Disturbing spirits

Hello, since January I have been suffering from attack by two spirits. They started showing up in January, when I was worshiping Hecate daily. Before, I didn’t hear any spirit and didn’t perceive any phenomenon. Currently these two spirits spend the entire day talking, and promoting a physical sensation of tapping my feet, and sometimes promote changes in my vision. I have already undergone spiritual treatment at a spiritist center along the lines of Allan Kardec and at Umbanda in Brazil, but none of this ends. There was a time when they made me very perturb and were even making sarcasm saying “I arrested Hecate” and imitating a female voice to upset me. What can I do to end this? Would it be appropriate for me to make an offering to these demons?

Are you adverse to angels?

No. you don’t give in to harassment. If you do that, they will never stop.


You can also use this along with the above sigil:


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Thank you, at the time when I was very perturb, a good spirit appeared and pointed me to Michael. I’m thinking about building an altar for him.


Michael is pretty handy in situations like yours.


try asking what the reason is that they bully you. Sometimes they tell
what the reason is. And sometimes the reaction tells you what to do to get rid of it. Take it seriously, this can drive people crazy.

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One has already said he wants to drive me crazy, another has said he wants my life.

Entities with bad intentions can pretend to be Angels. Nine times out of ten you are dealing with an entity that presents itself as an Angel. I recommend the seven plants magic. Make a protective talesman on the day of mars and in his hour. Mars represents waging war against an enemy. Find good info how to do this


your life. do you mean he really wants you

did you do something wrong with magic?
Sometimes it’s playing with fire if you don’t know if you’re doing it right.
I do Jinn magic. The jinn will send you to some insane asylum if you just do something without knowing what .

@Bune77 He said he literally wants me dead.

That doesn’t really apply here, since he has already said they are demons.

It also doesn’t apply to the sigil or mantra I posted. I’ve never had an entity pretend to be something else, and even if it did, I know how to verify, so what I posted is perfectly safe for the OP.


that sucks. then it is an evil one that man hates

OK, great. I’ve had some difficult experiences. be careful and know what you are doing that is really important . entities do not have the emotions that we have .

This spirit already caused me the sensation of suffocation with the smell of gas, sometimes I think it’s Belial, but I believe it’s just an imposter spirit, as it used the name of other entities.

Both the sigil and the mantra I have posted for you have been verified to be effective by other experienced magicians on this forum, so if I were you, I would get started with them immediately.