Do Demons hate Criminals?

I however have to give him credit for some of what I know. Example: u don’t need a temple to invoke spirits, u don’t need to have tools to perform magic as u can use imagery to do all that. Anyway…enough on him.


Which word? My bad.


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When it comes to what a Daemon likes or doesn’t like. I will ask here and do some research for a basic background but otherwise i’ll ask them, they are the only authority on what They want.

Honestly LaVey is interesting and has some thought provoking stuff but as an authority on Daemons?? Ya no.
As was pointed out LaVey did not believe in Daemons, they were part of us and our mind, egregores i guess you could say.
I seriously doubt all Daemons give a crap if you hurt others or not, that is a very human concept.
I respect EA but i am my own self.


Many “criminals” have used demons, mainly the powerful ones though, which is how they got power in the first place.

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Ahem ahem

Adakamon is the Grand Demon of All Rape, Murder, and Bloodshed

Nuff said.


Anyway, @KingVelizar:

Do demons hate criminals?

The short and simple answer is: No.


As the people are also the deamons have qualities and bad habits. So You should asociate with that demon who can give You a good feeling about him.

Idk about him. Actually went through the infernal names in the Satanic bible and didn’t find him unless he goes by another name.

What’s his other name? Checked the following books and can’t find him.

Kingdoms of flame, third kingdom of night, that’s where you find this demon. No idea if he has any other name

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Couldn’t find him in any of the demonic books I have. Ask me about Satan or Lucifer. Him I don’t know. Hope it stays that way.

Don’t read Kingdoms of flame then. Doubt he’ll seek you out on his own :wink:

U kinda just raised my cudriosity about him. :joy::joy::joy:

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I vote with the majority here, no demons don’t care about human laws, they may have individual preferences but the majority of our concepts of what’s moral are meaningless, to most of them.


They are neutral and work with us to fulfil an objective - if it goes against their personal ‘ethic’ then they won’t assist.


That sounds to be correct.

My job here’s done. The adversary makes u think/question urselves. If all of u don’t know, I once followed Laveyan Satanism that’s why I was able to get u going :wink: I’m here because that philosophy didn’t get me as far as I wanted to go :frowning: but I picked up some of tge things I found resourceful.

The beings in Kingdom of Flames were specifically created by Koetting. Egregores. You won’t find them anywhere else.

I’ve called on one for a job before. Good stuff :+1:


That’s somewhat up for debate. Another theory is that Koetting tapped into something that was already there (consciously or not) when he was writing this grimoire.