Difficulty Recalling Dreams

This year I vowed myself to start a dream journal. The first few weeks went great, I was able to recall most of the details in my dream, even if they were a little foggy or did not make any logical sense. Recently, however, I have had difficulty recalling what happens in my dreams. I have asked my working pacts to help me with astral projection and to mentor me there, but It’d be better if I could consciously recall the lesson.

I suppose that is what bugs me the most about this new trend, I KNOW I was met in my dream or was being given a great archetypal story but I have had difficulty recalling them. The tape in my mind is about an hour long but when I go to play it back its just 5 seconds of white noise. Last night I am SURE I had a deep connection with lady Lucifer, it may have been Lilith but I went to bed after an invocation with Lucifer as well as some sigil work with her. I remember her whispering and talking the majority of my dream, like a commentator for a professional sport.

If anyone has got any tips I’d appreciate them. Maybe I can try to get more sleep but like I said the weeks before I was having no problem.


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If you are not already I recommend you start programming yourself to remember your dreams. Consistently and confidently tell yourself that you will remember your dreams more and more each night.
Also start doing reality checks through the day. The one method I know works well is to mark your hand with a symbol. It can be just a dot even and whenever you notice it ask yourself if you are in a dream and check the environment and reality around you for weirdness. Eventually this becomes a habit and you do this in a dream.
Something I find that helps is to keep your mind totally blank the entire time before you fall asleep rather than thinking over stuff or imagining anything. I tend to remember dreams more vividly when doing empty mind practices as I’m falling asleep.


That’s a helpful reminder! I have done reality checks before in order to induce lucid dreaming. I am an advocate for a restful mind before I sleep. However, there are quite a few manifestation techniques that utilize sleep to help one align with their goals.

Being able to induce a lucid dream where I can live out my fantasies will be great in reprogramming my subconscious as well as getting me in the “act as if” mindset.


Yep plus you can use those lucid dreams for communication instead of trying to rely on the harder to remember nonlucid dreams.


Sometimes you just have to relax and wait for the dream to return to you…

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It comes with practice. The more you journal the more you remember.
I like Robert Moss’ techniques, which include the rather nice idea of going back into interrupted dreams and using the trance state to finish them, or change them if you didn’t like the outcome. You can also use this to relive lost dreams, being in trance brings them back more easily.

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I find it really cool as well, that when you change a dream like this, you forget the original outcome - or, I do anyway - so that you get a real sense that reality is exactly as you want it - not even that it shifted though you remember you fixed it but not what it was before. It feels like a big clue of how that could work for physical reality when I get that far - repeat it to dream it different.
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Another issue is that you’re waking up after the dream is over, and you’ve changed which part of the sleep cycle you’re in and the dream is forgotten before you wake up. Setting an alarm to wake you up mid-dream so you can write it down can help with that.


Commenting to see if there is anything new to add. Need to get better at my dream recall. I do like the idea of the dot and the alarm. I remember dreams and have a journal but seem to forget more than I remember.