Do petition papers really work?

They’re so simple so it’s crazy to me and exciting. Have you had success what are your stories? I really wanna make a petition and light it on fire but my mind just can’t comprehend writing to kill someone, or to get thousands of dollars, or to get someone to come back to you or have someone do something just by writing it down.


I did a petition yesterday to get some information about Lucifer. It definitely worked.


It’s not the writting what works, it’s the caster’s intent and emotion.

On my side, I tried it just once. It didn’t work, but it was probably for my lack of practice.


How do you put your emotion into it?

It does work with your intention and will

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You don’t want me to answer. I failed, so I don’t know how to properly do it.

When you’re writing or talking and you’re directing that anger or any emotion into words or text that’s putting the emotions into it. We do it all the time in our mundane lives.


Wait… so, WHILE writing? Not while reading it? Both? I seriously missed something here.

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Why are all you examples selfish or negative ones?

Your brain naturally seems to go there and I sometimes feel IMPO that you do not have the necessary mental state as of yet to wield true power.

For all the positive suggestions you have been given over the past week, how have you incorporated them into your daily life. You managed to find the time to post a bunch of topics but I want to hear how your working on you and not what you can or want to do to others.

Either can work, I use both.

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Most of the posts I’ve seen on forums like this excluding evocation are love spells, curses and money spells so I feel like this shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. Most people would try to use magick for things they need extra force in not mundane things I assume

I use simple direct manifestation personally lol

Okay, I have to try again.

Since we’re at it, do you have any simple spell for anything that I can use to practice every single day? I mean, if I put a deadline of two weeks in a spell to get cookies, and fail, I’m practicing twice per month. I don’t think I will get better at this if I don’t practice every single day.

True, and you’ll read 100 failures for every success, most have not built a foundation and just want a demon to fix things. I wish you all the success in your endeavors however :kissing_heart:

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It feels the opposite I feel like I see so many people with results and idk how I mean I’m a beginner and prob should have someone do it for me but still. I haven’t used any demons but thank you

If we get others to do our magic for us, we will never move from beginner to the next level. I’m a noob too, I barely know one or two things you don’t and I’m really starting to see results. So the best thing I can tell you is to apply yourself, fail, fail better, until you fail no more.

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Spells are usually my last resort thing, I usually do direct manifestation. Which is basically not using a spell or ritual just direct energy manipulation bringing the path of my desire into being the more likely path.


Jmmm I get it. I’ll try to reasearch the subject anyway, I want to cas a successful spell.

A fascinating option is also that, which I’ve read about, of writing a story about themselves and this may work as an evocation and/or a working towards a certain goal.

That kind more how I work as well