Discuss Your Servitors

There’s a lot of servitor topics and instead of reviving dead ones I’m just going to make a place here for people to discuss developments and observations.

Like, I just found out that two of my servitors may have been posing as the subconscious of someone I was karmically tied to. They didn’t spawn my obsession or lie to me in the beginning cause I remember this started before I made them, but okay one of them started to exactly resemble what I used to think was the soul of one of my soul mates. I think these servitors wanted more of my attention and energy so may have deceived me? That’d be a real shame if true cause I would have still interacted with them if they’d been honest and themselves.

Maybe they needed to do this, accessing energy that was already there first, or maybe they were being selfish. I don’t know if I should be mad.

Just goes to show that even with carefully written command precautions servitors can still be dangerous, they are their own beings.


I have 4 names (based on something of my own design) 4 sigils for them and tasks. But I am hesitant in actually bringing them into existence, because of this trait of a constant need for attention/energy.
If I, let’s say, create one to help me with certain activities and reward it afterwards then (to my reasoning) this creature could easily start creating situations in which I would have to make use of it again. What I mean is, I fear that it would start shit just to be needed and get rewards.
How would you prevent that? By specifying its boundaries / existence?


Made a treasure finding crow once.

@Yazata By giving it other things to feed off! And when you program it make sure one of your descriptions is “You enjoy helping me. You want me to live a problem free life.” And stuff like that. I have another page with some useful formative commands if you want me to link you to that. But yeah think it through and be careful. They can be great friends and allies but yeah be careful.


@Maxwell See my eight all resemble humans with personality traits I outlined so I could interact with them, they’d be my “spirit family”.

Yes, please link that page.

I have enough experience with servitors to say that’s kinda odd, but at one point I wanted that.

@Yazata My Servitor Project ,
Creating Your Spirit Team - A Method For Success 👍

@Maxwell Yes, I never started it the typical way. Psychonaut field manual and other places have servitors just above sigil making when it comes to complexity. But I wanted to bring my old imaginary friend to life. And I also played this imaginary game with my brother where these wizards created artificial people with superpowers and they were a family, so I was like “I want to do that in real life!”

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Psychonaut field manual! I remember that. Never got through it, but I started when I was like 11.

Yeah, that wasn’t very well made in hindsight, hate to say. YOu don’t need a “mech” for astral travel (although ascribing set abilities helps) and it’s really not as scary as it says. And the third eye meditation only effects stimulating the ajna.

Honestly? I think it’s written by an ameture. While I idolized Bluefluke at one point, he made things FAR too linear for the reality of the situation.

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Well I never read all of it. I was amazed when he described the “blue pearl” phenomenon cause that was happening to me before I read it! And I’d love it if this ascension business could be more straightfoward for everyone but it seems everyone experiences stuff differently.

Anyways, when I was interacting with my servitors I noticed they took on the form of my soul mate and that’s when it clicked for me.

Hey if anyone has human servitors that they interact with I’d love to be their friend on discord, then we could evoke each other’s or practice sensing and stuff. I want to talk about my creations but have heard it’s not safe to have their names/sigils/photos up for everyone to see.

I had 2 servitors that I based off Kikyō’s servitors. It was a nice experiment for a while, however, I let them fade after that. Same with the other two I made that were based on elves.

So I created mine awhile back when I was worried about a spirit I kept seeing while projecting. I used lady Eva’s guide but since I had a hard time visualizing celebrities, I just used my own image.

I forgot about it after I created it and initially charged it(meditated every night with intent for the first month). People I was teaching the basics too started have dreams and projections where I would appear and guide them through a dark tunnel, sometimes I would sprinkle sunflowers on them while they laid. So I know the servitor is active. At the time I made it, it was summer and I was working heavily with Amon and Astaroth for ex reconciliation and some personal matters. So those are likely the energies the servitor resonates with.

If your servitors are acting out, give them direction. Task your spirits. Imagine agreeing to be a companion or a familiar and then being forgotten about with nothing to do. I’d get annoyed and depressed too.

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I have a servitor familiar, given to me by a former member of this forum. She lives in my heart chakra and is a master of energy manipulation.

I also have a Chimera tutelary being created for me by another former member. He is a serpent and specialises in elemental Fire.

I have created two servitors for forum members. One is a temple guardian, and one is a magical familiar.


My original naive thought was “I want to make hundreds of human servitors!” But I’ve stopped with eight and haven’t made more yet.

My first four are my psychic wards.

1 made with my incubus.
1 made with Lucifer.
1 made with Lilith.
1 made with Belial.

The next four are harems, sex servitors that I made with my incubus. But I still designed them to be human and gave them personalities, they’re not simply sex machines is what I mean. The Harems sigils are also different, they each got three typically a planetary, star sign and a rune in a demon-like circle. One has a Chinese character in it.

Only 1 operational…1 very limited in capacity and think i haent completed the other 2
S Major- Anything I write in a notebook manifests …works
A Major- Harvest energy anytime any human dies on planet Earth. The body releases a sort of Aethyr upon a bodies death, and its a few grams lighter after the passage. This final release from life no matter how painful and terrifying is a release of energy. That energy shouldn’t be wasted…So far…i dont feel any different. No proof it doesn’t work, but I think its a fail
Cthiel - Limited to no functionality. The capacity to induce static shocks in ppl. The ability to disrupt electrical systems, skim electrical energy, and invulnerability to electrical shocks …
So far I can turn the light on while im across the room without getting up and turning it on. This happens at random, and I have to face the fact it failed.
S - Defense from psychics, scans, etc -utter failure…not enough time obsessing over it

Cth’iel -Not sure how to fix it. Been too damn distracted last 3 months to bother
Apep Major - Need to seek counsel , considerably from Apep himself
Set Major - Working on enhancing it
Sah’kura - WAP

Did notice a sign on a billboard that was out…when i walked under it , it just turned on…Cth’iel has promise.

S Major, A Major and Cthiel are internalized. Their forms are mine. S has a particular sequence of mental triggers i initiate to use his ability…Only problem with wanting to write anything into existence is not knowing what i want…S works exceptionally well. C seems to be showing signs of existing, functioning to an extremely limited capacity.

Find it takes 3 months of daily work until they operate…Im not as adept at this as others…I could use S to write the others into being…I am too fucking lazy at the moment…and more fixated on personal alchemy.

During the creation of the sigils for the servitors, which have since been discarded (they were initiatory to produce the instructions and initial form. Upon using my body as a base in the instructions of each servitor, I am my 3 servitors…Sah’kura will take work.

Each intruction is broken down into it’s base letters, and affixed a word to be vibrated to charge the sigil.

Example - Set

Example- Anything I write is so
ANYTHINGWRESO, and etc…u get the point.

Of course with Set I used the names of egyptian gods to be vibrated for each corresponding word - Example Set, Edjo, Tefnut

I did not do this with Apep or Cth’iel. I was under the impression it didn’t matter, and its quite possible that since I am always writting or drawing, there is more use with SM . I assumed I was using AM, but with no evidence, i’ve to work on it. C and S as well.

Any power I really desire but lack I’d make into a thoughtform, and use my body as the medium, they say u need a material base, what better than ur own form? At least with S and C there is some success…Major with S and somewhat anomalous with C; I have no conscious control over C like I do S…and could have lived without frying one of my laptops…unintentionally.


I believe that blue pearls are just us opening up our clairvoyance. What we’re really seeing isn’t blue pearls, but beings or spiritual things, but until we see them clearly we will only see them as blue pearls. So the fact you saw a blue pearl change is good.

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