look into the older texts on evocation they all have the common theme of “EVOKE OFTEN” when they talk about how often to do the work.

This is part of the reason why to propel change.


after each evocation U imbibe a part of that spirit’s essence. so yes. U DO change


I think EA also says the same thing “Evoke often”

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Thank you so much for such extensive and helpful answer. xx
I will summon him.

I was apprehensive the first time after a life of being brought up Catholic but I always had an open mind. I never thought of him as ‘evil’ and wanted to know more.
He likes black candles with dragons blood incense burning and Chocolate with chilli and Red wine in a nice Chalice or some roses.
Message me if you need any help


Thank you very much. I can see that the offerings are very similar to the ones for Azrael or Anubis.
I have been pagan for 10 years, so fortunately enough, I haven’t got any prejudge.

Thank you for all your help. Unfortunately I cannot send PMs but if I have any questions/need help, I hope you don’t mind if I tag you on any reply from the forum in this topic.

Thank you so much for the support.

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