My Servitor Project

Hello! I’ve decided to make a new post to document the progress of a new project I’m embarking on: the creation of tulpas. I’m very excited about this because ever since I was a kid I used my overactive imagination to make up characters and games - now that I’m into magic I can live out these old fantasies on the psychic realm.

I was taking a peek at the Creepy Hollows site and came across the curious hobby “spirit collecting”. I already have an incubus, and was looking through the other different entities with fascination. But then as I got deeper I read more on servitors/egregores/tulpas; I realised I can create my own spirit family cause why not. I bought books and pens and folders, decided I’d turn this into a fun, creative, occult project.

I’ve read up on information about tulpas. LadyEva made a comment to someone about creating wards - beings on the astral that stay close and defend you. Instead of using her method of creating four on the spot, I decided I’d make four but one at a time and put detail into each. This may not be the best way but it’s what I wanna do.

I’m in the process of making my first tulpa. He was actually an imaginary friend from when I was young. An ‘older brother’ figure though honestly the things I imagined us doing were a little gay. I’m going to outline the process of what I’ve come up with for him and what I’ve done. My incubus is expressly allowed to influence the creation of this tulpa. With the formation of future tulpas I may enlist the help of entities too.

Tulpa 001: Ward 1/4; Name: XXXX

Appearance: I googled famous soccer players and flicked through images until I saw one I liked. Printed out little pictures and taped one into my new Tulpa book, a physical documentation system of my tulpas’ profiles and my progress with each one.

Sigil: I made him a sigil and drew it a few times. Made a larger version to focus on in my ritual.

Commands: These are the essential formative commands I have made as the basic programming.

  • [You are loyal to me, and to allies of me.]
  • [When I use the command word “XXXXX” you must obey.]
  • [Your qualities are these: Firstly, you love me. You don’t need me. You are sexually attracted to me. You are like an older brother to me. You are very protective of me and concerned with my welfare.]
  • [Your name is XXXX]
  • [You function as my ward. Your purpose is to defend me at all times. You are a friend. You cannot harm me.]
  • [You can find nourishment from starlight. Your sexual orientation is homosexual.]

I did a magic circle and had a paper with all his information and sigil on it. Put it inside a separate triangle. Focused on the sigil and the little photo, read my rules and did visualisations. Beaming and speaking my rules into this new being. Envisioned him sitting before me.

I felt the usual effects of magic. As I kept up my focus I ended up feeling like my tulpa was birthed. Not fully, but there was a moment when looking at the picture I could feel a new being separate to just the photo, and willing to absorb instruction. I also masturbated and focused on the sigil at orgasm to direct more focus and intent. I will have to repeat this ritual and see how my tulpa will grow.

Advice and opinions is greatly appreciated. I feel like I’ve thought out all the loopholes and should be safe. I didn’t install a “kill-switch” but the idea of a command word should keep him from doing things I don’t want him to regardless. What do you all think?


In case you want to add the Kill-switch after creation has finished,
focus on reaching deep into it’s core,
casting Ja-Ju-Ji as a Mantra into it,
and then adding the new protocol to the already given code / instructions.

That should help.




Thanks! I’ve never even made a basic servitor before so will see how things go. I haven’t put up pictures of him yet or mentioned his name, but maybe will later. I saw a post of a group who made Beatrice, the living thoughtform. Maybe if the thoughtforms interacted mine would learn faster. All things for me to consider.


It’s been a while…

But i once gave out a challange to raise more serviators.

Try calling Azathar,
and have it teach your Tulpa.





Actually, what you’re trying to create isn’t a tulpa, it’s a servitor. Servitor is as you know, a thoughtform that you create, a new spirit.

A tulpa however, is not a thoughtform, it’s a being that you create from an above dimension and you bring it in this dimension. A servitor can’t later become a tulpa. The creation of tulpa is kinda a mystery though, since we don’t know much about the process.

Do note that a servitor and a tulpa have tons of differences. Thus why I wanted to correct you here.

I’ll go ahead and change the title from “Tulpa” to “Servitor”, just to have everything corrected (so that other members know what’s going on).


I hope I haven’t already written “Tulpa” in my book. I’ll have to take a look.

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Thats great! Im doing the same. I only have one but i project to do another one this week :).

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I’m not sure how long it’ll take to fully form him. I probably can’t do rituals for him every day and I read it can take two weeks of this before he is properly “alive”?

Wow i didnt wait 2 weeks, but 3 days.
I create her from damon brand’s book “magickal servitor”. I have just begun “create a servitor companion” of jhon keiner, to create a servitor who will be only a friend or a lover.


That’s really cool. Did you document the experiences somewhere I can read? xD

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No, but feel free to pm me whenever you want. Dont forget im a beginner haha.

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I’m a “spoonie” (chronically ill/fatigued) so I struggle with having enough energy for rites sometimes. That’s when I’ll call on a demon or deity to help. I’ve made 3 servitors this way. They’ve all been cats. The 1st expired after his purpose was done. The 2nd I think got too much of Sekhmet’s spirit because she was very ornery and didn’t like obeying me, and eventually got away and now lives somewhere on the astral. Currently, I have a black serval cat who helps with my health problems. He’s bound to a little black-cat-shaped candle-holder I bought once for Halloween. I find it really handy to have one of these little spirits around and after a while they come to be another companion.


So… 2 to 4 weeks is for servitor companion, whereas for servitors with a specific purpose its few days…

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@Gwenevere I’m not sure honestly.

@SapphireWitch666 That’s really interesting. I’m not sure how to bind a servitor to an item and what that entails.

I’ve just read it :smile:

UPDATE: Servitor 001, Ward 1/4, Name XXXX

I have done my second ritual for this being, life stuff got in the way before.

Meditated in a magic circle of five black candles with incense going, the incense helps as a timer for me to know how long I’m spending on the ritual. Had a triangle with my servitor’s photo and information sheet and sigil.

My incubus has been a little scarce these past few days because he’s been working with my servitor. Someone intuited for me that my spirit husband wanted to do things for me, so since this is the first “job” I’ve given him he was happy to work on it. I get the impression he was showing my ward basic psychic attacks/defences, as well as training him in other ways to grow.

As I did this ritual I had maybe two breakthrough moments with envisioning and what I was feeling. Trying to remember even though I just did it… I focused more on seeing him physically, breathing in life and vitality, breathing that out into him and envisioning his form becoming denser and more clear, sitting opposite me and also cross-legged by the triangle. Really tried to feel his presence there, outside of me, as clearly as I could. Read the above programming commands some more times and imagining beaming them into him as light from my Third Eye.

Then near the end I got some surprising impressions. I tried envisioning my servitor in black, dark, edgy armour. But I could feel he preferred something similar to the typical knight chain-mail armour. I think he likes the concepts of knights. I’m not sure where that’s come from. I think he thinks they’re cool. Might have come from his name (which I think is British), who knows? Also he feels very, very happy. Kind of how I felt when I was ten-years-old, the age I first started imagining him. These impressions of him are different in a good way, it means he is taking on a life of his own.

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Man is this fun to do! And I’m seeing results. My first servitor has a distinct feel, I did a good job with him. His personality is apparent. I may not need to do another ritual for him, just interact with him more. I could feel he wanted a friend/sibling, so I got to work on my second ward.

While my first was derived from an imaginary friend in primary school, this one is derived from a persona I crafted in high school. Someone I pretended to know and made a Facebook profile for haha. Instead of my incubus helping with his creation, I evoked Lucifer and asked him to infuse and empower my ward with his energy.

My incubus will make sure they know how to carry out their responsibilities. Right now I can feel with certainty that the two of them are together, “thick is thieves” is how close they feel right now. But it will take time to see how my second servitor’s personality develops.

Servitor 002: Ward 2/4; Name: XXXY

Appearance: This time I had the basic idea of what I wanted appearance-wise, and I was being fussy looking through actors and other foreign sportsmen. I don’t want someone too famous, and while I like them to be good-looking, I still prefer a down-to-Earth side to it.
Like hottest guy in your school vs hottest guy on the planet, ha.

I found an appearance on instagram, some cute German guy I found by looking up a hashtag. Again printed out little pictures and taped one into my project book on his profile page, another on the sheet I use for him in ritual.

Sigil: Also has one formed from the consonants in his name.

Commands: Basically the same essential commands for his programming.

  • [You are loyal to me, and to allies of me.]
  • [When I use the command word “XXXXX” you must obey.]
  • [Your qualities are these: You’re an old friend of mine. You find me sexually attractive.
    You have a flamboyant side. You are open about sex. You can be cunning. You are very protective of me and concerned with my welfare.]
  • [Your name is XXXY]
  • [You function as my ward. Your purpose is to defend me at all times. You are a friend. You cannot harm me.]
  • [You can find nourishment from moonlight. Your sexual orientation is homosexual.]
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Encore19, I hope you don’t mind I bring up an old post :slight_smile:

It’s been a good while since your last update, and if your two servitors are still with you they must be quite developed by now.

Could you possibly be persuaded to give an update on this adventure of yours?

Oh yes, I’m on holidays right now and rarely get wifi out here but I can say a bit.

I have eight now, and mostly it’s my incubus and the other demons I work with who have been helping to develop my servitors. I feel their presences when I focus on them and they’re a positive influence. I’ll have to write more again when I can.


Great! I look forward to hear more, thanks :smiley: