Djinn arent my specialty, theyre similar to rats to me but I respect the ones I work with and dont act dumb when dealing with them.


Jann is what I want to work with


Then search on here for more info. If you cant find it here then do a LOT of research with Lord Google until you find accurate info and then take your steps forward


Interesting but it seems like there is no upside but with compounded risk compared to working with Goetian demons who are much friendlier.

Are they more powerful than, say, Lucifer or Belial?


Working with a demonic is like aiming a rifle at whatever you are doing. Using a djinn is like dumping a payload of napalm on it. Theres another thread I was in on my old account and one of the guys had used a Djinn magick ritual and caused California to have severe forest fires and a lot of burn victims to happen just because it wasnt kept in check


Sp basically Djinn are more powerful than demons but much harder to control? But I read that they are very similar to humans. How did they end up being so powerful?


According to Islamic tradition, Jinn were created before man and existed long before. They were given several powers and abilities which mankind was not given, instead mankind was given other powers that Jinn don’t have. The idea was that they live in their domain and we live in ours never to interact. You take their powers and bring it into our domain then they have powers which are beyond! For example, Jinn have extraordinary strength and can lift heavy objects with ease or move at the speed of light. Some people believe that the pyramids of Egypt were built using the help of Jinn as well as the Temple of Solomon.


Anybody with the knowledge of invoking angels,need serious assistance


I also want to know but the only source I have is Lafayette’s book on jinn and magic. Would be good to know if angels can help where demons and entities can’t


My understanding of it was that demons are impersonal energies floating around in the astral that we can summon into our domain with our intentions and emotions.

Djinn are basically beings like us, except they live in another plane that has less density than ours. So with that logic they arent as omnipresent as the demons/angels who are more or less location independent.

Whatever power they have are also limited to their individual being whereas with angels and demons they are more of an energetic form as opposed to individual beings.

Just trying to understand this


Jinn’s are more powerful than maremades,Gods,and as well demons,but Angels are the most powerful and there is no fields they can’t assist,or are not specialized in. With an accurate art work,the right time,candles,and citations they appear and do as we wish,but unless one has a teacher to guide one through,or else you could easily torment yourself .They mostly appear in human form at nights,and takes the form of the clouds by day.But talking of the Jinn i need more clarity on them if you could help me with a practical art work.


I would be happy to impart what knowledge I have of the craft but I cannot guarantee results. If you PM me I can send some links which may be useful to you and some materials which might help.


Jinn have powers that humans don’t have and some can fly, shapeshift or can be incredibly large. But they all have the ability to move very quick and possess great strength, according to Islamic scholars and teachings. They are like us in that they practice religion and have free will but they are from a different plane so we cannot interact with them without opening a gate.


Any proof of this? It seems to me that the only benefit of working with Djinn is that they are ‘closer’ to our domain compared to demons and angels who exist in the astral and above.


To more clarification on this,maybe you had not had enough time ith the book of Enoch,or read about the watchers,but there is a clear understanding that they that guided the throne of the heavenly kindoms,been the AngelsAngel of the Universal Supreme God,are most powerful above all creation.


I have sone experience with Djinn, Marid and Ifrit. My friend wanted a spirit as a protector and friend after he got far enough to be noticed by some spirits, but wanted not to progress much further and didn’t want to get antagonized by random spooks. He got one from a sorcerer online, so I have no idea how to find them, but he said with your permission and theirs he puts a sample of your energy out to them. Whoever likes you energy enough comes here and they bind to something like a ring and then sends how to do the binding with you. The guy sells a book on the history of the Djinn according to what he’s heard from the Djinn.

Fortunately this gave me a wonderful opportiuny to communicate with a spunky young-ish ( the equivlent of a 17-25-ish old) Ifrit and with her permission I write about her now. I have to hold the ring and call to her name, to establish a good connection enough to “talk”. But she is quite a character and we have shared some stories. She is much more energic and “firery” than the Marids I’ve gotten to meet. The Marids say the Ifrits are mostly all like that. And while the Ifrit firend likes the two Marids, she thinks they can be a little suck up sometimes. The jury is still out of this is a nature vs nurture thing. The Ifrit would be considered agnostic.

From what she knows all the Djinn live in a different place, pretty much a parrel dimention. She is from a podunk Ifrit tribe. She said they have a few different animals running around there, but it’s nowhere ad populated as our world, or at least not where she lives, so she loves it here with everything going on. From what she said they talk about humans with opinions that range from a curious oddity to “those things that just want to blame us for every bad thing that happens to them and just want to use us to run errands.”

She hasn’t displayed a whole lot of power, but then again she hasn’t been asked to. She has however “convinced” a jerk or two to lay off the person bound to them when they where giving him a rough time. They woke up the next day with a different attitude to my friend. And she also seems to have some power in increasing his luck (e.g. finding an $50 bill in a store parking lot when he needed some quick cash)

Her favorite things are, the person she is bound to, peanut butter, and going to places that are full of energy (like rock concerts) and basking in the ambient energy people are giving off. We have had to tell her to not be “over zealous” when it comes to protecting the one she is bound to, as in not blowing up roaming spirits that are running around the area just because they “looked at her funny”. Curiously two of the “lower rank/powered” Succubi spirits I have bound to me have started to revere her as a Goddess and love to spend time with her.

She hopes one day to return to her tribe with my friend, somehow, and to perhaps be revered as a celebrity somehow here that all will adore the Ifrit Marenia (she didn’t want me to use her real name so that’s a close code name) They are all a bit squirrelly about using their real names that some wise guy doesn’t try summoning them without their permission.


I heard they are earth bound fire spirits.


Does she have other jinn that she can recommend or can you get her to undertake tasks?


Remember the Djinn :woman_genie: are much more “individualistic” then other spirits, more like people then anything else. And especially since I am not the one she is bound to, I could ask her to do things, but I can no more compell her to anything anymore then I can you. She has “adopted me as her honorary brother” though so she might be inclined to do me a favor or two.

I could probably ask her about her tribesmen, but they can’t just pop on over to our world all willy nilly. Why do you ask?


To answer your question about how they can be summoned, I have this book called Practical Jinn Magick, and the ritual is effective. It’s safe for someone summoning the jinn for the first time.