Do you tell anyone about your craft?

Ive had to close my browser window right this second as the missus walks in chatting about home stuff… material stuff… she’s not spiritual in the slightest… hates religion… puts it ALL into one basket. Con artists the lot of them… all stories based on bullshit… Its her father words, shes never done anything to research. Always an uphill battle. She loves family and lights a candle for relatives but thats about it, very down to earth. She is still one of the most caring people ont his planet, always doing things for people, puts it down to good jeans not religion.

Do any of you hide what you do so you don’t need to explain yourself? I pray, but i would never pray out loud or bring her into it, she would probably mock and smirk… same if she know about ritual, she would mock and probably go “well its not working is it… wheres the proof… wheres the ferrari…your weird… etc.”


I’m not hiding myself, for magick is a part of me. No, I won’t hide it and I DON’T need to explain it to anyone, at all. I’m tired of trying to explain things to someone who’s probably not that person who would have to deal these with kind of things in his life.

The funny part of it that I see these people keep struggling with basic life problems, while I handle these very well with magick. Everything what you have to do is: just smile. Smile at them. That’s you, that is the difference between the way how you live.

Oh, and do not forget to introduce yourself to us, because as I see, you have no introduction yet and this is a very important and serious rule of our community.

A little help for this:

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I established an own room for my practices so I don’t have to James Bond my stuff in seconds if someone not so close is coming over. My SO knows and he is cool with that. Until recently he had fun with me divinating stuff for him until something uncool happened and he asked me to put away the cards for some time for my own good. He has already witnessed my rituals (and some of their effects) when I didn’t have the privacy to do it by myself and he is also okay with it. He doesn’t practice himself and is not really interested. A coworker of mine got interested into my doings recently and he will accompany me to this years Walpurgisnacht. My parents don’t know and wouldn’t care, I suppose.


Nobody knows. My whole family are Christians. They all go to Church, Pray and praise Jesus. I don’t get it. My beliefs I keep to myself what makes it worse is I live with my mother. She is a widow and I help with her bills.
The spirits I work with don’t seem to care that I live in a Christian home. I kind of made my room a sanctuary.


I’d say, a very few select people in my life know. It’s not that I’m hiding or ashamed of it, I just find it unnecessary to bring it up to others if there’s no purpose to it- especially because this is something I prefer to practice/do in my solitary time.


It’s best to be silent even in open and liberal societies: the reason is your clarity, i.e. ability to see through the illusion, is less distracted by trying to explain your understanding to a seeming other. Manifestation, i.e. results, is always happening but only according to the state of consciousness at every instant and in perfect correspondence to one’s mindset. However, some things, due to the nature of habitual thoughts and false confidence in our “knowledge”, will appear harder or easier than others. In fact, nothing is truly greater or lesser than anything else–just seems that way. When one lives by appearances, then these things take on the illusion of importance. So the Ferrari is right here where you are but only in different zone of perception. Shift your perception perfectly and you will literally be in that Ferrari at once. You do this all the time but only according to what seems reasonable or true to you. What appears impossible will most likely stay that way unless you loosen the belief somehow.
Materialism is an aspect–a tiny and impotent aspect–of the spiritual. Spirit is the substance and power in the material. Materialism is not wrong but just obfuscates the issue and drives one deeper into ignorance until something drastically unpleasant or pleasant serves as wake-up call.


I met my wife almost 20 years ago and we’ve been married for 10 years. She is religious (eastern orthodox) and I am not. She knew this when we met however, she believes that she can guide me to the path. She has no idea that I walk a very different path. I love her more than anything and the thought of losing her, I could not! She is the strongest person that I know but I could never tell her. I make it work, for her. We have no children of our own, complications have made that impossible and the results have been devastating for her. At least we dont have that complication. I love her, I could never tell her. So I practice in silence and I know, I believe that what I do will make things better, will make it right, for her, for us, for our future.


I even cleared or at least silenced a very active spirit in her home… it disappeared “when I came along” - I know why it left.

Maybe she would respect me more if she knew Id cleared it for her, maybe she would see me as odd but right there is proof. Besides, it was 8 years ago now, it would be seen as deception by holding to myself so long.

As the poster above, I do not think this is something for all, nor do i think her knowing would help our relationship - its always been secret for me, my family would think me weird, and maybe uncomfortable i was messing with this stuff int heir home… since then it has stayed that way, secret.

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I’m in the broom closet myself. My wife was raised in baptist beliefs. Her mom is strict baptist in nature.

My wife also is not into religious things because of, I’m sure, burn out from her mother.

I test the waters from time to time. Give slight explanations of things that I understand in terms of spirituality, while not divulging too much to give myself away.

We watch shows like Kindred Spirits and back when we first started seeing each other, Ghost Hunters.

Maybe it’s my own insecurities in such matters that keeps me from telling her. But I don’t know how she would handle the fact that I talk and have a deep well of love for Lucifer as well.

He has given me so much and has done so much for me in the past 8 months than what god has ever done for me in the past 30 years of my life.

How does one go about it? Will she leave me because of my love for him? Will she take my children with her in fear for my love to him?

It’s very hard for me to show sides of myself that I keep hidden. My family is my greatest weakness and my greatest strength, and because of it, I feel torn between the two.

But I don’t want to deny Lucifer, for I’ve confessed my love unto him and he unto me.

I feel that I’m also on the precipice of being initiated by the spirits themselves. I don’t belong in any coven or cult group. I am going solo on my part in a nonchalant manner.

But they are waiting on me to make a decision.

Do I tell my wife a half truth that I practice the craft, but lie about the fact that it is through Lucifer.

Or do I tell her everything and lay my life at her mercy for the love of him?

I know this is for white magic discussion and RHP but I’m really in a world of hurt right now.


“My family is my greatest weakness and my greatest strength” - aint that the truth!

The way I see it, it depends what you want - do you stay or do you go, that age old question… is the grass greener… or lonely… if you left would you break up this family but find a better one that understands or is more advanced than you int his area.

For me, i decided it adds nothing for them to know. I have my privacy to work, and i do what i need to feel fulfilled - if not i would go on a sabbatical of some kind to get away from family distractions.

The thing is though, if I choose my family then I still have what I know with what the spiritual world has shown me.

I can’t deny that ever, it will always remind me in everything if I turn my back to it.

It would go from “Has been” to “Could Have” and finally to “Could Have Been”

But the same could be said on the other side of the coin also.

I dont see why they cant co-exist. My family dont understand why I watched 17 series of wheeler dealers at christmas, but my appetite for repairing cars was strong. They didnt watch any with me for more than 5 minutes. I can still have a family and wheeler dealers :joy:


Lmao. I love metaphors like this. It is going to take alot of strength to do this.

I need to talk to Lucifer, thank you.

Dark blessings unto you

I prefer to keep it private around my family but if any of my family members find out I don’t care what they say. I told my youngest brother once because he can sense spirits but that was a few months ago and he would have forgotten everything I said. I know my dad knows something about me and he wouldn’t mention a thing and I had people at work say there is something about me and they don’t know what it is XD I would tell them because I trust them, but no I will just keep what I am doing quiet as I don’t know what their reaction would be XD

I don’t hide it. This is my house and
If someone is going to judge me on my views and beliefs I don’t want them in my life. My mom and grandma are super supportive, but we all have some kind of Magick or psychic ability from birth. I was raised Catholic and the only thing I ever had them question was Why Lucifer of all the demons. But to be fair this was my own question. My mom used to Let me do readings for her when I was a teen and Didn’t mind me looking into spells.

The hardest to get to understand was my own child but I am so open with my rituals and Magick that he ask questions now. He seems to be more open now that his father is completely out of his life too.

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I think all of you hiding it from long term partners have some far more serious unresolved issues that you are not addressing when it comes to mutual respect.

But on topic, no, I don’t hide anything. I am what I am and I do what I do. Take it or leave it because I have too many more important things to worry about.


I will say, you dont want to be a slave of the occult - so if you are to give up your earthly family, there is something you should consider as to the intention of such a request. If a loving father was told to go be a monk and abandon his family, leave them to die in the cold, it would not be the right path for him.

It is about alignment. I wouldnt join a VW campervan owners club if I owned and loved a Japanese sports cars… I could, but it wouldnt be the correct path nor would i get the respect I deserved promoting turbos and water cooling to the fans of air and nazis. Im sure they are a friendly bunch, but to truly align, I would need to join a group of the rising sun.

It has to fit your person, your individuality.

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Yep. Not out of fear of religious persecution (the majority of people in my neighborhood are atheists; at best, people would think I’m delusional), but because I don’t want to be bombarded with people who are like “Summon a demon lol”.

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I respect that, and you’re right. It’s why I’m being put on hold with the spirits right now.

Because they know it as well.

So I need to do this for myself, my family, and them.

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I did it. I came out of the broom closet.