Do you think we change with each Evocation?


Sorry for the stupid question, but first of all… is Lucifer a jelous deity/spirit? As a pagan, I work respectfully and equally with a few other entities.
Also, I am acquaintance with Ars Goetia, but I cannot find anything about him explicitely.
Is there anything specific for him to be summoned, apart from his sigil and usual ritual magic for evocations? Sorry for the trouble. Thank you so much.


Yes, I agree with you totally Sasha2017. It’s freeing!


No, I never have had the impression he gets jealous at all. Why would he? he is the infernal majesty and is to me, the total opposite of that. Yes, contact me when you like. x


Thank you so much for your help. How shall I contact you? I am still a basic member. I am not allowed to start pm, as a basic member.


work on not being a basic member and until then just follow my threads /posts on here.


Brilliant. I’ll do. Thank you!


I had my first “informal” chat/evocation with Lucifer this evening .
The communication has been very clear, straight forward and immediate since the very moment I was open to listen to him (as soon as I closed my eyes, fired the candles, and sat down).
It is the fiest time that I get the communication that clear and fast with a spirit/deity. I have sensed a great and powerful energy coming from him. I have been sensing his calling for some days/weeks, and he has confirmed that.
He wants to tranform me into my best version, protect me, teach me, show me the Truth, put me in the right path in life and help me through it. In exchange he wanted my weaknesses and my time (offerings, prayers, a small space in my altar/thoughts, and my actions). He seems the type of spirit that, if needed, puts you into the sea so you can learn how to swim, if that is the push that you need. I have worked with plenty of deities and spirits (not demons or similar) over the last 10 years of my life, but they have always been vague, almost like semi-interested (if much) in communicating, and just giving me some advise and ran off, or they only helped me in one part of my life (either healing, or protection, or guidance,…but just ONE. Not all). With him, it is the opposite.
He wants me to formalise the contract with him on the night of the next new moon (this Thursday) and has given me instructions for it.
It gives me an amazing sense of security just communicating with him. You know what to except from him, and what he expects from you. Is that normal for him?
I would be interested in reading a bit your experiences with him, since the very moment you were called by him, if you would be open to it.
I feel like I have just discovered a new world.


Well done. He is amazing and I connected strongly with him right away. great work.


Most certainly.

Everything changes, it’s always changing, that’s part of evolution. In order for evolution to take place, you have to change.


The thing is, the more time I spend learning from the ancients and improving myself, the more I find I do not want to interact with as many Humans. Especially with ones with annoying traits of weakness that want me to fix things for them or listen to love shit. It all seems more irrelevant the more I evoke and learn


We do change with each evocation.

See for example let’s say you evoke a spirit, it’s first descends into the temple as a blanket of Manifestation.

Whether or not it assumes a form is of none importance. See once the spirit manifests, the communication is both internal and external

The essence, the energy, the vibrations, the power, the astral residue of that spirit enters you.
Whether or not you cleanse yourself a residue of that flow of essence with remain inside you.

Adding to the spiritual elixir flowing in your energetic veins, entering your being and adding to the fire of your spiritual evolution.


Very well said C.Kendall!