Do You Ever WANT Your Target to Know its You?

So I know under most circumstances, when conducting baneful workings we want to remain in the shadows, and for good reason (Unless we’re strait up Hoodoo with it and we want them to see those tracks!) But…

…sometimes, don’t ya just want the target to know you did it?! You want them to, not only be experiencing the effects of the curse, but to also be thinking, “Oh shit. I done fucked up.” I challenged this person and had no clue who they really were and they are obviously powerful and have fucked me up! :scream::weary::sob:"

Hahaha, ahhh :laughing::blush:


No. Never. I prefer to do stuff and keep quiet.


I have always worked in secret, never revealing my workings or myself.

But sometimes for some targets I wish they knew it was me causing them the misfortune.

I find voodoo and hoodoo pratitioners who brazenly toss doll babies and powders on someones doorstep to be bold as fuk! Like HA! You’ve been cursed!

I don’t want anyone to actually suspect me since I don’t want them breaking the curse nor do I want them cursing me (you never know who is a pratitioner themselves).

I still fantasize about it tho…lol.


Personally, no. When I go all out on someone, my goal is to finish the matter entirely. The target knowing can undermine that goal, as it gives them a reason for retaliation and lengthens the issue longer than it needs to be


Very true C.Wilson. I totally agree with both you and Happiechappie. I can’t help that I want it. I’m pretty sure my desire for them to “know” is totally all EGO. It’s got to be, there is no other explanation…

…unless someone else who feels the same way at times has some other theory. 🤷


Given I hex to kill,i dont care as they know, as long as they perish


Definitely not if I know the person / anyone I know could hear about it.
Keeping it covert is the best because it removes any kind of attack vector pointing towards you if the person is mundane and if they also practice it’s trickier without any knowledge to retaliate.
If I still had anger issues then maybe I would like them to know. But now for me that’s just extra, pointless self gratification. Did I cause harm to someone I wanted to? Then I’m satisfied with that.

Plus, people can take a lot of burden on themselves if they have no clear person they can feasibly blame a sudden drop of misfortune on.
“My life is shit,” “I’m unlucky,” “this is an awful month so far,” thoughts like that go a long way instead of “this nutjob said he cursed me.”
Also I feel like they can subconsciously hinder some of your future influence because they think you a simple crazy person. Of course if they know and believe they are cursed that can amplify things. But even with that the cons outweigh the pros for me.


Gotta say… :eyes::black_heart::point_right::man_dancing:

:bowing_man: Sooo right! I will remember that.

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Do I WANT the target to know? Of course.

Do I ever LET the target know? Hell no, for all of the reasons listed above.

But I’m not above doing my “evil villain” laugh when I hear about how the spell took effect on my target. And I’m sure as hell not above telling the target (or someone in their circle) “gee, maybe it’s karma”. :smiling_imp:


(Napoleon Dynamite) Yess!


Do I alert my target? Hell no.

Do I WANT to alert my target? Ummm yes please.

And yeah, besides my innards…I tell no one. That is unless I blog about it, anon-style, online AFTER I’ve achieved results.

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Death spells usually take some time.
The symptoms may include illness, drain of energy and fatigue, nightmares and so on. If during that period you suddenly go up to the person and be like “hey, you know what, I put a deadly hex on you and soon you will die” , congratulations, you’ve just ruined your work.
The target is most likely to search for another experienced mage who will be able to remove your hex and cast a protection spell on your target.

O.P , while I must admit, making your presence and predatory mood known to your target is a sweet temptation, I don’t do it and wholeheartedly advice against it. Chances are, your magick will be countered by ,either the person themselves if they are somewhat experienced, or another practitioner hired by your target.

Besides, If I had someone come up to me, saying they hexed me, not only would I remove it, I would also fuck em up real quick for putting it in the first place.


As much as I would love to “showcase” my efforts and endeavours of someone elses downfall: this art simply doesn’t allow too much indiscretion. Do I pull a full Monte Cristo on someone before I had my tea in the morning? You fucking bet. Will this person know that it was me? Sadly not.
(I left traces in the past two times in order to give the target a chance to make things right before I started with the work itself. Of course these hints got ignored. Funnily enough it worked the other way around already: people blaming me for things I never had a hand in. I guess that comes with the territory, esp. between practicioners)


I would do this only on dreamwalking and even then only on probably as hints, I can’t dreamwalk yet tho.

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This is what I’m going through! I have two targets that think they “beat” me and I really want them to know and bask in my power and superiority! Even if they do find a way to remove the curse maybe I can be fine with all the distress it’s already caused… but the fact I’m even contemplating this and ignoring a possibility that they find some truly powerful mage using blood and skulls to put the ultimate curse on me, shows how dumb I’m probably being by thinking about it…

It’s still so tempting… and I may do it… even though I shouldn’t…

It is ego, OP :slightly_frowning_face: I’m sure of it. If it were just to cause more pain, we’d be fine with just amping up the spell. It’s ego that wants them to see us and our glory

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As a general rule, one is not do such work for personal pride.

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Oh of course! They would quickly go get some major cleansing done as well as sending that ish back with a vengeance.

I already know it. The first step is admitting you have a problem…lol. Lol. Btw, hi!

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Most my “targets” already know they are a target :dart: I don’t hide from enemies.


No one is writing about performing magick for prideful reasons. It’s about REVEALING yourself to your target; which may or may not be, egotistical.

But, I do happen to agree with your misguided opinion so… :+1:🤷 But with that being said it is just an opinion. As a rule of thumb I tend to not tell other people what they “are not” to do. Do what the fuk you want.

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