Do you tell anyone about your craft?

I was a huge fan of Lovecraft as a teen, with the intensity of his writing I would have thought he would have studied the occult but Lovecraft claims he was not a student of magic, which I find amazingly hard to believe. Others have claimed he studied the effects of Witchcraft, hauntings and hexes and incorporated that into his writing.


Do you have the Book “Dreamer on the Nightside” by Frank Belknap Long? I think it gives away a lot of first hand personal insights about what kind of person H.P. had been. I personally don’t think that he was all too involved into the craft but he had a lot of books to draw lore from and he had a fine sense of subtle humor about these kind of rumours. I totally recommend this book, after I finished it I was able to see some stories with different eyes :slight_smile:


Thanks for the recommendation, I will check it out on Amazon.


Lovecraft was a voracious reader, and researcher. He read everything, from history, to science, to mythology to fantasy and supernatural fiction. You can obtain massive amounts of knowledge about any topic if you spend hours on end in a well stocked library from childhood, like he did, being of poor constitution throughout his life. It doesn’t mean he was a “student of magic” in any shape or form.


I mainly just talk to fellow magicians/witches about it. Although being a metalhead people already tend to assume that i slaughtered a pi gin the name of a dark lord or some shit lol.

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It’s never helped me really to be openly flaunting my interest or views - in fact - most people don’t take it seriously

My wife thinks meditating is a joke and mocks my “spells”

I’m very isolated in this stuff


I was opened. Once with my craft to outside people who did not practice believed and it ended in me being forced to to s mind sweep of that person due to his extremely negative energy and remarks like should you people be burnt at the stake. So I fallow the ancient law and speak nothing about it to outside people. When I began with my magic work long ago in my first awakening in the beginning after my first ceremony to setheash . He told me never to speak of the things he were teaching me outside of what he called the circle meaning people who practice or believe. The price would be to big. So I kept that and haven’t really spoken to any one outside my old covern and a few others who I knew practice or believed about magic until I found you guys.

Blessed be

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My wife was indifferent in her reaction. Just went along like I had never told her. So I’m giving her the space to think about it.

She did acknowledge the txt that I sent earlier though.


My wife’s an atheist and we’re raising my son without it. She’s known that I’m “spiritual, but not religious” and is fine with that. One of her parents and her step-mother became die-hard Evangelicals later in life and it’s caused some friction. Some of her friends can’t seem to exist outside of their religions, either. Thankfully, this has led to her not becoming religious.

But it also means I practice in the backyard, normally after everyone goes to bed. My “ancestor worship”. I was too chickenshit to start down the LHP without being kicked down the stairwell by Hecate, so everything I’ve done down that path has been done in relative silence. I got some strange looks with the low-key candle holders and incense buys, but the incense and smoke “helps with the mosquitos” while I’m working out back on small, insignificant hand tool tasks that seem to take forever…

She has no idea that I’ve been working with Hecate, Leviathan, Belial, and (as of tonight) Lucifer. I hide a lot of things in plain sight.

I keep to myself about it because it keeps the peace. Besides, what would I say? It’s my path, not hers. I generally refuse to talk about spiritual matters with her family/ies because they fall under different ideological lines in at least three different paths. I simply don’t want them trying to recruit my son to get back at me and I wouldn’t put it past them.

On my side, a good majority are fundamentalist Mormons…

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Have you tried another path?
I know Sigil work with Angels directly, does not put anyone on hold, ever. In fact they come to the most desperate, most sinning, most destitute, as they need help the most.

If there’s no room at the inn, try another inn. Locked door, try another door.

You mis-typed, you need to take the M out of the last word :crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Very few people IRL know I’m an occultist and I plan to keep it that way. Last thing I need is the goddamned Baptist congregation down the street at my door with torches and pitchforks, public defamation in the secular neoliberal regional news circuit or certain social circles of mine which are very hard science-minded, or the dumb kid barista who makes my coffee in the morning begging me to take her on as an apprentice.
The only people who do now of my ability and identity in tandem are a couple of close friends from online occult communities smaller than this one, a couple of ex-coworkers and peers of mine who could see auras, and probably my fiance now that we’re going on three years together.

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Down with meats worship the sacred :star_struck:

Yes. Lmao. I am not subtle at all. The only reason I do not have my real face for my of pictures is because I do not want to be harassed for sex or glamour magick. Also until I am well off I’d rather keep the deepest part of my working and experience away from anyone with a curiosity and a decent ability to dig into someone.

But I am in no way subtle about it on my personal social media. I do not openly state " I practice occult arts! But I’ll repost esoteric profiles and dump my personal gnosis on it.
People already assume so much if they are actually curious I will talk to them or if I think they are open to it. Usually I will meet them where they are though.
My best friend was actually telling that people were saying I have fought God himself, and am a walking demon, have sold my soul to the devil, and can posses people.
Obviously I laughed because only some of that is true.

My ex was a magician and never told me about it till I got into witchcraft, her Grandma was a witch. We got super deep about other spiritual topics and I was with her for 2+ years. When I found out I was quite upset because her Grandma was a huge part of her childhood and the most important person to her.

Ironically I was always upset because I felt I did not know enough about her, and had trouble remember things she told me from her childhood. Turns out her Grandma has a love binding for her family, it draws in partners but constantly keeps them just outside of influence to touch their hearts.

She did not agree with me practicing black magick and said It was bad, luckily I did me and expressed myself to the fullest. If not my spiritual growth would have suffered. We can hook up in the next life when she is ready for a real mage. :innocent:

I fee like this is me to an extent. But then I only have two important people in my life, the boyfriend who stays current on my practices and the roommate who doesn’t seem to give a Fck what I do. An online couple I’ve known for years as well, stays semi current on what I’m delving into for personal reasons.

Everyone else for one reason or another is out of the loop. They either don’t need to know or I don’t expect it to be acceptable.

I was a practicing Christian long enough to put on the show if and when it’s needed, but my circle is closed enough that it’s not often needed.

I keep secrets. It’s just a thing I do. :slight_smile:


I feel perplexed on the subject.
On one hand, people need others out there open about their experience and helping others who may be needing direction

On the other hand, I think it makes life shittier lol

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I feel this so much. Recently my younger sister was opening up to me about some experiences she has had with spirits and what she thinks is astral travel. Most of my close family knows I practice magick in some vague sense, so I understand why she came to me, but none the less that was a very difficult conversation.

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It is one of those things where…
I feel like this spiritual path is not meant to be something for anyone and everyone. This path is not about having easy explanations for the general public to consume in spoonfed lullaby pieces.

This is the path of uncertainty and inner instinct and questioning authority, personal gnosis.

Not sure what good or use it is to flaunt your personal choices. For me it’s only been mocked and helped me to be ostracized


THAT’s the point isnt it… unless youve met this with an open mind before or had some sort of experience, most peoples opinions are based upon movies or messing with ouiji boards (or spreading fake stories around as kids/teenagers).

Most will not spend them time to read hundred year old manuscripts.

You could put it on their level, you are into the ‘paranormal’ or like reading about it… anything after that is too other world, I got mocked with tin hat memes and other mocking remarks when i spoke openly with idiots. It turns out the mocker has a very dark past, thoroughbred liar, even dabbled with love spells of which the origin she did not research, she jumps from host to host sucking the life out for her own gain and control, she now has a director husband (obviously) who carries her to riches and has control over one of her children (and her traits are coming through the child too unfortunately - lies lies on top of more lies, no friends as a result, deceptive, controlling.) the other child is not controllable, and it makes her blood boil - look up the Jezebel traits, its a direct copy and probably the tricked source of her spells.

I did see a dinner lady with a talisman around her neck, from a specific angel outlet, i recognised it immediately but she, like me, was clueless at the time and believed the sales bullsh8 of just wear it and fortunes will come. I didnt ask as i didnt want to share, I just said “nice necklace, I used to have one of those” , that’s enough of a nod … if she wants to pull me aside to chat more, she can, ut it’s likely it was a gift and hasnt got a clue.

I DO chat to my other half about sensitivities, visions, dreams and ‘vibes’ as she puts it… I do say i was told (As some sort of authority to justify) by a psychic i would be doing psychic/mystic works by the time i was 40… its strang as i turn 39 these things are falling comfortably into my lap all of a sudden and Im not forcing it myself, just all of a sudden had real drive to gain knowledge. If i mentioned spells, magick or ritual i think that’s too far, its not of her making, she was brought up by a poor famiy and so sees everything on the material plane, by all means have these feelings done to you but not encourage them. It doesnt need an argument or disbelief. I have strong faith and at times have arguments, she is not wise to desinguish the deifference between differnt task or paths, instead throws it under the bus as ‘religion bullsh*t’ that has been drummed into her by her father. Both her parents abused by their peers in one way or another so you cant blame the lack of trust… i made it through catholic schools and churches unscaved, never a hint of corruption… but then too many questions that couldnt be answered lost my faith it he organisation, not what’s behind it.

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