Do Demons hate Criminals?

I know that not all spirits are equal but overall like the Goetia spirits.
By Criminals I mean:
Drug Dealers
Beggar Pimps
Scam Artists
Animal Abusers
Child Abusers (I think that all demons hate it but I include it aswel)
Please put your personal gnosis and knowlege from the Spirits ^-^


Depends on the spirit :thinking:
While some may align more with the concepts of honor and justice but these are subjective and artifical concepts whether from a societal or personal perspective. As some criminals have their own codes regarding these.

Some that resonate with certain aspects of the life experience will also like have their own perspective on what justice is.

For example what lilith considers justice may be vastly different to what odin,loki papa legba,shiva, hades or ahriman consider “Just”


I would say, no. There are plenty of demons and other spirits that are called upon to protect drug cartels (I might be mistaken but I think it is Santa Muerte who is called upon for this) and other criminals. Gypsies were well known for using spells to protect themselves while practicing the fine art of thievery.


Most spirits have their pet peeves and morals, some which may seem weird to us (well me anyway) but I doubt there exists an act universally reviled by ALL of them.


I don’t see them as having Moralisms like a human would. For example i don’t think Belial cares about drug dealers, he dislikes addiction so it may seem he is Morally against it. I think it’s more of the concept of addiction as in someone being the slave to an external source. Belial is all about having no Master so it’s not the idea that it is wrong to sell drugs but that the drugs are inhibitors to ascension and waste his time.

You just have to understand the spirit you wish to call on is all. You’d be surprised what Angels don’t care about lol.



Considering Satanists invoke the 72 denons and believe in this, i believe it’s accurate to say these demons do not condone sex that infringes on others rights

These are the demons Satanists invoke with the above staments. In regards to killing animals, it’s not allowed unless u kill the animal for food. All this is from the Satanic bible.

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Demons don’t love or hate people based on their morality. Some demons may dislike toxic lifestyles, but generally it’s precisely because it’s a toxic limitation to the human’s ascent and thereby it hinders the ascent of the collective. I’ve been a criminal as a teenager and demons didn’t seem to hate me. Belial is kind of known for being handy in court cases. Whether they like or dislike an activity or lifestyle is probably based on who is doing it and why.


Yup. Basically as long as what u do doesn’t hurt others, u’re good to go. But again, this’s one of the places I find the Laveyan theory a bit confusing. Lucifer represents vengeance, n we don’t turn the other cheek if someone hits u. U go after the sucker. I guess hurting others in the name of vengeance is ok, but being a pure jerk isn’t. What do u think @J.A.Ragnarson


I don’t really know about Lavey. I’ve never read his works. I just try to avoid doing things to people I wouldn’t want done to me, unless they are fucking with me. In that case, the gloves are off. I really don’t think demons care that much about our morals… at least they’ve never mentioned it to me.



It depends. They aren’t all the same. They have different personalities just like people.


Why is Laveyan satanism brought up as an authority in regards to what demons do or do not like? As far as I know they don’t believe in the literal existence of demons (or supernatural) and treat them as archetypes (though I have not heard of them having any major connection to goetic demons). At least that’s how Satan is treated in their Religion/philosophy.


Levayan satanism is non-theistic and archetypal. Yes.


@JezebelleMoon don’t hate lol! Even Koetting in one of his books credits Lavey to some point but then shortly after discredits what he wrote on the Baphomet sigil cuz he thinks it should have said something to the effect of “without a god.”

This is from his book, “Works of darkness”

Because it doesn’t believe in Satan as a god and discredits that idea.

The Satanic Bible is basically a book about humanistic philosophy created by LaVey. As such, his moralities heavily influence the philosophy. It is more accurately about his morals rather than the demons.

Especially since he believes demons don’t exist externally from him.


I respect the man but he ain’t my Jesus :wink:


I’m aware of what the word means.

His theory basically is to make people think about what they believe in. That’s where I began asking myself questions. Did I really believe in everything he was saying? Some if his philosiphy is good and some of it hella confusing. So I find myself applying what works for me that makes sense, but looking for more knowledge else where like here. :blush: