Disaster coming to California

squints we’ll see.



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I unfortunately live here and can’t leave yet for 7 years


Did you know our communist leader J. Brown seriously put a bill through saying he was going to limit how much water we can use. Fucken asshole needs dying. What’s next? Single ply toilet paper only?

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It’s going to look like this :point_up_2:
This is what’s going to go down or up in flames that is…
But we gonna let it ride.


Ms. Eva has an excellent point actually.


Just because you’re a magician, it doesn’t mean you have to be a conservative or a right-winger.

It also doesn’t mean, “ guvment bad, stoopid commie wiberals wunt gubkent run muh lives :tired_face:

“Wez fuh fweedom, gubment ‘gainst mees fweedoms.”

Structures of power aren’t always there for you to tear down, they can also serve as the foundation for ascent. Many magicians also want to use power to become part of the elite.

At that point, I realized that people just say those things so they can have the “ freedom” to be rich, powerful, and successful. But a leftie government wouldn’t necessarily keep you from doing that unless you go full, ACTUAL fucking communist.

Not the “MYEEEEHHH COMMIE CALIFORNIANS” memes that crop up now and then.


I found an interesting coincidence…

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Another thing too, the “rugged, tough” conservatives often melt like snowflakes and can be as touchy as the most “SJW” Wiberals.

Just supporting one ideology or another doesn’t make you a better person.

There are bitchass conservatives who don’t take reaponsibility for their lives and there are manly, tough liberals who devote themselves to their causes with duty.

Just being a communist doesn’t make you this totalitarian dictator fanatic, but we transpose our judgments of people onto ideologies and vice versa by judging ideologies and then judging people.

It’s a bullshit cycle of misrepresentation caused by a mixture of hysteria and media narratives.




Oh goodness. Here we go.


Oh it’s a small town conspiracy Lol.

And this too.

This too

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Firstly and this is the second most important thing I have to say… do you live in California?

Secondly… fuck the communist mentality and regime. Never question my hate for it or my commitment to fight it.


I’d rather see the cities burn than the wildlife. I hate those images of charred cougars, still in position in the trees… You know from a plane cities look a lot like skin cancer, and have a similar consumptive energy. They could choose not be cancerous, but they don’t.

I nature starts it, fine, let it run, but if humans start it, let the humans face the consequences more than the forests.


No, but it does mean uncritically supporting the ideology that led to the biggest mass slaughter of human beings in the 20th century. :thinking:

And then playing word-games about how “it wasn’t real communism” when it ends up in bloodshed, starvation, disaster, yet again. See: Venezuela.

Ideologies don’t exist in a vacuum, they are the product of human nature and they also shape human nature.

We all hold ourselves to various ideals, and strive for personal and (usually) social change in accordance with them - this is the formative power of ideology.

Going back to what might happen in California, which has large areas that consistantly vote for leftist policies, this state also hosts the world’s biggest entertainment industry, which has used every ounce of glamour, influence, popularity and all other tools to make anything except leftist beliefs look as unattractive as possible, and its various mouthpieces have been outspoken since 2016 in opposition to the elected President of the USA.

Fair enough.

The left have taught us that there is no value to identifying with a piece of land, that criminality is a justified response to seeing someone else has something you don’t (and that taking it from them, even with violence, is morally right), and that there should under no circs be any grouping-together of people from similar demographics, lest fascism spontaneously break out.

We must be ready to move nations, even continents, at a moment’s notice, or to welcome mass migration from far away, without feeling any sense of territorial ownership of wherever we may be, because all external cultures are “richer” and better, all the time; we must be careful to avoid retaining or acquiring any form of privilege, and tear it down and shame it in others, when observed; and we must seek to deconstruct and “diversify” our social circles, neighbourhoods, and even ideally families (which are only a tool of oppression anyway) in every way possible, in order to enter the left-wing utopia.

So, this is what the leftist mouthpieces in the entertainment industry wanted, and I simply expressed the hope that a great many of them get to personally enjoy what they have promoted as morally correct and intellectually valid, at every possible opportunity, to the rest of us.

Hardly unfair to hope someone gets what they always wished for.


If you can stop it please do because I have a lot of family live all over Southern California mostly where the fires begin and I am here nearby the last Thomas fire and Ventura so please stop it it’s sad to see people lose their homes


Unfortunately I think that it is already happening. Something that most people don’t know about California is that scientists have studied tree rings (and Cali has some of the oldest living trees on earth) Scientist’s have figured out that the last 200 years have been a fluke wet period in California. So what we call a drought in California is actually the norm for hundreds of years at a time and we just happened to populate the place during a fluke wet spell. This does not even count global warming. So I think California is kinda fucked.

I think we are going to be seeing more of the same. I sure wish that we humans could figure out a cheap, safe and fast way to turn sea water into potable drinking water for out large population because we aren’t going to be able to count on the present system of reservoirs supplied by the snow melt in the high Sierras that have been getting replaced annually during this “fluke” wet spell.

Yup, It really really sucks. If this drought is actually the norm I’m not sure magik will be able to change it. I hope I haven’t made anyone depressed by this. I love California too.