can anybody tell me the diffrences between djin and other entities ? what s their nature ?how they could be summoned? …


Jinn are made of smokeless fire and are able to see us but we cannot see them. They can be summoned in several ways but all involve days or preparation and work. They are like humans in that you have good and bad jinn, they have families and practice religion. There are 4 classes of Jinn: Ifrit, Marid, Ghul and Sari. The Ifrit and Ghul are the ones that are conjured by magicians and can be bound but be aware they are always trying to trick and mess with humans. For example, you may ask a jinn for something but you many not get it in the way you expect.

A simple method of conjuring and binding jinn is to have an alter set as such:

Black candle on the left
White Candle on the right
Mirror in the back and insence in front of the mirror. The object you wish to bind them to must be in front of the incense.

There are 7 jinn kings which rule each day and you call the one for the work you need so if it’s a love issue you call King Abu Hasan Zuba’a and ask and command him to send one of his servants to you. Ask the jinn his name, it’s usually the first name that comes to your mind and if you do not hear a name just call it Jinn. Pass the object through the incense and say “by the great king … I bind you to this object,
So mote it be.” Take the object with you wherever you go and make sure that you release the jinn when you are finished with what you intend to do. Be warned, they will try and fuck with your mind.


So they are different in comparison to other spirits as in you… want to bind them and use them as servants then? Sorry trying to understand what I just read. Perhaps I need more coffee.

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In respect of other spirits I’m not an authority but with Jinn they can be bound to objects but don’t use them as servants because that will piss them off. Show respect and let them be your assistant to do a couple of tasks and then release them. That is the safest way.


Ah I see. Was certain that I was missing something. Thank you.

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Can I ask what you need to summon jinn for?

I don’t. I was just browsing tbh. I try to take in as much information as I can about everything. Figure I need to learn what’s out there, how to protect myself, etc. who knows someday maybe that will be something I need to do.


I just asked because I wanted to be sure I understood what you were saying in the event I ever did want or need to do so.


Djinn are a race of spirits, they exist in tribes, each tribe of Djinn has a king. There are 7 of them, for each day of the week, and each king got his own ruling Angels.

There are many types of Djinn. For example, Ifrit, Marid, are the most famous but there are lots more. The difference between them is in their natural ability or power.

They follow almost all beliefs and religions that we, humans, have and believe in. So there are Christian Djinn, Muslim Djinn etc and … there are Non-believers or you can all them “Satanic” Djinn. Ones who worship and believe in Satan as God. Also called “Shayatin” plural form of the word “Shytan” which means, Devil or Demon.

How to work with Djinn?

The general rule, is that you need to honor what they honor and believe in. Without this element in your calls and evocations, they won’t do anything for you. For example, if you’re calling a Christian Djinn, you must use the bible and holy trinity in your evocation. Next, you also need to use higher authority to contact them. So you need first to call the God they believe in, then the Angel and king of the day who should be the king of the tribe of the Djinn you want to contact.

After that, you can contact the Djinn you wish to work with !

Most important thing for Djinn is faith and loyalty. By honoring what they believe in, you prove that you’re “one of them” and mean no harm. This is the only way to gain their trust. They don’t care about offerings or “deals” without this element.

They speak all languages so you can use your own language to contact them. But the secret “magickal” language of the Djinn, is Syrian Aramaic. Which is still used in remote villages in Syria and Iraq to this day.

Working with Djinn could be very simple or extremely complicated. Depends on what you need from them. But whatever you do, you must remain the master, the one who controls the agreement. You offer them what you want to give, not the other way around or you may get tricked to accept something that seems simple, easy and fair, but later on it could screw your entire life for a very long time.

The concept of “devils/demons” here is completely different that the one in the west. Devils/Demons of the Djinn are truly evil in nature. So don’t work with them expecting anything similar to what you’re used to in the west.

Hope that helps,


That’s the way it’s done.

thank you

i just wanted to know about them , sumoning them for a beginner is not wise

Will like to differ on this. I brought forth and bound my Ghul with 3 mins of preperation and it was my first Djinn experience but Im sure that is not the norm.

That being said, Djinn are not all for beginners. Mine behaves because he is a bit scared of the rest of my household. The method that naviola shared is a solid method for working with them and yes theyre different from other types of spirits. I have an expansive household and will say I do not ever plan to bring another Djinn in. Mine trys to weasel out of tasks as much as possible, but he doesnt try to stretch my intention to screw me over, its just more of a “i dont want to do this” type. Get the wrong personality on a Djinn and fuck up your bonds and restraints on them and be prepared for havoc to hit your life. As well as twisted wishes that make you regret a whole lot of decisions. If you can devlop a great relationship with one theyre good companions though


I agree with you but the most powerful way to bind jinn normally involves fasting for 7 day without any sunlight and a protective circle. That being said, I only go by Arabic and Eastern traditions.

I’m interested to know how you bound a ghul and where you did this? Ghul are often found in cemeteries and other places of the dead.


Ive been “baptized” in Death 3 times by having my heart stop for a few mins 3 times through my life from just standard life things that have happened, as well as my Patron and primary pact being with Azrael. My household is about 60% Death related beings and my energy is mostly based on Death. I did it from my home, but I reached out using my essence as a lure and GRABBED him to pull him in, then used an invitation type binding to get him bound, and use the rest of my household as his restraints as well as my set rules and discipline methods. I also have 3 human bones, 2 gaboon viper bones, and a dead frog in a jar in my home so technically it can be considered a “grave”. Hope this helps


I do not suggest this method in any way for someone who has no experience with retaining and disciplining beings. It is not beginner friendly. You will not like the results


I am having a hard time finding names of Djinn, I would like to summon one and establish trust but I cannot find names. Is it more open ended than I thought it was? I want to summon a lower level Djinn, not a Marid or Efrit.

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From my knowledge the most “beginner” friendly form of Djinn is the ‘Jann’ type. Theyre big about how “worthy” you are, but theyre pretty reliable for being good at working with humans. Look into them if youd like


So they just have types and not names (used to demon stuff)?? Thank you btw

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Im sure all of them have names, but theres so god damn many you wont find the name of EVERY one anywhere. Its easier to find a type, then research that type and method to work with them and work forward from there

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